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update 24/11/2016


Monster TypeMachine
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


Trap Cards, and their effects on the field, cannot be activated. Negate all Trap Card effects on the field.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherEspa Roba Unlock Event [UR]




  • Powerful ATK stats.
  • Neither player can activate Trap cards and its effects as long as this monster is face up on the Field.


  • You cannot activate Trap cards as well.
  • Can still be overpowered by opponent’s higher ATK monsters, or Spell effects that destroys it.


  • This card is limited edition currently so you will need either heavy draw power or efficient search ability to retrieve this card from your Deck quickly.
  • You can consider using Espa Roba’s unique Skill Psychic Onslaught in order to increase more Jinzo copies in your Deck.
  • The summoning of Jinzo can still be negated by cards like Solemn Scolding or Champion’s Vigilance because these cards are Spell Speed 3 activation that negates monster’s summoning during pre-summoning phase.
  • You cannot use Escape from the Dark Dimension to summon Jinzo from your Banished zone because Jinzo’s effect will immediately negate and destroy Escape from the Dark Dimension and cause Jinzo to be destroyed as well.

Speed Summon

Soul Exchange directly tributes 1 of your opponent’s monster in order to Summon Jinzo to the Field. Psychic Shockwave can be situational but it can Special Summon Jinzo from your Deck, when your opponent activates Trap card. You will need to discard a Spell/Trap card as a cost.

Monster Support

Jinzo - Returner can attack your opponent directly, and if it was destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, it’s effect allows you to Special Summon Jinzo from your Graveyard to the Field. However, that Jinzo will be destroyed during the End Phase. You can prevent that by using Jinzo - Lord, an upgraded version of Jinzo, by tributing that Special Summoned Jinzo and Summon Jinzo - Lord to the Field. Similarly, it will negate all Trap cards effects, additionally it can also destroy all face-up Trap cards once per turn, inflicting 300 damage per face-up trap card to your opponent. Heavy Mech Support Armor is an additional utility to be equipped to Jinzo, so that it cannot be targeted by your opponent’s card effects and if Jinzo would be destroyed by battle, this card acts as protection and is destroyed instead.

Spell Support

Gold Sarcophagus can be an alternative way to search for Jinzo from your Deck quickly, but it will also alert your opponent that you intend to use Jinzo. Machine Assembly Line increases all Machine-type monsters ATK by 200, and it can use 6 Junk counters to Special Summon Jinzo from Graveyard. Forbidden Dress can be used as protection for Jinzo to prevent it from destruction, and cannot be targeted or destroyed by card effects, for that turn. My Body as a Shield allows you to pay 1500 LP to negate an opponent’s Spell/Trap/Monster effect that would destroy your Jinzo. This card cannot be used during Damage Step. Gravity Blaster is a very good equip card for your Jinzo to further increase its attack every turn, and negates monster effects that it destroys via Battle.

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Psychic Onslaught
Can be used when your Life Points decrease by 1800. Instead of conducting your normal draw, "Jinzo" is added to your hand from your deck. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Espa Roba
Espa Roba




Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesPrevents activation of Trap Cards / Negates the effects of Trap Cards


Hot New Top
Anonymous 7days ago
life safer againts amazoness
Anonymous 20days ago
any idea when is the next espa roba event?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
Please learn to read the notices in the game
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
i did but guess i missed it. insteal telling ppl to learn to read the ingame, is that hard to just answer the question since u know everything and willing to reply?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
*ingame notice
<< Anonymous
Another Anon 20days ago Reply
While I agree he's being a little tilted unnecessarily, however it's true that it's already in the game's announcement. Check the 3rd page, upcoming events.

Answer: early october
Horus Jinzo Plasma on the field it‘s GAME OVER!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*laughs in Lava Golem*
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nice board you got would be a shame if something were to break it.
*Activates exiled forced
*Sets Newdoria
*Changes a card to defense with sphere kuriboh
*Uses A/D changer
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*Laugh in Ra Sphere Mode
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
*laugh in exodia
just dueled a cheater with 2 copies of Jinzo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I dueled someone who had 3
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
nigga, he´s using physic onslaught (2)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
bro, have you heard of the skill PsYcHiC oNsLaUgHt?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
I dueled someone who had 4
Some random guy
fuck, how did this guy get 3 jinzo's ?? .
<< Anonymous(Some random guy)
Some random guy Reply
ahh .. nvm .. its the skill
<< Anonymous(Some random guy)
Anonymous Reply
The skill maybe or he was using mod
Can its effect negated by forbidden chalice?
<< Anonymous
Xenon Reply
Yes you can.
> Was only released recently
> By now, traps like Wall of Disruption and Massivemorph have been dominating
Too late, 15 years late.
<< Anonymous(HeatEdgeSword)
Anonymous Reply
Been playing with espa roba and jinzo.

Sadly the meta now relies more on monsters effects,and less ST.

Only some decks utilize trap and random beatdown decks with staple trap are easy opponents.

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
that's the reason jinzo is released now. if they release it too early, too much player will complain how overpowered jinzo is.
Jinzo hand is disturbing. It suppose to black and not huge green hand
Jinzo should have came out a while ago. It’s more a tech now then anything and at 1. It could have really upset a lot of decks. Now it’s not as powerful.
But yeah Horus lvl8 jinzo angel 07 which is easier to get out then plasma
Jinzo + Dark gen. Fred + D.H. Plasma = no enemy effects?
"You cannot use Escape from the Dark Dimension to summon Jinzo from your Banished zone because Jinzo’s effect will immediately negate and destroy Escape from the Dark Dimension and cause Jinzo to be destroyed as well."

Nonsense. Jinzo only negates the trap but doesn't destroy it, he instead survives even if the trap leaves the field.
<< Anonymous
Xenon Reply
Have you tried EFTDD? Or just a guess from you based on what it could be?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope, Jinzo negates Escape from the Dark Dimension and destroys it therefore with that Trap destroyed, Jinzo is also destroyed in turn. Please read Escape from the Dark Dimension's effect before talking nonsense.
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Anonymous Reply
Not op but I also agree based on how jinzo interacts with call of the haunted
<< Anonymous
no it doesnt Reply
no man
its just like call of the haunted and jinzo

jinzo negates he doesnt destroy traps

stop talking shit go read rulings on jinzo instead of shitposting
Horus Jinzo
If anyone can help with opinions on switching some cards to make it work faster please do
<< Anonymous(sylvan god)
Anonymous Reply
sylvan god dafuq lol
<< Anonymous(Alan)
Anonymous Reply
use psychic shockwave to summon jinzo faster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Depending on the situation, Psychic Shockwave could actually be slower.
<< Anonymous(PK)
breem Reply
I run 3 providence for monster effects. Those 3 lvl 4 horus and electros arw great discard fodder once lvl 8 and jinzo are on the field

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