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update 20/11/2018

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  • Zane Truesdale Lvl 30 Decklist Added


Here is the list of cards for each deck of GX legendary duelists at Lvl 30. The information below was kindly shared and submitted by Веселин Бърнев.

Jaden Yuki

Aster Phoenix

Jesse Anderson

Chazz Princeton

Alexis Rhodes

Cyber Angel Ascension / Lvl: 30

Monster Card x13QTY
Cyber Angel IdatenCyber Angel Idaten1
Cyber Angel BentenCyber Angel Benten1
Mind on AirMind on Air2
Cyber GymnastCyber Gymnast1
Etoile CyberEtoile Cyber3
Blade SkaterBlade Skater3
Armored LizardArmored Lizard3
Spell Card x4QTY
Machine Angel RitualMachine Angel Ritual2
Trap Card x3QTY
Doble PasseDoble Passe2
Extra Card x2QTY
Cyber BladerCyber Blader2

Bastion Misawa

Dr. Vellian Crowler

Syrus Truesdale

Zane Truesdale


3 clock tower prison, 3 dread servant, and 2 eternal dread. OMFG, the lv. 30 Aster is more annoying than lv. 40 if you don't have counters in your deck. I swear, he always gets the clock on his first turn. XD And when can we have these cards!?
<< Anonymous(Valencia )
akubane Reply
strangely many lv30 ld´s are more annoying to farm. for clock tower, id say its to early for that. maybe we get a super aster later on, with clock tower as a single drop (like chazz-a-thon).
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Valencia Reply
Oh, it has happened. And then one time he got 3 diamond dudes on the field and decked himself out with destiny draw that way. And he almost always gets his 2 d-counters on his 1st and second turns. I still remember what a pain he was to farm when I was doing it back in December.
<< Anonymous(akubane)
Valencia Reply
That would be nice, but I think we would need 3 clocks and the support cards for it to be competitive. Every time I see the lv. 30 Aster now, I just use my Shining Flare Wingman fun deck against him. He can't avoid that damage with the clock.
<< Anonymous(akubane)
Anonymous Reply
L30 Aster is easy, just don't destroy Dread Servant and switch Dasher and DoomLord to DEF.

Don't forget Gravekeeper's Vasall still does damage even with Clock Tower on the field
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I'm a F2P player and made this deck with the cards i own: 3x Lightray Diabolos 3x That gra...
I'm a F2P player and made this deck with the cards i own: 3x Lightray Diabolos 3x That gra...
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