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update 24/08/2020

Guardian Statue

Guardian Statue
Monster TypeRock
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect / Trigger Effect


Once per turn, you can flip this card into face-down Defense Position. When this card is Flip Summoned, return 1 monster on your opponent's side of the field to its owner's hand.




  • Returns an opponent's monster back to hand.
  • Reusable effect.


  • Effect can only activate when Flip Summoned which is very slow.
  • Weak stats.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderCard Trader [R]


  • Effect returning a monster to hand is good and reusable, but slow.


The problem with Subterror decks is that all Subterror Behemoths are high-leveled monsters, so getting your first flip monster on the field to start Special Summoning can be a problem.

Guardian Statue works well in a Subterror deck by letting the bigger monsters trigger their Special Summoning Effects. He even has a similar playstyle to Subterrors by flipping himself down to reuse his effect.

Similar Effects

These monsters have similar types and attributes to Guardian Statue, with effects that similarly remove an opponent's monster from the field. Golem Sentry is basically this card but with higher defense. Medusa Worm is similar but by destroys the opponent's monster instead of returning to the hand.


ActionsChanges Battle Positions / Flips itself face-down / Returns from field to hand


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Why are you so concerned about the germans any way?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They have huge cocks
Illuminati confirmed wake up sheeple
I remember this dude from one of DK's matches in which he used tons of econs and Sargent electro lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Right, I think it was 1st Duel Links WCS, it was cool lol
Replace Guardian Statue, speed duel
Not bad at all... I guess this card is not part of the Guardian Archetype?
<< Anonymous(Badger)
Anonymous Reply
It is part of the archetype. It has ガーディアン in its Japanese name.
<< Anonymous(Badger)
Anonymous Reply
Tip: If it's got "Guardian" in its name and isn't named in the text of Arsenal Summoner, it's a Guardian. Same holds true for most archetypes, they don't often let things slip through the cracks in that regard. *glares at Vampire Vamp*
Got three of him within 3 days:)
amazing card in the current meta. its a reusable hane-hane if you can protect it with back row.
Any good use of this cars against LD-s?
I don't get this card. The card trader does not offer it to me. Is it discontinued or am I just have unfortunate with the rotating? :-(
<< Anonymous(Bernhard )
M Reply
I saw it yesterday after weeks
<< Anonymous(M)
Bernhard Reply
So it isn't gone, just rare.
FINALLY had one today! Been waiting for it for weeks
<< Anonymous(Bernhard )
Anonymous Reply
I see them constantly and got 3 before I even hit level 33.
didn't expect this card would be useful in farming Pegasus. Before, I guess Clowns were more popular than having this one in the deck.
<< Anonymous
Epic Dude Reply
I know what you mean - now I have 0 copies of this card and only 2 days left on the event!
didn't expect this card would be useful in farming Pegasus. I guess before Clowns were more popular than having this one in the deck.
anyone know a good way to combat this card? I'm in Plat 3 and it seems as though the anti-meta is the new meta

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Yeah I guess they were pretty hyped overall. I just hope the repeat of the Kalin event comes with...
Oh yeah gravekeepers, these guys can humiliate meta decks and make them surrender turn 2 or ...
Este no lo entiedo mucho para desbloquear
Como quiero ese Konami lo puedes regalar de nuevo o vender por fa no estube en esos tienpos
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