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update 12/06/2017


Monster TypeZombie
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect


During your Main Phase: You can send 1 Zombie-Type monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. If this card is sent to the Graveyard: You can banish 1 Zombie-Type monster from your Graveyard, except "Gozuki"; Special Summon 1 Zombie-Type monster from your hand. You can only use each effect of "Gozuki" once per turn.

How to get / rarity

PackCrimson Kingdom [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Allows you to search a monster from your deck to send to the graveyard.
  • Can special summon a zombie-type monster from your hand, regardless of level or attribute.


  • Very low defense.
  • Each effect is only usable once per turn.

Tips, related cards, skills

Escape from the Dark Dimension

When Gozuki is destroyed, you can banish a monster from your graveyard. If your banished monster is DARK, then you can special summon it with Escape from the Dark Dimension, along with Gozuki's effect to special summon from your hand.

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon

A strategy shown from the duel quiz is to use Give and Take to give Gozuki to your opponent, and using Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon to destroy it, allowing you to summon Gozuki back to your field and special summon a monster from your hand.

Goblin Zombie

You can add gozuki to hand when Goblin Zombie is sent from field to graveyard. Then when gozuki is sent to the graveyard you can remove Goblin Zombie from play to special summon a Zombie-type monster from your hand.



Zombie decks


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Modded apk confirmed? Lol
<< Anonymous(Corona)
helpmecheat Reply
What's the deats?
<< Anonymous(Corona)
Corona Reply
Jokes mate, this was pure luck
This card carries in RedEye Zombie dragon decks.
100% would recommend
2nd gozuki at the bottom of the box once again T_T
I think real life Yu-Gi-Oh Zombie decks didn't use this guy but in this game he is extremely strong.
<< Anonymous(Datty)
The_ACFP Reply
yo this card is new to OCG/TCG too. It was recently implemented into The Duelist Saga box.
Add a related card.."tribute of the damned". And consider the following setup-

- 1 zombie card already in graveyard.
- 1 gozuki in hand
- 1 il-bud in hand
- 1 tribute of the damned in hand
- 1 enemy monster on field.

Tribute of the damned, select gozuki, use his effect in graveyard to special summon Il-bud. Normal summon Ilbud..special summon gozuki back to field, or another zombie in your hand.

is there a replace for third gozuki, reset the box not good for mental issue
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lmao dude its not even a real box
Normal summon gozuki
Activate his ability
Send a zombie to grave yard (not gozuki)
Either on the second turn if your gozuki is still alive activate his affect again this is the time to send your second gozuki to the grave this will allow to to banish the first monster you put there and special summon a monster while maintaining gozuki on the field.

Now if he's destroyed after summoning him once he is destroyed his ability will activate since you put a zombie in the grave allowing you to special summon covering your field during your opponents battle phase

Hope this helps
<< Anonymous(( KIDCOM1C)
David Reply
You say it so ez, not as ez as opening card packs
Does his banish/ summon a zombie from your deck only work once. Which is the time it goes into the graveyard. Because mine doesn't seem to work after the first summon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And it doesn't work on the next turn
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you summon the zombie from your hand after the banish effect
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Right, but does it only work during that turn?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I mean, does it have to go to the GY for it to activate, and in order to activate it again do you have to pull the card out of the GY and then back in?
bonz aka Ghost???
U can special summon a zombie from ur hand when it is sent to the graveyard.... Doesn't say if sent from the field to graveyard..Imagine the interaction in a magical merchant deck gg.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yes, his effect triggers simply on going into graveyard, no battle required. It can trigger from him being discarded provided all the other conditions are met.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
please konami bring a zombie deck support. zombie world,book of life etc. bones legendary duelest something...
I got the card but I never seem to be able to use its second effect, except when it gets destroyed and sent to the graveyard.
How do you activate Gozuki's special summon from your hand during your turn?
<< Anonymous(Alex)
Anonymous Reply
you can tribute him for econ, discard him for wonder balloon or use his first effect sent another gozuki to the graveyard
<< Anonymous(Alex)
Anonymous Reply
"How do you activate Gozuki's special summon from your hand during your turn?" His special summon only happens when / if he goes to the graveyard, battle is not required. So, you can use him for a tribute summon of a 5/6 lev monster, when he goes to the graveyard, special summon a lev 7 zombie monster from your hand.
Should be UR. But I'm glad it's not. Hate box resets.
<< Anonymous(Bakura)
Anonymous Reply
It is UR indeed

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