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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 18/09/2016

Defense Draw

Defense Draw
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


During your opponent's turn, at damage calculation: Make the battle damage you take from this battle 0, and if you do, draw 1 card.

How to Get

PackResonance of Contrast [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • When you would receive Battle Damage, you can nullify the damage and draw 1 card.


  • You can only activate this card if you would be receiving Battle Damage.

Tips, Related Cards, Rulings

Protection Combo

You can turn on Self Chain, and activate Enchanted Javelin after you activated Defense Draw, the sequence is very important because you want Enchanted Javelin to resolve first in order to gain LP. You cannot use Draining Shield because it will stop the attacking monster from attacking.


You can also include Impenetrable Attack as an alternative if your deck is themed around negating Battle Damage, as a form of protection.





ActionsYou draw cards
LPPrevents battle damage

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Hot New Top
Screw this card, when are we getting Draw Muscle?
<< Anonymous
Yoong Kwong 31days ago Reply
draw muscle is a good card but what happen if you have no monster.
can i get this with super rare ticket ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

lost duel when opponent used trap jammer, but i had 2 set draw defense cards for multiple turns. should have survived and drawn 2 cards on next turn!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
1. You can't chain this to counter trap cards

2. Turn self chain on. Then you can use second one after first one is negated and resolved by counter trap.
sad when spells and traps are more powerful than the actual archetypes. some arhetypes cant even function without staple spells and traps. not even there own spells and traps are equal or better than staples lmfao what a lame archetype we have
<< Anonymous(A)
Anonymous Reply
Why are you posting this here? Defense Draw's far from one of the strongest Spells/Traps in the game. (It's not weak, but it's certainly not better than your typical good archetype support that we already have.)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Defense draw is literally Enchanted Javelin and Jar of Greed in one. It's a great freaking trap card. Wish they actually gave smth like this as an event award, people would maybe use it unlike others.
Good for an Odion Chain reaction deck
And again... Konami give buff for burn and stall deck
<< Anonymous(blyat)
Anonymous Reply
Sad but true
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Legend is half burn now and will always be
This is good 4 when u want damage redcued to 0, it all ows u to draw 1 card. This effect is similar 2 the trap, Jar of Greed. JAR of greed [trap card, normal trap card] allows u to draw 1 card from the top of your deck [not the bottom]. Send this card to the Graveyard after activation. [After].
<< Anonymous
Tardis Reply
.... WHAT A TARD!!!!
<< Anonymous(Tardis)
Anonymous Reply
Ha you don't know either! the card doesn't explain what it does very welll
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
From your opponents extra deck
<< Anonymous
Just a Guy Reply
Hopefully the same place where Pegasus gets his cards from the 'Creator' skill.
This card is pretty good, basicly a winged kuribo without card disadvantage.
<< Anonymous(Ghoul)
Anonymous Reply
Nope. Winged kuriboh save you 1 turn regardless of any number of monster your oppenent have. Defense Draw only save you from 1 attack. You are still vulnerable and open to attack when you only have this card in backrow.
how is this rated B- this is the best card in this box
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It isnt. Take 1 hit and draw a card or use draining and in theory eat 2 attacks instead

It may work in exodia or card heavy decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
no this works in burn, mill even hazy if your bricking you, tech this in and make something out of nothing this works in gb if they have ama destroy a gb monster and gb has no monster on field they use this take 0 damage and draw a card this is a
Burn decks needed support, apparentely. Konami remains dumb.
B-? Really
go home gamea, you're drunk
Exodia paired with this and dark world

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If they call him Vizor, that'd be utterly disgraceful
Only good thing about this event is the hefty gem rewards. Rest is terrible, nothing but low i...
give us harpie channeler, so we can use this lovely card
Nearly agree with you. Still hard to be put into practice I believe. But when it does work, it w...
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