Holy Guard (skill)

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update 07/04/2017


Exclusive skill of Tea Gardner. A very unique skill useful to farm some of Legendary duelists at the gate.


You receive no battle damage during your turn.



How to get

  • Tea reaches Lvl 3.

Rating and explanation

The card Unhappy Girl gets the most benefits on this skill. It allows players to farm duelists at the gate such as Odion and even Ishizu, and to obtain Gravekeeper monsters. A very reliable skill.


Tea Gardner skills list


Anonymous 27days ago
Holy Guard = immune to lava golem :D thanks me later
<< Anonymous
Madeinsweden 15days ago Reply
Holy Guard makes you immune to battle damage during your turn, not Effect Damage like Lava Golem
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
lava golem does effect damage, holy guard doesn't protect you from effect damage.
<< Anonymous(Madeinsweden)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
lava golem is your card, so it cant inflict battle damage to you
Gijs 3days ago
Does this protect you against Shadow Game?
<< Anonymous(Gijs)
Kaibaman 3days ago Reply
No, because it protect you from battle damage only
Everyone talks about Unhappy Girl, but there's a lot more about this ability.

If you are using this skill, After the Struggle (Valkyrie's Rage N) becomes a mass Order to Charge. If you generate a lot of tokens, you can send them to attack on your enemy monsters, and everything dies at the end.

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Lmao old fake pic. You’re a bum
Yeah. But I also was too newb farm him consistently the first time he came so I know exactly how ...
he summoned it using DJINN, the lvl 1 effect monster that can be used as a ritual material in the...
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