How to beat/farm Bonz Lvl 40 (Gate)

Duel Links decks to farm Bonz Lvl 40, tips, and rewards.
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update 17/02/2018
Bonz pages
Bonz Lvl 40
Bonz Lvl 40

Elements Unite

Example deck

Gravekeeper's VassalUnion AttackUnion AttackShard of GreedShard of GreedDifferent Dimension Capsule
Different Dimension CapsuleDimensionholeDimensionholeDimensionholeGoblin CircusSecret Pass to the Treasures
Legacy of Yata-GarasuLegacy of Yata-GarasuLegacy of Yata-GarasuInterdimensional Matter TransporterInterdimensional Matter TransporterJar of Greed
Jar of GreedJar of Greed----


Hazy Flame

Example deck

Hazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame SphynxGravekeeper's VassalHazy Flame CerbereusHazy Flame Cerbereus
Hazy Flame CerbereusBubonic VerminBubonic VerminBubonic VerminSoul ExchangeUnion Attack
Secret Pass to the TreasuresBeast RisingBeast RisingBeast RisingWindstorm of EtaquaHazy Glory
Hazy GloryHazy Glory----


  • Using Hazy Flame Sphynx, Beast Rising, and Aroma Strategy you can increase Hazy's attack to more than 9,000. Then you can finish the duel using Gravekeeper's Vassal and Union Attack to deal more than 10,000 attack.
  • Summon Sphynx using either Bubonic Vermin, Hazy Glory, or Soul Exchange. You can also stall the duel by normal summoning Hazy Flame Cerbereus to defend against a direct attack.
  • Once you manage to summon Sphynx, activate its effect to send unnecessary cards to the graveyard, and special summon more fire monsters to your field for your Beast Rising.
  • Make sure that you don't activate Sphynx's effect to discard your Vassal, Union Attack, and Secret Pass to the Treasures. But if you did, then try to end the duel with your Sphynx, or use Windstorm to switch his monsters to attack position if he has any face up monsters and attack into it.
  • Do not set 2 spell/trap cards at a time to avoid being locked by his Xing Zhen Hu. But you can use Hazy Glory's effect to clear some space if it happens.

Labyrinth Builder

Example deck

Gravekeeper's VassalThe Fiend MegacyberDark Mimic LV1Dark Mimic LV1Shard of GreedUnion Attack
Union AttackTwisterShield & SwordGravedigger GhoulGravedigger GhoulGravedigger Ghoul
Secret Pass to the TreasuresSpell Shield Type-8Good Goblin HousekeepingGood Goblin HousekeepingGood Goblin HousekeepingRiryoku Field
Riryoku FieldRiryoku Field----

Bonz Lvl 40 Deck

Bonz Lvl 40 Rewards


Hot New Top
When will Bonz be able to be unlocked. I missed the event for that and he's one of my favorite characters.
<< Anonymous
Bruce Reply
I was saying to let sigma know that he's available to unlock. No need to be a smart a**
<< Anonymous(Bruce)
Sigma27 Reply
Also unlocked him already, thanks for the heads up =]
<< Anonymous(Sigma27)
Anonymous Reply
how do you unlock him outside of the event? the way its showing is that i have to do things w/ other characters i don't even have yet ? -.-
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Reach stage 13 in DM world, apparently.
I'm almost lack of keys from Mai to Bonz, swrordswoman to Ghostrick witch. I finally got my 3rd swordswoman and 4th unintentionally. But Ghostrick witch doesn't like me. why is it so hard for me to obtain her?
<< Anonymous(Sid.. )
Lolice Reply
Because you are lolicon and she scare of you xD
<< Anonymous(Sid.. )
Anonymous Reply
i need fcking 3 copies of her
but i only got 1
Random Guy
Do NOT use the Sylvan deck against Bonz! It doesn't work for s**t against him, Tribute to the Doomed and an overpowered King of the Skull Servants wreck your chances of dealing the finishing move with this deck post ban list.
<< Anonymous(Vsdani)
Card Raider Reply
Now that's a beauty, grats man
<< Anonymous(Card Raider)
Anonymous Reply
Beauty would be if the Prismatic shows up on Ghostrick Witch.

This one is more cool than beautiful XD
Why is hazy flame listed here? Doesn't work for 🔥...
<< Anonymous
Kenji Reply
Works for me tho
<< Anonymous
Kenji Reply
Works for me tho
Elements Unite not working?

-May 2018
Bonz skill:

Haunted of the Zombies

Begin duel with 3 Skull Servant from outside of your deck in your GY.
vs dani
4 farming decks for bonz
shiit drops. no UR card and SR card drops with over 9999 dmg. just gots stupids rare card and money.
<< Anonymous(gamebodoh)
Anonymous Reply
got money as drops? then buy you some gems!
Red Eyes farm deck works too and its pretty fast
Like additional ghost trick spell and traps that they need to actually be played

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That spell card is Photon Booster
I think the alt art cyber dragon will come back in a new box with new cyber dragon support. It wi...
Agreed. Not just beautiful but cool and kind-hearted as well.
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