9th Full Box: Primal Burst

Duel Links 9th full box Primal Burst, lightsworn deck, volcanic deck.
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KC Cup 2018 Nov season!
update 01/01/2018

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Rating (Versatility)
Strengthened decks
  • Volcanic
  • Cloudian
  • Dark World
  • Lightsworn
  • Gem Knight
  • Jurrac
Available (2018 Jan 1st ~)


Card List

UR cards

SR cards

R Cards

N Cards


Hot New Top
The Rock
First 10 pack and got prismatic
<< Anonymous(The Rock)
Chupper Reply
Me too M8.
<< Anonymous(The Rock)
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
Wtf, probably the coolest dino out there.
Anonymous 25days ago
I wish I could invest in this pack but the kc cup is a month away
The guy below is a f- loser, I usually get all URs i need in just 20-30 packs :D
69 packs opened and not even a UR. FU Komoney
<< Anonymous
Dark Rebellion Reply
" Anoymous 9days ago
The boxes are rigged ding dong. Those who have spent real $ on this game gets better drop rates. It's how business works!"
No they don't you shithead. Of course you wouldn't know since you never spent a cent and just assume. It's just as "rigged" even if you pay. Don't even bother with those "guaranteed SR" ones either.. good chance you'll get the worse SRs.
<< Anonymous
Dark Rebellion Reply
oops I've already responded before. my bad everyone sorry.
<< Anonymous(Dark Rebellion)
Lord Pancake Reply
It is not rigged, I actually don't care when it drops the UR, I will buy out the whole box eventually(as a free user). So it does not really matter. Also from a mini pack I got both URs and 4 SRs after the first 20 draw(1000 gems). I usually don't boxes before it is 100% optimal but I reseted that time, and totally worth it cause I got the 2nd copy of the URs very soon :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I was able to get three Rocket : D
Lol I have two dark world lightnings
and two snowws and yet i havent obtained any reign-beaux's.
does anyone use Lightsworn deck? is it good?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thats creative!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and its not my idea there is some dude make that deck and share it on reddit
<< Anonymous
Cyber Infinity Reply
Yes it's good. But.. in duel links.. not so much. Or at least not as good as the TCG.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I actually use a light sworn / REZD kinda chaos deck and its pretty fun and did good in PVP.

2x Lyla
3x Jain
2x Garroth
1x Gozuki (Triggers on the mill)
1x Bacon saver
2x Darkflare dragon
2x Monster reincarnation
2x Powerfull rebirth (works wonders with Beatdown)
2x Red-eyes Spirit
2x Card of the red stone

Skill - Beatdown.

New Aitsu, Koitsu, Doitsu META
Why does kidmodo dragon dont work with Dark horus.he can be special summoned and he is a dragon
<< Anonymous(Sazimai)
Anonymous Reply
because dragons are low tier trash atm.
<< Anonymous(Sazimai)
Anonymous Reply
You probably special summoned another monster the same turn, check the replay
<< Anonymous(Sazimai)
Anonymous Reply
Did you attack with kidmodo?
<< Anonymous(Sazimai)
Anonymous Reply
Because God hates you
I found 4 URs and 4 SRs in 26 packs, should I reset
(I don't care about any super or ultra, I just want gem knights)
How is forbidden dree an A. Nobody uses that shit
<< Anonymous
Lord Pancake Reply
It has pontential if there will be more destructive effects.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They probably though it prevents targeting but you have to use it before u target. So if u get econed it wont stop it but atleast u can chain to destruction effects which r even rarer than targetting in duel links so yea definitely shouldnt be an A!
Beginner HERE. Came for the normal and rare to be able to npc auto-beatdown, and cloudian farm. But 54 packs in, one reset, 4 UR 3 SR BUT zero of these: cloudian smoke ball, cloudian squall, broken bamboo, jurrac ptera, opticlops, and of the R gemknight. one sky scout!! SR Mist Archfield works I guess, but the other UR and SR are impossible to use.
<< Anonymous
Lord Pancake Reply
Don't reset xD. And from big boxes you usually need to buy more than 100 packs to get the majority of the good stuff unless you are very lucky.

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