How to beat/farm Pegasus Lvl 40

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Deck to achieve 8-9k against Pegasus!
update 20/04/2017

Best 3 decks to farm Pegasus Lvl 40

Union Attack
Score: 7,000-9,000
This deck is the most consistent with high score but requires some cards that are currently unobtainable.

Score: 7,000-8,000
Piranha Army is needed to get a high score, but it can be replaced with a different card to reach over 5,000 damage for 6,000-7,000.

Unhappy Girl/
Union Attack
Score: 6,000-8,000
The Unhappy Girl + "Holy Guard" will make stalling the duel very easy, and you can bring any high attack monsters if you have Union Attack to finish with over 10,000 damage.

Decks for new players

Unhappy Girl/
Score: 5,000-6,000
A slow playstyle with the aim of decking Pegasus out. It doesn't contain any cards from the old packs.

Cu Chulain
Score: 5,000-6,000
Cheapest deck to make for newer players that can also achieve a good score.

Dinosaur / Cu Chulain

This is the cheapest deck to farm Pegasus Lvl 40 probably. Although win rate is not high relative to other farming decks with the Unhappy Girl or Dream Clown, it will work for you who did not roll the 1st and the 2nd card boxes and started the game recently.

Obtainable score5,000 - 6,000
Popular skillDinosaur Kingdom
Essential cards
  • Dinosaur monsters
  • Piranha Army

Example deck

Cú Chulainn the AwakenedElement SaurusElement SaurusOtohimeOtohimeBlue-Eyes White Dragon
Crawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2Two-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King Rex
Ritual WeaponPolymerizationEmblem of the AwakeningDe-SpellDe-SpellMetalmorph
Curse of AnubisWindstorm of Etaqua------Bracchio-raidus

The Unhappy Girl / Deckout

This deck will work for players who started the game recently and did not manage to do the following:

Obtainable score4,000 - 5,000
Popular skillHoly Guard
Essential cards

Example deck


The Unhappy Girl / Piranha

In case you don't have "Union Attack" to achieve Over 9,999 damage with "Effect Damage Only".

Obtainable score6,000 - 7,000
Popular skillHoly Guard
Essential cards

Example deck with BEWD

You can use Gift of the Martyr to reach 10,000 damage by using it on BEWD after you use Riryoku.

Guardian StatueGuardian StatueGuardian StatueThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy Girl
Piranha ArmyRai-MeiBlue-Eyes White DragonRiryokuGift of the MartyrDe-Spell
De-SpellWild TornadoWild TornadoCurse of AnubisWindstorm of EtaquaSpell Purification
Spell PurificationSpell Purification--------


The Unhappy Girl / Union Attack

Obtainable score6,000 - 7,000
Popular skillHoly Guard
Essential cards


Mystical Beast of SerketGuardian StatueGuardian StatueGuardian StatueGravekeeper's VassalThe Unhappy Girl
The Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlUnion AttackTemple of the KingsSecret Pass to the TreasuresWild Tornado
Wild TornadoCurse of AnubisCurse of RoyalWindstorm of EtaquaSpell ReclamationSpell Purification
Spell PurificationSpell Purification------Master of Oz


Guardian StatueGuardian StatueGuardian StatueGravekeeper's VassalThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy Girl
The Unhappy GirlVersago the DestroyerBig KoalaUnion AttackPolymerizationSecret Pass to the Treasures
Wild TornadoWild TornadoCurse of AnubisWindstorm of EtaquaSpell ReclamationSpell Purification
Spell PurificationSpell Purification------Master of Oz

Clown / Union Attack

If you have a copy of Union Attack, you can build a deck derived from high score clown deck by replacing ritual monster and ritual spell with Union Attack and Grave keeper's Vassal. For more details, check the link below.

Obtainable score8,000 - 9,000
Popular skillNo skill is required
Essential cards
  • Union Attack
  • Dream Clown

Example deck

Clown / Piranha

You might use Clown deck to aim to get dropped skills. Unlike the Unahappy Girl decks, this deck does not require a ceratin skill, you can use any character you want to beat Pegasus.

Obtainable score6,000 - 7,000
Popular skillNo skill is required
Essential cards
  • Piranha Army
  • Dream Clown

Example deck

If you have a Piranha Army, you can use Gift of the Martyr from the Chaotic Compliance pack to reach 10,000 damage by using it on BEWD after you use Riryoku

Guardian StatueGuardian StatueGuardian StatueCrass ClownDream ClownDream Clown
Dream ClownBlade RabbitPiranha ArmyBlue-Eyes White DragonRiryokuPolymerization
Gift of the MartyrSecret Pass to the TreasuresDesert SunlightDesert SunlightCurse of AnubisWindstorm of Etaqua
Labyrinth of NightmareLabyrinth of Nightmare------Bickuribox

Clown / Cu Chulain

If you have do not have a copy of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Summoner of Illusions but Cú Chulainn the Awakened, you can use this deck. Seems this is easier to use than the one above that use BEUD as a finisher.

Example deck

Cú Chulainn the AwakenedBlue-Eyes White DragonDream ClownDream ClownDream ClownCrass Clown
Crass ClownBlade RabbitBlade RabbitRiryokuRitual WeaponEmblem of the Awakening
PolymerizationCurse of AnubisLabyrinth of NightmareLabyrinth of NightmareLabyrinth of NightmareWindstorm of Etaqua
Desert SunlightDesert Sunlight------Bickuribox

Cerberus (4,000 - 6,000)

Similar to the usual high score Cerberus deck, but for Pegasus, it's better to put some Twisters and Trap Jammers to help protect yourself against the Toon Monsters and counter the Michizure or Curse of Anubis.

Example deck

Mythical Beast CerberusFusion GateRiryokuShard of GreedShard of GreedTwister
Shooting Star Bow - CealMurmur of the ForestDe-SpellDe-SpellBook of Secret ArtsBook of Secret Arts
Stop DefenseBlue MedicineBlue MedicineTrap JammerTrap JammerMalfunction
Spell PurificationSpell Purification--------
→ Check details of this deck!

Ways to defeat Pegasus

About Toon monsters

  • They cannot attack during the turn when they are summoned.
  • They can attack your Life Points directly if Toon World spell is active, unless you control any Toon monsters.
  • A player who controls the Toon monsters have to pay 500 Life Points to attack with some of the Toon monsters.
  • Toon monsters are destroyed when they are face-up on the field and Toon World spell is destroyed.

Cards to coutner Toon monsters

Dream Clown and cards that have effects similar to that of Dream Clown work very well to destroy/return Toon monsters since they cannot attack right after they are summoned. To make it sure, you may use support cards such as Earthquake to change the battle position of Dream Clown and Windstorm of Etaqua to defend it from being attacked.

Dream Clown
Dream Clown
When the battle possition of this monster switches from Atk to Def, you can destroy one monster card. Since Toon monsters are unable to attack the turn they're summoned, you can easily destroy them with the effect of this card.
Blade Rabbit
Blade Rabbit
Has the same effect to that of Dream Clown.
Crass Clown
Crass Clown
You can return Pegasus's monsters to his hand when the battle position of this monster switches from Def to Atk. Can also be used to fusion summon Bikuri Box along with Dream Clown.
Guardian Statue
Guardian Statue
Guardian Statue is the best among cards here since it can return Pegasus's monster to his hand every turn.

"Toon World" spell card

If you just want to defeat him, use Twister or other spell removals to destroy his Toon World. Any face-up toon monsters will be destroyed, and Pegasus will no longer be able to special summon some toon monsters, or attack directly.

Note Pegasus may use Judgment of Anubis to negate the activation of your spell removal card. Additionally, he has another Toon World.

You should activate this card during the battle phase. Then you can deal with Michizure and Judgment of Anubis by using Trap Jammer.
Will be used in a same way as Twister. Since this card cannot be activated during the battle pahse, will be used with Malfunction and Curse of Royal.
Spell Purification
Spell Purification
Can destroy continuous spell and not be targeted by Judgment of Anubis, but if Toon monsters are destroyed, Pegasus can still use Michizure on you.
Armed Ninja
Armed Ninja
The flip effect destroys a spell card and cannot be negated by Judgment of Anubis.
Wild Tornado
Wild Tornado
Works like Twister. Since this is Trap, the activation cannot be negated by Judgment of Anubis.

Cards level 40 Pegasus uses

Annoying cards


anoymous latest
WTF this nooby clown decks doesnt work, played 2 times 2x loose !
anoymous 3hour ago
Super cheap and easy to build grind deck! Get 6000 - 7000 assessment points on a budget. Check it out:
anoymous 3hour ago
wow, I did total of 10 lvl 40 pegasus today with 7k+ points and 3 lvl 50 pegasus and I didn't get a single SR.... Fucking done with this BS shyt.
Edward 2hour ago
What deck u use?
anoymous 2hour ago
pegasus has no good sr's anyways
asdfghjkl 5hour ago
Has anyone got any exclusive skills from him? I reached over 6,000,000 points with no luck for me!
anoymous 5hour ago
I got a skill by using Odion, although it's a useless LP skill. Just continue farming him for skills.
anoymous 6hour ago
curse of anubis can't counter wild tornado right?
zanuar 5hour ago
Yes, i used wild tornado every single duel to destroy toon world and he never activate the curse of anubis
@xqoren 6hour ago
guys, once you stall for about 5-7 turns Peggy will fill his whole back row and you can use straight flush. It will take care of the Anubis
anoymous 6hour ago
Check out this super effective deck list. Super easy to make!
anoymous 7hour ago
Does pegasus drop drop skills for you guys? I've been getting consistent 8k against levels 30 this whole event and no skills at all
anoymous 4hour ago
Yes. My Tea just got Draw Sense: Fire.
anoymous 9hour ago
Well, I fight Pegasus with the Harpies Hunting Ground deck and I can finish him on turn 2 or 4 if I get a good start. Lvl 40 Pegasus is EXTREMELY WEAK against that deck.
Stormy1995 10hour ago
Thanks for the deck shared!! Nice !!
anoymous 6hour ago
very lucky.I farm pegasus many time but only get one.
nameless 11hour ago
Very consistent
Thanks for the deck you shared
anoymous 12hour ago
Does anyone know why trap jammer can't counter wild tornado?
anoymous 10hour ago
It should, but only during an attack
anoymous 10hour ago
trap jammer only activates while you're in battle phase.

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WTF this nooby clown decks doesnt work, played 2 times 2x loose !
blue eyes meta here we come
Stuck at plat 3...cant seem to win 3 continuous game. Any suggestions for this deck?
I don't think this deck is working anymore, especially for level 40. Total I only got 1/10 w...
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