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update 09/04/2017

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Ishizu unlock missions

Ishizu Ishtar becomes available character by completing unlock missions. She appears in the Gate after you finish a trigger event, then you can have a duel against him and challenge missions to unlock her.

If there is inaccuracy, kindly let us know correct information by submitting comments or screenshots to a thread at the bottom of the page.

Trigger event

Summon LIGHT-Attribute monster(s) 200 time(s) in total

  • It does not count Set, Flip Summon, and Special Summon (unconfirmed).
  • Summoning a Light-Attribute monster in PVP Duels including, Ranked Duels, Casual Duels, and Friend Duels, is counted (unconfirmed).

Ishizu unlock missions

Win a Duel against Ishizu Ishtar with at least 6000 LP remaining.8000 Gold
Win a Duel against Ishizu Ishtar at Level 30 in Duel World.8000 Gold
Complete all Character Unlock Missions.Stone of Spell x3


Let's use Light monsters from the beginning

Here is a list of Light-attribute monsters that are easy to get and available from the early stage of the game. Build a deck that contains those monsters and summon them as much as you can even in the initial phase. See also the following 2 tricks:

  • Do not set, flip summon, or special summon them. It is said that only normal summon is applicable although that is unconfirmed.
  • If your Monster Zone is full with LIGHT monsters, conduct tribute summon. Or switch their battle position to defense, then standard duelists will attack your monster that have low DEF, and you can summon the next one.

How to increase Life Points

Set LP Boost skills to your deck and use cards that regenerate your Life Points to complete one of Ishizu unlock missions, win a Duel against Ishizu with at least 6000 LP remaining. Joey, Tea, and Mai can acquire LP Boost skills by leveling up, and other also can acquire them as drop (duel reward) skill.

[Skill] descriptionUser
[LP Boost α]
Increases starting Life Points by 1000.
[LP Boost β]
Increases starting Life Points by 1500, reduces hand by 1 card.
[LP Boost γ]
Increases starting Life Points by 2500, reduces hand by 2 cards.


xt0b1x 21days ago
Ive been using a light only deck for about 2 months and her mission still hasnt came up
anoymous 24days ago
Just a suggestion, you might want to tribute spam Excelon. Not only will it count as 3 light summon, you also get 2 effect activation
ByteMe 28days ago
I unlocked ishizu's unlock missions after I beat my little brother in a friend match.
anoymous 1/1/1970
how to unlock her , i've summoned over 400 light monsters , but she's nothing appears
anoymous 1/1/1970
Just unlocked her recently. maybe you think you have summoned that much, but really isnt. You have enough light monsters in deck? I use Yugi with power of dark and Rogue Dolls (Pegasus), Element Magicians, and The Stern Mystic - these monsters are spellcasters and are from light element, didnt take me long to unlock her by using them.
Nate dog 1/1/1970
Wambus who u talk to
xt0b1x 21days ago
Ive been using a light only deck for about 2 months and her mission still hasnt came up
Ergo Proxy 1/1/1970
i already play all-light monster deck for 4 days until now and i play againts lvl 10 legendary duelist , and there is still no isuzu appear . can someone tell me why this happen and what i must do now ? i'm currently at stage 38 and cant proceed to next stage because of this quest
anoymous 1/1/1970
I've been farming with Cerberus so much you think I would have unlocked her mission by now, but I've made a deck with light monster to try and unlock her but I can't even find where I can see if I'm close to 200 or not
Dreamz 1/1/1970
I use Yami Yugi with a couple of light monsters and I manage to unlock her. I have Rogue Dolls (Pegasus), Element Magicians, and The Stern Mystic - these monsters are spellcasters and are from light element, didnt take me long to unlock her by playing this style
Nate dog 1/1/1970
I use a light deck it didn't work so how u trigger ishizu
Noble 1/1/1970
Anyone triggered ishizu in the past 2 days?
Wambus 1/1/1970
Nope. I've been spamming a 20 LIGHT monster deck with tribute summons against LV 10 Gate duel legends for the last 3 days to no avail. Really hoping they fix it soon. :(
Wambus 1/1/1970
Update: she just unlocked for me after I sent a message to the powers that be, so I don't know if they did it for me manually or if something changed. Best of luck!
Nate dog 1/1/1970
I haven't triggered her in the past 2days either
Ergo Proxy 1/1/1970
wambus , can u explain to me what do you mean by " i sent a message to the powers " do you mean u send a message to Konami Support / CS ?
Astar 21days ago
I unlocked her today in pvp ranked match. I was trying to unlock another chatacter at the time
Noble 1/1/1970
Started new at 12am and summoned over 400 light atribute monsters until 3am then realized ishizu should have triggered but she didn'the. So now I'm posting the deck i used so someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.
anoymous 1/1/1970
I have the samen problem
Noble 1/1/1970
Hopefully it will trigger when they fix this issue.It sucks that it won't trigger. Let's just hope I didn't waste my time.
Astar 21days ago
I unlocked her today while i was im ranked pvp i was'nt even trying to get her. But shes awsome and shes my main chracter now :)
Makerlein 1/1/1970
... and heres a link to the same picture in raw format..
anoymous 1/1/1970
The image is too small i cant see it
anoymous 1/1/1970
dont mind it its just my connection
Makerlein 1/1/1970
Unlocked her in 1 Day. Started a new game and summoned 1 Light Monster vs npc (gues it was "Element Magican") 200 Times. I made some screenshots (Ger) for you since i got pretty frustrated to unlock her in my frist try, too:
Nate dog 1/1/1970
What monsters u use what npc

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