How to beat/farm Scud [DSOD] Lvl 40

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update 30/09/2019

Yubel Union Farm

Example Deck

Yubel - Terror IncarnateYubelYubelYubelSanganSangan
SanganFire King Avatar YakshaFire King Avatar YakshaFire King Avatar YakshaPlanet PathfinderGravekeeper's Vassal
The CalculatorUnion AttackUnion AttackFire King IslandFire King IslandFire King Island
Double SummonSecret Pass to the Treasures--------

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
My Name is Yubel
Once per turn, shuffle "Yubel - Terror Incarnate" or "Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare" from your hand into deck, and add 1 "Yubel" from your deck to your hand.

Lvl 40 Scud (DSOD) 's deck


Tyrant's TantrumTyrant's Tantrum [UR]B
Soul TigerSoul Tiger [SR]C+
MinarMinar [SR]B-
D.D. TrainerD.D. Trainer[SR]C
Barrel RockBarrel Rock [R]C
TogexTogex [R]C
SpikebotSpikebot [R]C
Gate DeegGate Deeg [N]C
Turtle RaccoonTurtle Raccoon [N]C


Could you supply a reliable method to win against Scud lv40 without taking damage?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You should put into your deck some trap cards that prevent effect damage.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Prime Material Dragon?
<< Anonymous
Interested Customer Reply
Barrel Behind the Door
Konami is an international mafia that finances gangster like Dkayed, Konami should be punished for paying 999 trillion dollars for stealing credit card money from thousands of kids around the world, Konami hires youtuber to advertise her game and forces children to spend money on it through manipulation, if that wasn’t enough the greed of this company is even greater, the packs in the game are shamelessly rigged, they don’t care to hide it...
Chuck a couple of Spell Absorptions in with Yubel couldn't its funny to see scud try to hurt you with his quick damage spells.
🔥 this character and 🔥 this characters unlock requirement. 300 banished is incredibly 🔥ing slow.

Been at it for HOURS now, and still not bloody unlocked, getting 8-11 banishes a round.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And that's why the Inferno Tempest strategy is the best one to unlock Scud.
I think this dude farms himself
This is what happens when they release a movie (that could be easily released as an event) as new world

heavily lacking in characters, they had no choice but add "scum" a trashy nobody

that was simply created to be disposed off erased by aigami to show off aigami powers.

Instead of giving us new character from dm,gx,or 5ds we have to wait until next year and its basically will be the same.

Just give me yugi's grandpa he's a 1000 times more awesome and worth it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
More characters is better regardless of where they come from. More skill variety and more gems are both obviously good. And Skills are really the only unique thing that characters bring, since cards don't have to be attached to a character. (We've had plenty of E-HERO and 'roid stuff in packs, for example.)

Also, in terms of drops, Mokuba's probably the best character we've had in a long while.
who wants to farm these trash cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
People who want an easy character to skill farm but may also get new cards?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yep, he's a nice opponent for skill farming

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can I have golem aruru?
Dragunity works well with this card
LoL, so true. In 3-5 years Levianeer might become the next Hitotsume Giant, going from $50 per co...
That spell card is Photon Booster
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