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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 01/07/2020

Fire King Island

Fire King Island
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeTrigger-like Effect / Condition / Ignition-like Effect
ArchetypesFire King
Supports ArchetypesFire King
SupportsFIRE / Winged-Beast


If this face-up card in the Field Zone is sent to the Graveyard or banished: Destroy all monsters you control. You can only use 1 of the following effects of "Fire King Island" per turn, and only once that turn.
● During your Main Phase: You can destroy 1 monster in your hand or you control, and if you do, add 1 "Fire King" monster from your Deck to your hand.
● If you control no monsters: You can Special Summon 1 FIRE Winged Beast-Type monster from your hand.

How to get / rarity

PackDawn of Destiny [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • This card can add a "Fire King" monster from your deck to your hand.
  • It can special summon 1 monster from your hand.


  • All of your monsters in the field are destroyed when this face-up card from your field is sent to the Graveyard or Banished.
  • You have to destroy a monster from your hand or field in order to add a "Fire King" monster from your deck to your hand.
  • You must have no monsters in the field in order to Special Summon a monster from your hand.
  • Only FIRE Winged Beast-Type monsters can be Special Summoned by its effect.


Fire Kings Synergy

By using Fire King Island's effect, you can destroy Fire King Avatar Kirin on the field to get Fire King Avatar Yaksha from your deck. By doing that, you can use Fire King Avatar Yaksha's effect which is to Special Summon it from your hand. It's basically replacing a weaker monster with a better one.

Utilizing Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

You can destroy Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys from your hand by using Fire King Island's effect. By doing this, Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys will be special summoned on your next Standby Phase and it will destroy all Spell and Traps on the field. You can use cards such as Magic Reflector, Murmur of the Forest or Gravelstorm to prevent Fire King Island's destruction by Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys' effect, so monsters in your field will not get destroyed. You can also use the second effect of Fire King Island, which can be used to Special Summon Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys from your hand if you don't have a monster in the field.


ActionsActivates from your Graveyard / Activates from your Banished Zone / Adds from Deck to hand
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys your Monster Cards / Destroys hand
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your hand


Hot New Top
Guys hear me out. This and inca archetype
Isn't this card the isle where Duel Academy is located?
a Must in Yubel's deck
Can we get around the "only once per turn" aspect if we replace the card with a second copy in the same turn, then use the effect by the second copy ?
<< Anonymous
Badger Reply
I think not. Not 100% sure though.
<< Anonymous
dkayed Reply
You can't use because it says the name of the card instead of "this card".

"You can only use 1 of the following effects of "Fire King Island" per turn"

For example: A Field Spell like Aroma Garden doesn't explicit says the card's name, only says "Once per turn". So you can use its effect two times in one turn if you replace it.

But for Fire King Island, it is not valid. :)

Hope it helped.
<< Anonymous(dkayed)
Anonymous Reply
Oooooooooh thank you thank you
<< Anonymous
zyairie Reply
Replacing fire king island with another copy destroys all monsters you control
LIMIT TO 1 not joking this πŸ”₯ is owerpowered.
I don't understand how this is not SR or even UR. Sacred Phoenix makes this πŸ”₯er the most OP πŸ”₯ ever. Mills, Burners, 3SD, Red and Blue eyes decks, and any other decks I'm missing get πŸ”₯ed by this card with the Sacred Phoenix deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because it isn't and never will be OP & gives the opponent a free turn if set off prematurely?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sphere Kuriboh makes it so you can set it off whenever you want with few repercussions.
Unfortunately this card is bugged. The second effect I cannot summon Fenghuang which should work because it's a fire winged beast monster. Even though I have tried it without any other monsters or any other cards, and Fenghuang was in my hand. Kinda annoying cause it should work. Only other thing would be that it's a spirit monster as well but that shouldn't affect it.
<< Anonymous(Trunks)
Anonymous Reply
spirit monsters cannot be Special Summoned
<< Anonymous
Trunks Reply
Well that blows.
There are time I can't activate its effects. As example when the phoenix got equipped with mask-something, I want to destroy it but can't.
kickfire can trigger card on the hand?
<< Anonymous
lord2022 Reply
good point

I think no but we need to test it out
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, it can't. Monster has to be face up.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This makes for a nice method of using kickfire if your using a fire deck. Destroy your own monsters by your hand or opponent , this is one field you do not want to underestimate .
Destroys monster in your hand is something
when Garunix is released, it's disaster
<< Anonymous
KyouSanada Reply
When Yubel gets released...
<< Anonymous
LINK-Pharaoh Reply
Garunix its OP
This card + wild storm + phoenix = shenanigans!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nvm can only destroy monsters

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