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update 04/01/2018

Snoww, Unlight of Dark World

Snoww, Unlight of Dark World
Monster TypeFiend
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect
ArchetypesDark World
Supports ArchetypesDark World


If this card is discarded to the Graveyard by a card effect: If it was discarded from your hand to your Graveyard by an opponent's card effect, you can target 1 monster in your opponent's Graveyard; add 1 "Dark World" card from your Deck to your hand, then Special Summon that target (if any) in face-up Defense Position.

How to Get

PackPrimal Burst [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Good ATK stats.
  • When this card is discarded to your Graveyard via opponent’s Card Effect, you can Special Summon 1 monster from your opponent’s Graveyard in face-up Defense position.
  • Additionally, its effect allows you to add 1 Dark World card from your Deck to your hand.


  • 0 DEF stats susceptible to position switching plays.
  • If you discarded it with your own card effects, you can only trigger the effect that allows you to add 1 Dark World card from your Deck to your hand.


  • It is very important to take note that, cards that requires a discard as a cost to use, like Tribute to the Doom, Magic Jammer, Cursed Seal of Forbidden Spell, will not trigger Dark World monsters effects if you discarded Dark World monsters as a cost.
  • You can search for any Dark World monster to add from the Deck to your hand by using this monster’s effect.
  • You can take control of your opponent’s strong monsters that are in their graveyard, and prevent them from Special Summoning it from their graveyard.


Since Snoww, Unlight of Dark World is unable to trigger its full effects if you discarded it with your own card effects, you will need Ceruli to be Special Summoned to your opponent’s field, and then use Ceruli’s effect to discard this card to the Graveyard, to trigger its effect. Also note that Snoww’s effect can also be activated during Damage Step if it was discarded to the Graveyard.

Discard Catalyst

These are the cards that has effects of discarding cards from your hand to the graveyard. This concept is different than discarding cards as a cost to trigger the card effect. Dark World Lightning has effects that discards 1 card from your hand. Into the Void’s effect will discard your entire hand during your End Phase, so if you discarded all your Dark World monsters, you can trigger their effects. Dragged down to the Grave has mandatory effects for both players to choose 1 card from each other’s hand and discard it, and draw 1 card. Trance Archfiend’s effect allows you to discard 1 Fiend-type monster once per turn, to boost its ATK by 500 for that turn.

Dark World Support

This card will allow you to return 2 “Dark World” monsters from your Graveyard to your hand.



Dark World


ActionsActivates from your Graveyard / Adds from Deck to hand
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your opponent's Graveyard


Kyle 19days ago
I just started this game and got this snoww chick. That wording seems jacked up to me. I played the card game in 2000-2002. A lot has changed since then. Same with MagicTG. Went to first open box tourney in 15 years had no clue the craziness they added to that game.
BIGUE 29days ago
I almost can see GRAPHA in this pack...
<< Anonymous(BIGUE)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Edie 30days ago
heads up; for those who might get confused by the wording by the card, Snoww gets the deck search as long as she is discarded, however, she only gets the summon from the opponent's graveyard when she is discarded by an opponents card effect.
<< Anonymous(Edie)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
Thank you I just read it like 5 times trying to put it together
<< Anonymous(Edie)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Thank you
Anonymous 22days ago
Chaos zone-doomdays material.
Magical mercant. Im coming.
Or maybe combo with lightsworn.
Meh just try it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
Milling is not discarding, so they wouldn't work. Trance Archfiend works perfectly, except the ones which say "If discarded by an opponent's card effect".
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
That's a grey zone. Both gozuki and kidmodo do work by discarding to grave through any means including merchant
Anonymous 20days ago
This Dark World archetype works perfectly for SD level 57: Hand Thief
Anonymous 22days ago
She looks like Elsa from Frozen but got splashed with acidic water all over her.
NMS 22days ago
How broken would Grapha be in this format? Rate it from 0 to infinite
Negão do zap. 22days ago
Execelente carta.
Anonymous 30days ago
no way this card is coming in this game, we need to pair her up with grapha my lads

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hi. this is the deck i am using to farm yugi lv 40. basically if u can get sm lv8 out with an axe...
Mark my words, this deck will be nerfed/banned soon, so enjoy it while while you can. RIP Gladiat...
Does this work on arcana knight joker
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