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update 27/08/2018

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Strengthened decks
  • Aquactress
  • Dark World
  • E.HERO
  • Gemini
  • Koa'ki Meiru
  • Mermail
  • U.A
Aug 27 2018



Mermail, Atlantean & Abyss


The archetype everyone was either excited for or afraid of is here, Mermails have been officially announced, but do they have what it takes to be a viable deck in the current meta?

While a lot of cards are certainly still missing, Mermails can utilize Atlantean Marksman and Atlantean Heavy Infantry to get rid of both face-down and face-up cards and, by opening the entire Box, you will get two copies of each, which is great.

Marksman and Heavy Infantry and comparable to Recon, Scout Fur Hire and Donpa, Marksman Fur Hire as their effects are similar, but they are not identical:

AtlanteansFur Hires
  • “Target 1 set card your opponent controls; destroy that target.”
  • “Target 1 face-up card your opponent controls; destroy that target.”
  • “You can target 1 set card on the field; destroy it.”
  • “You can target 1 face-up card on the field; destroy it.”

What is the difference? If the opponent, for example, chains a face-down card to the effect of Recon, Scout Fur Hire, the card is destroyed, but, if Atlantean Marksman is the one targeting that set card and the card is chained, the card is not destroyed.

The “Abyss-” Spell/Trap Cards are very underwhelming and a Mermail Deck would probably rather run something like Hey, Trunade! or Treacherous Trap Hole instead, despite the fact that Mermail Abyssmegalo can add them from the Deck to the hand when he is Special Summoned by its own effect.

From what I can see, the deck will likely struggle with consistency due to the fact that the main Boss Monster of the deck, Mermail Abyssmegalo requires you to discard two other WATER monsters from your hand to be Special Summoned, which is honestly how you’re going to get him on the field.

Look Forward to ...

In this section I’ll name a few cards that could fix the main issues this deck has.
Mermail Abysslinde and Abyss-sphere can Special Summon monsters from the deck, they can both generally be set on Turn 1, where the deck seems to lack options, and the latter can also be searched.

Mermail Abyssteus is a secondary Boss Monster that is much easier to get on the field compared to Abyssmegalo and that is also able to search a Level 4 or lower “Mermail” monster from the Deck when he is Special Summoned by its own effect.


The deck is already playable, but it will be difficult for it to face more well-rounded and complete meta decks with its current issues; as always, it’s up to the player to decide whether or not they want to invest in a Box, but, unless you can afford it, I would avoid Gaia Genesis.

U.A (Ultra Athlete)


The second main archetype featured in the box is also lacking a lot of cards, namely all of the defensive monsters; one of the most important cards, U.A. Midfielder is an UR, which means that, in order to play a “U.A.” Deck, you will have to reset this Main Box twice.

This deck can be quite bricky even with the help of Cyber Style; just like Mermails, Ultra Athletes are playable, but they will certainly have trouble with consistency.

U.A. Stadium is an incredibly powerful card that, especially when combined with Midfielder, but the chance of starting with both in your hand is not exactly high.

U.A. Penalty Box will probably not be enough to make the deck relevant, but, paired with U.A. Mighty Slugger, it can be pretty powerful.

Look Forward to ...

U.A. Perfect Ace would make a Feast of the Wild LV5 U.A. Deck very good; he is similar to Wiz, Sage Fur Hire, but his effect does not state that you need to discard a card of his own archetype.

U.A. Goalkeeper and U.A. Blockbacker have very good protection effects that can prevent destruction by card effect and negate the effects and change the battle position of a monster that was Special Summoned respectively.

U.A. Signing Deal allows you to Special Summon from the Deck and U.A. Powered Jersey is an incredibly powerful card when paired with U.A. Mighty Slugger or U.A. Dreadnought Dunker.


Unless KONAMI decides to reprint some of these cards, the “U.A.” archetype will be extremely expensive, especially considering the remaining monsters will likely have higher rarity than the Level 5 or higher ones we’ve got so far: another reason not to invest in this Main Box, if you have a limited amount of Gems.

You easily just get two copies of Mermail Abyssmegalo and still have a decent deck, but, in this case, three copies of a UR are pretty much needed.

Koa’ki Meiru


It’s true that the archetype features a lot of cards, but that shouldn’t be a reason to just randomly release a bunch that can barely be played together.

Koa'ki Meiru Ice’s alternative maintenance condition can be fulfilled by revealing a Continuous Spell in your hand, so you could just ignore Iron Core and run some of the Fire Fist cards just to abuse his destruction effect;

Koa'ki Meiru Urnight can Special Summon any other Level 4 or lower Koa’ki Meiru monster from the deck by revealing an Iron Core in your hand;

Koa'ki Meiru Maximus is a decent Boss Monster, but he is difficult to get on the field and even more difficult to maintain;

Iron Core Armor is a decent Equip Spell and Koa'ki Meiru Shield is essentially a Mirror Force with a very specific requirement.

Aside from the first card I mentioned, none of these can be used effectively in other decks.

Look Forward to ...

KONAMI decided to release two Rock-Type monsters together with Sandman that are honestly not particularly great, making the SR difficult to run, but, if Koa'ki Meiru Wall, Koa'ki Meiru Guardian and Koa'ki Meiru Overload are ever released, it will be worth it to come back to this Box;

Koa'ki Meiru Drago is a great card that would completely shut down Masked HEROes and give trouble to Silent Spellbook;

Diamond Core of Koa'ki Meiru would make a Koa’ki Meiru deck worth running as it essentially gives you access to all of the Monster Cards and also to Iron Core.


There is nearly no point in investing in this Box for Koa’ki Meiru support so far, they could be fun to play around with, but I don’t see them being particularly competitive.


UR Card

Gemini SparkGemini Spark


Gemini Spark is an incredibly versatile Quick-Play Spell and it might be the only reason why Gemini monsters will see some play after this Box has been released. We still need to see how good an updated Gemini Deck with Heavy Knight of the Flame, Evocator Chevalier and possibly Dark Valkyria would be, but so far I can say that building it will be very expensive, so that alone may dether some players from trying it out.

We really need to look at the overall value of this Box: we have a pretty good Battle Trap, some form of backrow removal, a few incomplete archetypes that may become relevant, a bunch of random support HERO cards, some of which are only available at one copy (Clayman), and some more support for older archetypes. Is this really worth investing?

Look Forward to ...

KONAMI has been trying to push this archetype in Duel Links for a long time, but it really currently needs is Skill they can work well with rather than more support.

It’s really difficult to find something that would fit their “playstyle” or strategies in general, so maybe the developers have been going in the wrong way.


I would advise any new player to stay away from this Box until we know exactly how these cards perform in the current meta and what the “current meta” will be from August 29.

Card Lists

UR cards

SR cards

R cards

N cards


Hot New Top
zura 29days ago
Is there now no more free 500 gems when the new cardpack is launched?
<< Anonymous(zura)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
We did get 500 gems during Gaia Genesis' release last month.
Got these UR babies on my 3rd try with over 200 gems.
<< Anonymous(Zephione )
Anonymous Reply
I got my first midfielder with just 1500 gems :D my 2nd with 3.5k and my third with 2.8k lol
<< Anonymous(Zephione )
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
REALLY TERRIBLE players said, 'don´t invest in U.A.s and that deck became top tier and same thing happened with Empire of Scarlet.

I guess that´s why you can´t trust shitty players who know nothing about the game.
<< Anonymous(____Willowfox)
Anonymous Reply
lol indeed
<< Anonymous(____Willowfox)
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Well, they DO have a basis - U.A. is shit in real life.

But on the other hand, people should have learned by now that cards nobody used in real life format tends to become really good in DL format.
<< Anonymous(____Willowfox)
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
U.A. is brutal man !
Pure awesomeness, glad I invested in it !
<< Anonymous(____Willowfox)
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
deck is on highest top of last weekly
Makrov krauz
Why is Koa'ki Meiru Ice ranked as B-, is this website for real?, I understand why maximus is ranked as B- since it requires iron core but ice is differently solid B+ at least, that guy can really do some serious Field nuking.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
makrov krauz Reply
I don't think the koaki traps and spells are Better than ice to deserve a B+, nor mermails abyssbanaen and other garbage cards given B+, I just don't know how u can't see the utility of this card, his 1900 attack is fair enough with maximus for otk
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
makrov krauz Reply
I got ur point anyway, I'm juat saying there are some garbage cards ranked as B+, cards way worse than ice + ice is the only koa'ki card that can work optimally if used in any deck not just koa,ki deck just like snipe hunter, to each their pluses and minuses
<< Anonymous(Makrov krauz)
Anonymous Reply
I just got schooled by Koa'ki Meiru in rankeds
<< Anonymous
Makrov krauz 31days ago Reply
LoL, what deck were you playing?
Synchro Minibox Hype
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Good Joke bro.
If Konami do that, the "mini box" will increase 120 to 140 :P
Next minibox cards leak?
Anonymous No. 2
I'm digging that new "Germini" deck.
Hastily spent 150000 gems on this box.

Anybody have any viable deck builds they could recommend?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wat the 150 k???!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
oh sorry! I meant 15k haha!

I'm not wealthy enough for that!

Basically got 2 of every UR and a playset of everything else
<< Anonymous
Saladfingers Reply
Build U.A. :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
so after a few days running U.a's I can happily say they are a very good archetype, I'm winning roughly 8/10 matches in the climb to dlv20 current 1 win off 19
<< Anonymous(Fridge)
Anonymous Reply
U.A.s are easy win, specially if u bought cosmic cyclones back in the galactic origin era
wow u.a.s r the mvp
This box and Empire of Scarlet are the current best
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe Valiant souls as well, for Masked Heroes decks and amazoness onslaught
I saved more than 9000ish gems, should I spend to this box, sangan is too tempting there
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its never ending. So will you have another 9k gems when new boxes come after u.a?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'd wait if I were you. I spent 15k gems on this box and played with Mermails, U.A and Aquaactress... none are meta changing decks! Fun... but I'd imagine the new box with synchros will be funner.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Amusingly enough, if Fur Hire and Amazoness Princess never existed in DL, they would have changed the meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This box is totally worth it, bcause of U.A.s

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