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The Winged Dragon of Ra

The Winged Dragon of RaGolden Ladybug)Golden LadybugGolden LadybugCosmic CompassEmergency Provisions
Double SummonRain of MercyRain of MercyRain of MercySupremacy BerrySupremacy Berry
Supremacy BerryJam Breeding MachineDe-SpellThe Regulation of TribeThe Golden ApplesThe Golden Apples
The Golden ApplesGraceful Tear----


Lab Builder

SkillLabyrinth Builder
Essential cards
The Fiend MegacyberGravekeeper's VassalIron Blacksmith KotetsuIron Blacksmith KotetsuUnion AttackUnion Attack
Gravity Axe - GrarlGravity Axe - GrarlShard of GreedShard of GreedTwisterTwister
Shield & SwordSecret Pass to the TreasuresTyphoonTyphoonDimension GateDimension Gate
Wild TornadoWild Tornado----


Des Counterblow

Magician of Black ChaosGravekeeper's VassalUnion AttackUnion AttackSupremacy BerrySupremacy Berry
Ritual ForegoneSecret Pass to the TreasuresDraining ShieldDraining ShieldWild TornadoWild Tornado
The Golden ApplesThe Golden ApplesDes CounterblowNutrient ZNutrient ZEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin----
  • Using Yami Yugi's exclusive skill "Destiny Draw", you can effectively farm Bakura at lvl 40 using this deck.
  • Set and use your healing traps for when Bakura summons his higher attack monsters, or when you are low.
  • Prioritize on getting Des Counterblow for your first Destiny Draw.
  • Once you get Des Counterblow, set and activate it right away during Bakura's turn. This will make him not attack you with all of his monsters unless their total attack is more than your LP, which can help you pass some turns and draw into more cards.
  • Use Destiny Draw to pick up Wild Tornado if you already have high LP, or have plenty of heal spell/trap cards. It's used to destroy his Burning Land or Ectoplasmer.
  • Because of his Sangan and Doomdog Octhros, he will always have less cards in the deck than you. So make sure that you use Destiny Draw to pickup your important combo cards for the last turn.
  • On the last turn, Use Ritual Foregone to special summon Magician of Black Chaos and normal summon Gravekeeper's Vassal. Use double Union Attack and Secret Pass to the Treasures on Vassal and attack directly to end the duel.

Medusa Control

The Winged Dragon of RaGuardian StatueGuardian StatueGuardian StatueMedusa WormMedusa Worm
Medusa WormGolden LadybugGolden LadybugCrystal SeerCrystal SeerAnti-Magic Arrows
Array of Revealing LightArray of Revealing LightArray of Revealing LightExile of the WickedExile of the WickedExile of the Wicked
Aegis of GaiaAegis of Gaia

Titan Showdown

King of the SwampKing of the SwampKing of the SwampDes KangarooDes KangarooDes Kangaroo
Big KoalaBig KoalaBig KoalaPolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerization
Wild Nature's ReleaseWild Nature's ReleaseWild Nature's ReleaseDefense DrawDefense DrawWall of Disruption
Wall of DisruptionWall of Disruption---Master of Oz
  • A deck made to speed farm Bakura. It works best during the +1000 pts campaign since you won't get 8k duel assessment even if you deal over 10k damage.
  • To get the most points, you'll have to use Titan Showdown by lowering your LP by half of Bakura. This can be risky since he has several burn cards.
  • If you have no cards to stall or to protect yourself, it's better to end the duel early, even if you won't deal 10k damage.
  • It's important to take into consideration how much Bakura's burn cards can deal. If you have 2000 LP, then you are usually safe. But at 1000 LP or lower, he can use Ectoplasmer for Ha Des, or Burning Land with Poison of the Old Man.
  • Defense Draw can be switched to Jar of Greed, and King of the Swamp can be switched to a different fusion substitute monster or 1-2 Fusion Sage. Wall of Disruption can be switched to Mirror Wall.

Lvl 40 Yami Bakura's deck (Gate)

Skill: No skill



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Yami lextor 4days ago
Tenez c'est cadeau juste avoir les bonnes cartes dès le début mais c'est mieux avec nouvel main
<< Anonymous(Yami lextor)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Nouvelle main pardon
Anonymous 19days ago
Mofo started with 3 ectos in his starting hand...ffs
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
*shrug* It happens. I got turn 2 Exodia'd by the Rare Hunter in the Marik event once.
Vsdani 21days ago
Anonymous 21days ago
Why are the drop rates so terrible I’ve farmed him 20 times and only gotten 1 white magical hat
Anonymous 26days ago
Whoever came up with the mystic swordsman deck, lemme just say not all hero’s wear capes, makes farming bakura easy thank you so much
<< Anonymous
SmartASS 26days ago Reply
You are welcome :)

It also proves I make my own deck since some hater says I'm a meta slave in Abyss Encounter page.

Good luck farming man
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
It's in the comment section dude
i have a question....
i sell my gravek. vasal (i idiot).
where i can find another card that makes effect-dmg?
<< Anonymous(KnuckleHead)
Anonymous Reply
At this point, I would seriously create a new account.
<< Anonymous(KnuckleHead)
Anonymous Reply
Only get one vassal
<< Anonymous(KnuckleHead)
Anonymous Reply
Create a new account or u need to use piranha decks with ririoku. Gift of the martyr and secret pass. Using black meteor dragon
<< Anonymous(KnuckleHead)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
you had a chance to get another vassal from the duel challenge rewards... hopefully you got it?
Anonymous 29days ago
is there an easier way to get the bakura cards? farming takes a long time
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
it's just I don't get have 3 copies of every single card from him
Has anyone noticed that malice doll of demise has been added in the card catalog? It's an sr
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
It's an arkana's level up reward
Meh I’ve had enough decent luck farming Bakura with Hazy. I just added backrow removal and manage the board
I've made on version of Lab Builder a bit less expensive than that, without Gravity ax and Megacyber. It manages to 7k, if you have one prismatic card. If you have a 3° typhoon and a 3° Wild tornado, put them in the place of Twister.
<< Anonymous
akubane Reply
for people without d-gate or gravity axe, royal command is a good sub.
BJ Black Pendant
Here's how I beat Yami Bakura's Level 30 Spirits Reborn Deck using my Heeby GBs deck -->

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