Aigami/Diva (DSOD)

This page notes Aigami/Diva's Leaked Skills, cards.
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update 01/09/2020


How to Unlock

Raid Duel - Dimensional Disaster: Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor

Aigami's Skills

Leaked Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used by revealing to your opponent 3 Cubic monsters from your hand. Put 1 cubic counter on one face-up monster your opponent controls. That monster can’t attack and has his effect negated.
This Skill will only be activated if you begin the duel with a Deck and Extra Deck that have only "Cubic" cards.
This Skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.

Exclusive Skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
Cubic Seed
In the beginning of the Duel, add 3 "Vijam the Cubic Seed" to your Deck.
This Skill can only be used if you begin the duel with a Deck/Extra Deck that contain no cards other than "Cubic" cards.
Lvl 4
Life Charge
Increase your Life Points by the current turn count x200. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Lvl 13
Dimension Summon
Play 1 level 4 or lower Cubic monster from your hand.
The ATK of the monster you played with this Skill is equal to its original level x 500.
If the monster is destroyed, you lose Life Points equal to its original level x 500.
This Skill can only be used if you begin the duel with a Deck/Extra Deck that contain no monsters other than "Cubic" monsters.
This Skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.
Lvl 20
You Don't Deserve to Exist in My World
Choose 1 monster your opponent controls that is equipped with an Equip Spell Card and has at least 1000 ATK or above its original ATK, and send it to another dimension. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Mind of the Plana
Send all of your opponent's banished cards to another dimension.
This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Cubic Dimension Summon
Send 1 "Cubic" monster you control to the Graveyard, and play 1 "Cubic" monster from your hand that is 1 level higher than the monster you sent to the Graveyard.
The ATK of the monster you played with this Skill is equal to its original level x 500.
This Skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.
Afterlife Lockdown
Until the end of the turn, if a "Cubic" monster you control destroys an opponent's monster in battle, shuffle the destroyed monster into its original owner's Deck instead of sending it to the Graveyard.
This Skill can only be used once per Duel.

Common Skills

Level-Up Rewards

Cards Used by Aigami in Anime/Manga

Vijam the Cubic Seed
Vijam the Cubic Seed
DARK Fiend ★1
ATK 0 / DEF 0
Cannot be destroyed by battle. At the end of the Damage Step, if this card battled an opponent's monster: You can place this card face-up in your Spell & Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell Card, and if you do, place 1 Cubic Counter on that opponent's monster. (Monsters with a Cubic Counter cannot attack, also negate their effects.) If this card is treated as a Continuous Spell Card by this effect, during your Main Phase: You can Special Summon this card from your Spell & Trap Zone.
Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic Lord
Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic Lord
DARK Fiend ★10
ATK 3000 / DEF 0
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by revealing 3 other "Cubic" cards in your hand with different names, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. Unaffected by other monsters' activated effects, whose original ATK is 3000 or less. When this attacking card destroys a monster by battle: You can activate this effect; this card can make a second attack during this Battle Phase. During your End Phase: Each player takes 3000 damage. You can only use this effect of "Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic Lord" once per turn.
Cubic Wave
Cubic Wave
Normal Spell
Target 1 "Cubic" monster you control and 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; the ATK of that monster you control becomes double its current ATK, and if it does, the ATK of that monster your opponent controls become half its current ATK. You can banish this card and any number of "Cubic" monsters from your Graveyard, then target face-up monsters your opponent controls equal to the number of those banished "Cubic" monsters; place 1 Cubic Counter on each of them. (Monsters with a Cubic Counter cannot attack, also negate their effects.)
Cubic Mandala
Cubic Mandala
Continuous Trap
Unknown Duelist Roaming Event [SR]
If you control a "Cubic" monster: Activate this card by targeting any number of monsters that are in your opponent's Graveyard because they were destroyed and sent there this turn; Special Summon them to your opponent's field, but each becomes ATK 0 and has 1 Cubic Counter placed on it. (Monsters with a Cubic Counter cannot attack, also negate their effects.) While your opponent controls any of the monsters Summoned by this effect, negate any monster effects your opponent activates. When the last of these monsters leaves the field, destroy this card.

Aigami (DSOD)'s Starter Deck

Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic EmperorDoroverDoroverDoroverThe DrdekThe Drdek
The DrdekGorgon EggGorgon EggGorgon EggMeda BatMeda Bat
Meda BatChange SlimeChange SlimeChange SlimeFinal DestinyGraverobbers Retribution
Graverobbers RetributionSpell Purification----


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Why there is no yugi mutou (dsod) articles
The Agami “Cubic Seeds” Skill Doesn’t 🔥ing Work! Fix It Konami Now!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This Skill can only be used if you begin the duel with a Deck/Extra Deck that contain no cards other than "Cubic" cards.

ONLY CUBIC CARDS, do you understand?
-NO Karma Cut
-NO Floodgate
-NO Cosmic Cyclone
-NO Sphere Kuriboh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes, if you use only Cubic cards, it works.
Starter deck
His starter deck is possibly the worst, at least he has a nice skill after level 4, Good luck trying to win with him when you obtain him first
<< Anonymous(Starter deck)
Anonymous Reply
You do realize that you can change the starter deck right after obtaining him, don't you?
The skill Cubic Seed's restriction is so weird.

It basically requires us to have Crimson Nova Trinity, and no way in hell we're getting that card, even if just a single copy.
<< Anonymous
WoodFrJared Reply
Yes, the description is wrong, and based on the latest Official Announcement, it had changes from monsters to cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ah, so 0 extra deck will still make the skill activate, that's nice.

.....Forcing entirely pure Cubic including the Spell/Trap 100% killed the archetype though, what are they thinking lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, you dont need Trinity. The skill works for me.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, I knew now that the skill can still activate with 0 extra deck.
Would have been nice if he has a skill that turns the duel into Dimension Duel.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Also, (l)(m)(a)(o) his own starter deck can't summon his ace card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can use 3 duza to summon his ace
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, 3 Duza which is not in his starter deck.

The point is, starter decks usually can summon the ace card included in it, regardless of how hard it would be.

That's not the case with Aigami's starter deck, which is completely incapable of summoning Indiora Doom Volt, making it a completely dead card in the deck.
This is the deck I've been using with him. It's entertaining and fits what he used in the movie, but man does using all cubic cards hurt because I have no back row interaction.

If you want to try, he needs to be up to Lv 25 at least since I use 3 Karmas

Skill: Cubic Seeds(requires all cubic CARDS)
3x Duza the Meteor Cubic Vessel
3x Geira Guile the Cubic King
2x Dark Garnex the Cubic Beast
2x Blade Garoodia the Cubic Best
1x Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth
1x Indoria Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor
3x Cubic Dharma
3x Cubic Karma
2x Cubic Mandala
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The reason why I use Mandala is that it work pretty well with Buster Gundil attacking 3 times, although I would drop it for unification or wave in a heartbeat if we ever get them. Mandala also has the added benefit of getting around Kiteroid since it only works on direct attacks
Cubic is an OP archetype (especially in a 4k LP format), but, like many OP archetypes, Konami nerfs it to the point where it's unusable in Duel Links. Unfortunate.
The cubic seed skill only mentions the deck can only have CUBIC MONSTERS, not only cubic cards. It’s bugged. Needs fix to be usable. (Yes I know the skill works with a pure cubic card deck)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They released an issue notice. The skill properly translates to only cubic CARDS. meaning Cubic Seeds requires all cubic monsters, cubic spells, and cubic traps if you feel bold enough to play Mandala.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I had hope, but that sucks. Still not useable then
But why are they ignoring the original Season 3, 4 and 5 characters that are not yet added to the game?
<< Anonymous(EGo)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah Man i also thinking about this topic.
I want to play as Rafael.His character was very strong in Yu-Gi-Oh!Duel Monsters Season 4
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
We are not complaining.we only wants to see other strong characters that are very strong and good before scud thats it.
we want all characters to playble who appear in Yu-Gi-Oh! all series
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I've been wanting Rebecca since the beginning. Seems unlikely now but she could have more gem dragons and fire princess. Maybe Diamond Head Dragon from the anime. Duke would be great (maybe in DSOD world) and his ace is a real card now.
<< Anonymous(EGo)
Anonymous Reply
Well remember that 80% of DM is just filler...
Am I the only one disappointed that Indiora is his Ace?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I mean, he’d did have a chant for summoning Indoria in the movie, and the only other monster he had a chant for was Nova Trinity. It makes sense for it to be has ace for the unlock considering that as far as the event is concerned, this is his battle with Yugi at Kaiba’s stadium and the Millennium Ring hasn’t infected the Cube yet with Zorc’s evil/darkness. It’s a bit strange, but I won’t complain
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So he may or may not get a Skill or Promo Card for Crimson Nova Trinity during the rerun?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Knowing the way they're treating the deck, I'd say the rerun gives us Dragni. I love playing cubics, but limiting the deck to no non-cubic cards just to play vijam stinks. I understand it partially due to how vijam can't be destroyed by battle, but there's already a massive amount of answers. E-Con, Ballista Squad, Raigeki Break, FL Every, Cosmic Cyclone, Galaxy Cyclone's GY effect, piercing, etc.
I check in game that you don't deserve in my world skill is obtained as event reward not drop. Is this a mistake from Konami?
I Play cubics in RL and i can say only this: Why the Heck dont we get a Copy of Vulcan Dragni? Cubics is a Deck that Ramps up Over time but without a Combo piece its gonna be was Harder. But Overall they could have done a Lot worse.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ahm... so they can add that to a main box as UR?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I hope not but knowing this game, likely

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