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Structure Deck EX: Thousand Illusion
update 05/03/2022


Monster TypeMachine
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


Trap Cards, and their effects on the field, cannot be activated. Negate all Trap Card effects on the field.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderTradable [UR]
130,000 x Gold
UR Jewel x7
Stone of Dark x100
OtherEspa Roba Starter Deck [UR]
Duel Carnival: Espa Roba Unlock Event [UR]

How to Get (Master Duel)

PackLegacy Pack [SR]




  • Powerful ATK stats.
  • Neither player can activate Trap cards and its effects as long as this monster is face up on the Field.


  • You cannot activate Trap cards as well.
  • Can still be overpowered by opponent’s higher ATK monsters, or Spell effects that destroys it.


  • This card is limited edition currently so you will need either heavy draw power or efficient search ability to retrieve this card from your Deck quickly.
  • You can consider using Espa Roba’s unique Skill Psychic Onslaught in order to increase more Jinzo copies in your Deck.
  • The summoning of Jinzo can still be negated by cards like Solemn Scolding or Champion’s Vigilance because these cards are Spell Speed 3 activation that negates monster’s summoning during pre-summoning phase.
  • You cannot use Escape from the Dark Dimension to summon Jinzo from your Banished zone because Jinzo’s effect will immediately negate and destroy Escape from the Dark Dimension and cause Jinzo to be destroyed as well.

Speed Summon

Soul Exchange directly tributes 1 of your opponent’s monster in order to Summon Jinzo to the Field. Psychic Shockwave can be situational but it can Special Summon Jinzo from your Deck, when your opponent activates Trap card. You will need to discard a Spell/Trap card as a cost.

Monster Support

Jinzo - Returner can attack your opponent directly, and if it was destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, it’s effect allows you to Special Summon Jinzo from your Graveyard to the Field. However, that Jinzo will be destroyed during the End Phase. You can prevent that by using Jinzo - Lord, an upgraded version of Jinzo, by tributing that Special Summoned Jinzo and Summon Jinzo - Lord to the Field. Similarly, it will negate all Trap cards effects, additionally it can also destroy all face-up Trap cards once per turn, inflicting 300 damage per face-up trap card to your opponent. Heavy Mech Support Armor is an additional utility to be equipped to Jinzo, so that it cannot be targeted by your opponent’s card effects and if Jinzo would be destroyed by battle, this card acts as protection and is destroyed instead.

Spell Support

Gold Sarcophagus can be an alternative way to search for Jinzo from your Deck quickly, but it will also alert your opponent that you intend to use Jinzo. Machine Assembly Line increases all Machine-type monsters ATK by 200, and it can use 6 Junk counters to Special Summon Jinzo from Graveyard. Forbidden Dress can be used as protection for Jinzo to prevent it from destruction, and cannot be targeted or destroyed by card effects, for that turn. My Body as a Shield allows you to pay 1500 LP to negate an opponent’s Spell/Trap/Monster effect that would destroy your Jinzo. This card cannot be used during Damage Step. Gravity Blaster is a very good equip card for your Jinzo to further increase its attack every turn, and negates monster effects that it destroys via Battle.

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Psychic Onslaught
Can be used when your Life Points decrease by 1800. Instead of conducting your normal draw, "Jinzo" is added to your hand from your deck. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Espa Roba
Espa Roba

Deck (Duel Links)

Deck (Master Duel)


Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesPrevents activation of Trap Cards / Negates the effects of Trap Cards


Hot New Top
finally they added him to the card trader inventory and its not in the rotative... IS IN THE NORMAL INVENTORY
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Which is a good thing.
Why did Konami release this toxic card floodgates are not fun to read deal with
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Traps aren't fun, that's why they released it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Meanwhile most tier decks run 1-3 traps. Not to mention 2400 attack cant deal with anything today
In other words,
"Jinzo, the useless"
With 3 Jinzo available now, is there a good Jinzo deck? I tried to combine it with desperado barrel but I have trouble to actually summon Jinzo.
<< Anonymous
Steo Kiaba Reply
With 2 it's already bricky. So, probably no.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You could use it in a Pendulum summon deck. But you're sill vulnerable to monster effects and spells. And basically ever single boss monster has a higher ATK than Jinzo.
Not KoG
Jinzo is on the same level as Super Polymerization and Future Fusion. It will always be a 1-of in Duel Links.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They know full well what they’re doing to players who don’t have the second copy as they created a mission specifically for those who had 0 Fire Princess to get the same 1 copy those who do have her to get it. It’s just being evil.
<< Anonymous(Not KoG)
Anonymous Reply
Even with full support wont be a problem, most of the decks rarely use traps + BoM and the other strong spells completely shuts down jinzo. I really want them to release the full card list. I love to make a deck around this archetpye. Good rogue deck material, but nothing more.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
2400 in an era where everyone can special summon 2-3 monsters with 3000+ in one turn is just laughable. Duel links powerlevel has escalated way too fast for jinzo to have any chance today.
<< Anonymous(Not KoG)
Anonymous Reply
-Said by an Odion player
We can finally get 3 copies of this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It seems to be in the card trader‘s inventory now
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wow! Nice find! I rarely check trader since I have gathered all the cards x3 long ago. Time to make a fun deck to counter all those trap heavy decks like sattelarknights, shiranui, buster blader, phantom knights etc.
Sad we got him now... in 2018-2019 would had been great. Now book of moon just laughs on him...
Never mind Jinzo, we still have only 1 copy of Windstorm of Etaqua in this game.
I just wanna know he looks like Voldo from Soul Calibur
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ehm....time traveler?
<< Anonymous
JinTomang Reply
running 1 or 2 is usually enough. If you play 3, you are asking for BRICK
<< Anonymous(JinTomang)
Not KoG Reply
You have DUGTRIO in your hand!
4 years of duel links
2 years of trap heavy format (especially during 2020 trap bewd & shiranui meta)
Countless ultra rare and dream ticketsticket.

Still 1 jinzo.

I bet Konami will give an extra copy to us when we will all live in a hand trap format...
More now plz Konami?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Konami could help our meta by releasing some jinzo support or an extra jinzo for new players since only a few veterans were playing during espa roba unlock event. But no. They prefer to give us garbageful cards like stealth bird, red eyes darkness dragon, spell gear etc. Pretty sure when they decide to give us some jinzo support we will be playing in a 0 trap format.
Menacing Jinzo, Psycho Bounder, Psycho Gigacyber, Law of The Cosmos, Contact with The Universe! Ma boi Espa Roba n Jinzo got new many supports this year! Hope Konami add them in Duel Links since they usually 1 step forward than TCG.
<< Anonymous(Candend)
Anonymous Reply
Yep, hopefully those new cards will be in DL this year
Horus Jinzo
If anyone can help with opinions on switching some cards to make it work faster please do
<< Anonymous(Alan)
TheCringer Reply
Use Soul Exchange to summon and add
Fire King Avatar Arvata to counter monster effects by paying with loose Horus cards in your hand. Add Power of the Guardians and Gravity Blaster to your deck to keep your monsters alive.
<< Anonymous(TheCringer)
Anonymous Reply
The original comment is very old. It’s nice that you help but I don’t think that OP is still here or uses that deck
<< Anonymous
TheCringer Reply
Fair enough - there's no date on the post so couldn't tell. Yeah knowing what kind of toxic trash this game is they aren't even playing anymore because they either got banned for nothing or hit the gem ceiling at which all F2P progress completely stops, just as KuntMoney designed it to...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There's no real ceiling as long as there are new characters coming, though. Also, amusingly the deck can still work in today era with just a little modification.

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