Standard Duelists Lvl 39

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update 16/01/2017

Stage 39-44

From Stage 39-44, Standard Duelists use Lvl 39 decks.

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Stage 31-40Stage 41-50

Angel and Mythical Beast

Angel and Mythical Beast Lvl: 39

Monster Cards x11
(Fusion Monster x1)
Mystical Beast of SerketMystical Beast of Serket3
Twin-Headed Thunder DragonTwin-Headed Thunder Dragon1
Spell Cards x3QTY
Temple of the KingsTemple of the Kings3
Trap Cards x6QTY
Mask of WeaknessMask of Weakness2
Embodiment of ApophisEmbodiment of Apophis3
Judgment of AnubisJudgment of Anubis1

Coin of Destiny

Coin of Destiny Lvl: 39

Monster Cards x10QTY
Amazoness TraineeAmazoness Trainee3
Goddess of WhimGoddess of Whim3
Time WizardTime Wizard3
Blowback DragonBlowback Dragon1
Spell Cards x8QTY
Cup of AceCup of Ace2
Second Coin TossSecond Coin Toss3
Graceful DiceGraceful Dice3
Trap Cards x2QTY
Skull DiceSkull Dice2

Enraged Dragon

Fire Beat

Fire Beat Lvl: 39

Monster Cards x14
(Fusion Monster x1)
Firestorm ProminenceFirestorm Prominence2
Flame RulerFlame Ruler3
Rigorous ReaverRigorous Reaver3
Element DragonElement Dragon1
Element ValkyrieElement Valkyrie1
Element SaurusElement Saurus1
Blazing HiitaBlazing Hiita3
Spell Cards x0QTY
Trap Cards x6QTY
Regretful RebirthRegretful Rebirth3
Time MachineTime Machine3


Legendary Ocean

Star Seraph of Victory


ritual lvl 8 10days ago
Nice for new player
Only 3-4 ur
Nubashet 20days ago
I'm using this deck for autoduel lv39. I designed it not depend on character skills so any character can use this deck. Please give me a feedback about this deck.
anoymous 22days ago
Been using this deck for 3 days now, lost 5 duels against lvl 39 - skill doesn't matter - using to farm dice avg of 2700 DA
Neyland 23days ago
Just my 2 cents for a good autoduel Mai deck. Better than 90% win rate and averages above 3000 rating. You can swap out Cyber for any 6 star really. Any 2 equip spells, and possibly skelangel to replace Senju and Sonic Bird if needed.
anoymous 28days ago
I've been using this deck for about 2 days now, with very high win rate (probably 95%+) against all lv39 SD even with those annoying dino and time wizard decks. The sole purpose for this deck is to farm 10-sided dice (Yami Bakura event) so dont expect high score assessment (2500 avg, max about 4000). Sadly, this deck is only for Yami Yugi (and by the time i write this comment my Yami Yugi already reached lv 33).
anoymous 27days ago
I have 1 deck for everyone(no skill) almost 90%.
anoymous 29days ago
Could you guys pimp my deck against the overall LV. 39 SD? I guess my machine monsters has a good sinergy with and velocity, with high atack at low cost. Altough this deck has been giving me a good win rate, I guess it could do better...
anoymous 27days ago
no de-spell,wild T,dice,negate magice,7 stars,add 2 more monster(low star high ATK)and equip spell/tarp card(windstorm of E,Metalmorph,reinforcements,curse of anubis). keep it 22 cards.
Josh 1/1/1970
Any1 got a deck list for this bracket?
anoymous 1/1/1970
so i never really paid attention to it before but as of now i'm trying to farm the SDs too for keys and coins and at this lvl the star seraph deck is easiest to farm with cerberus so i always anticipate the SDs with that deck, however right now with all SDs there not a single one is using that deck?? i always thought every SD sticks to one deck but apparently it's random who uses which deck?? or is it not? honestly never bothered with that so i'm kinda confused right now?
anoymous 1/1/1970
al the Sds uses random Decks of the level, they will have a different deck most of the time. They dont stick to just using the same deck tbh
anoymous 1/1/1970
Any deck against coin of destiny,plz tell me
chris 1/1/1970
OR: bring a waterdeck. theres this card, sea lord's amulett, that protects all water monsters from being destroyed by card effects for 3 turns. 3 cards = 9 turns in which your monsters cant be destroyed, unless of course the attacking monsters atk is too high. but in that case you still got umi to give you a power boost, and with a water deck its also super easy to get 5+ lvl monsters out quickly
chris 1/1/1970
cards i can think of right now to help you are eatgaboon for time wizard, also abyssal designator (take care of your life points tho) to get rid off any other monster, also try angel 07 (has the effect that other monster effects cannot be activated), and definitely de-spell/twister for that double coin toss spell card, if you have any high level monsters and no angel 07 out yet bring overwhelm too
AirBud 1/1/1970
Here is the auto duel deck I been using still testing in this bracket but it was 95% win in lower
Josh 1/1/1970
What can teched for se seeing as I don't have it
Air bud 1/1/1970
It's about a 90% win now besides playing that stupid Dino deck
anoymous 1/1/1970
I have no problem facing these duelist, its a challenge and its meant to be one at lv39. I do however disagree with Konami's choice of having NO HIGHER REWARDS, when beating these duelists. what a shame, might as well stayed at the lowest level possible if all the rewards are going to be the same... smh
yami guy 1/1/1970
got to 39 lastnight and noticed these level 39 ai..was hyped tbh..swore i was probably gonna get more keys/stones, oh how wrong i was...
Rexxxuser 1/1/1970
Agree with you bro , rlly hard to farm godld and keys
anoymous 1/1/1970
yes, I'm at 34 and don't want to level up anymore. they should make option for choose lv. of duelist.
anoymous 1/1/1970
Tail Swipe is easily hands down the most annoying card out of all these standard duelists

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