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update 03/07/2017


The goal of this deck is to quickly summon high leveled monsters like Phoenix Gearfried and Darkstorm Dragon, to overwhelm your opponent. Use your monsters to attack your opponent aggressively while using their effects to handle enemy backrow.

Example deck

Phoenix GearfriedSphere KuribohDarkstorm DragonDarkstorm DragonBlazewing ButterflyBlazewing Butterfly
Blazewing ButterflyWoodland ArcherWoodland ArcherKnight Day GrepherKnight Day GrepherKnight Day Grepher
SuperviseSuperviseSuperviseWonder BalloonsWonder BalloonsPolymerization
Mirror WallMirror Wall------Superalloy Beast Raptinus

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Duel, standby!
Gives 1 more card in each player's starting hand.


How to use

General strategy

Always special summon your high-leveled monsters, do not use your monsters for a tribute summon. This deck can easily special summon Phoenix Gearfried and Darkstorm Dragon from the grave. Discard Phoenix Gearfried and/or Darkstorm Dragon from your hand with the effect of Wonder Balloons or Polymerization, use Woodland Archer to search for Phoenix Gearfried and/or Darkstorm Dragon if they are not in your hand. Then special summon them from the grave with Blazewing Butterfly or Supervise.

Destroy/Negate enemy spell/trap cards

Luckily, the two strongest monsters in this deck also have effects to handle your opponent's backrow. But be sure that the effects of these gemini monsters are already active.

Notice that Supervise can be used as cost for both of these effects. Use this chance to send Supervise to the graveyard and special summon another gemini monster.

Reusing your graveyard

This deck is great at recycling cards in your graveyard. A good combo to special summon two high-leveled monster from the grave, would be to use Blazewing Butterfly equipped with Supervise. Send Blazewing Butterfly to the grave to special summon a gemini monster, then with Supervise in your graveyard special summon another gemini monster.

Activating gemini effects

Gemini monsters need to be re-summoned while on the field to gain their effects. This would use up your normal summon for the turn and lessen your potential for aggressive play. But by using the effects of Supervise and Superalloy Beast Raptinus they can gain their effects without needing to be re-summoned.

  • Equip Supervise to your gemini monster to immediately gain it's effects.
  • Superalloy Beast Raptinus can be easily fusion summoned if you have Polymerization and any two gemini monster in hand or field. It is recommended to prioritize sending high-leveled monsters in your hand to the grave when using Polymerization, to later be revived. Superalloy Beast Raptinus allows all gemini monsters on the field to gain their effects as long as he is face-up.

Other useful cards

For versatile cards that can be used in any deck, check the link below.

Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu
Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu
Use this card to search for Supervise.
Advance Draw
Advance Draw
Might be worth using to draw more cards, but only use if you are able to revive Phoenix Gearfried or Darkstorm Dragon immediately.
Wild Tornado
Wild tornado
Destroy this set card with the effect of Darkstorm Dragon to trigger it's effect. Use it to destroy one of your opponent's face up monster.
Dimension Gate
Dimension Gate
Different Dimension Gate can be used to protect your monsters from cards like Enemy Controller and Soul Exchange. Then you can send Different Dimension Gate to the grave as cost for Darkstorm Dragon's effect to special summon your removed from play monster.


My gemini decks not as expensive as this but works great 4:5 win ratio
<< Anonymous(dead_hand)
Anonymous Reply
what cards you use? im working at my gemini deck as well
Hey guys, do you think that this is a KOG/Worthy deck to build? Cause i like using "non-meta" decks, and besides that, this deck is pretty cheap i must say. So, what you guys think?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
FUCK Bunz Glasing
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Don't forget 'I spend like zero dollars a month into this game' Dkayed..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes^ lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Technically most of the famous youtubers does spend zero amount, gunz even said he spends from the fountain (where you click for lucky gems), due to their subs and constant McDonald's donors.
My gameplay using Gemini deck.
my version is better
Just tried it, had 3 grephers in my graveyard and can't summon woodland archer. Why is this?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It says 2 "normal" monster in graveyard to special summon woodland archer. Grephers are non normal monster.
<< Anonymous
Just a Guy Reply
Knight Day Grepher, like other Gemini monsters, is counted as 'normal' on the field or in the graveyard.
I will try this version soon :) after my amazoness deck :D and psychic :p
This is my version. Goggle Golem + Supervise = 2100 ATK beater + revival ability when it's destroyed. I only bring one Woodland Archer because of dead card risk
<< Anonymous
Ace Reply
Aw nice deck, imo remove 1 poly and add 1 more eliminating cause we dont realy need superalloy we allredy have supervise
Kuribo x otra polimerizacion y usar la habilidad equilibrio ,una opcion....

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