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update 11/12/2016

Light Effigy

Light Effigy
Monster TypeFairy
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeUnclassified Effect


If you Tribute Summon a LIGHT Normal Monster, you can treat this 1 monster as 2 Tributes.

How to Get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstSeto Kaiba all levels [R]
Card trader--


Rating 5.0/ 10

1500 ATK is relatively high among monsters available in the early stage of the game. Additionally, supports you to summon a light-attribute high level monster.


Good for summoning normal LIGHT monsters that require 2 tributes like Blue-Eyes White Dragon.


No defense


Celestial Transformation can be used to special summon this card and into a tribute summon of a normal LIGHT monster.

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Light-attribute level 7 or more normal Monsters

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Summoning categoriesDouble Tributer


Light Effigy didn't work as 2 tributes when I was trying to tribute summon Guardian Angel Joan, is that a glitch?
<< Anonymous(Amanda)
Anonymous Reply
Did you even READ Light Effigy? Guardian Angel Joan isn't a Normal Monster.
dont get how to use..i watched someone use celestial card..summoned light effigy...then used it to tribute summon blue is this possible? i played this card with 2 blue eyes in my hand..could not activate effect during same turn
<< Anonymous
Ulle Reply
Dude using Celestial is a special summon. So he can tribute summong Blue Eyes with the effect of Light Effegy. It's nothing Special. You could also use Double Summon / Kaiser Sea Horse & Blue Eyes.
Is it better to farm it in Seto lvl 10, 20 or 30? I mean, in terms of keys x drop chance ratio.
<< Anonymous(Zzaken)
slaynen Reply
I wonder that as well ! anyone can help ??
<< Anonymous(Zzaken)
Anonymous Reply
higher level is always more efficient but only if you can consistently defeat them. when I was lower level i attempted to farm lvl 20 kaiba for flute of the summoning dragon and I never got it from lvl 20 kaiba. level 30/40 is always the best.
Will this be a good substitute for kaibaman? As kaibaman will take a while to get?
<< Anonymous(Blinx)
Anonymous Reply
a very slow substitute, unless you use celestial transformation.
This card doesn't work
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Never mind
<< Anonymous
Alexis Reply
Why you said that? By the way kaiba still doesnt give me this cara :'(
da funk
Poopy doopy do. I'm happy no luck at lv.10 kaiba-chan. Is it really all lvls, don't have the pewpew for lv.40 kupo.
This monster is really hard to get in my experience, I've only gotten one if all of my duels against level 20-40 Kaiba
other double tributer like dark effigy and kaeser sea horse and double costcon
<< Anonymous(Silverag)
Anonymous Reply
To win light effigy you must defeat kaiba in level 20 or 30
Why doesn't its effect work when I try to summon Sanga (7 stars). Is it a glitch?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
sanga is not a normal monster, meaning monsters that have no effects.
<< Anonymous
Vampire Link Reply
How do you obtain the Light Effigy? I´m looking for it :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
but i can use whirlwind prodigy alone to summon kazejin as well as unshaven angler for suijin. Arent those 3 the same type of monster?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Whirlwind prodigy can be used to summon effect and normal monsters, this one can only do normal.

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