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Deck to achieve 8-9k against Pegasus!
update 19/01/2017

Mythical Beast Cerberus

Mythical Beast Cerberus
Monster TypeSpellcaster
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


Each time a Spell Card is activated, place 1 Spell Counter on this card when that Spell Card resolves. This card gains 500 ATK for each Spell Counter on it. If damage calculation is conducted involving this card, remove all Spell Counters from it at the end of the Battle Phase.

How to Get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderTradable [SR]
[Required trader items]
  • 40,000 Gold
  • SR Jewel x4
  • Stone of Light x15


Rating9.0 / 10

The effect increasing ATK of itself work well since high ATK is the most important to win a duel in our current card pool. It is also one of the most used farming card too.


  • Easy to obtain.
  • Good for farming SD/LD with high score.
  • Attack can be increased to a high amount easily.


  • Below average base attack.
  • Attack increase are lost after it attacks or get attacked
  • Weak against card that change the position of cards.


See a video below to see how to increase the ATK of Cerberus to over 10,000!


Stat changesThis card gains ATK

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anoymous 14days ago
i can see a lot of cards in ultimite rising. are there any alternatives at current packs??
dewrules235 1/1/1970
How often is Cerberus in the Card Trader? I finally have enough gold for 1
anoymous 6days ago
fuck me. after I got one, never seen it again
Alaa Joseph 11days ago
Until the 2nd of May.
Juice 1/1/1970
Got mines to 25400 attack lol
Rev 1/1/1970
Should I get more than one of these for a Cerberus farming deck?
anoymous 1/1/1970
One cerberus is inconsistent imo. Sometimes the attack just don't reach 10k. I use two cerbs and a riryoku. Always gets me to more than 10k. 3 however is kinda unnecessary. You don't want to have 3 cerbs and 1 spell that you need to use only in the final turn in your starting hand...
anoymous 1/1/1970
anoymous 1/1/1970
if i have a spell that can get activated multiple times (i.e. card trader) will cerberus get bonus damage every time it gets activated or only when it is first set?
anoymous 13days ago
Only once
Ainz-sama 30days ago
every time
anoymous 1/1/1970
How can I stack the spell counters damage increase effect without it dropping to 0?
anoymous 1/1/1970
don't attack and don't be attacked
Shin_no_Senshi 1/1/1970
Other question... Is the skill "Balance" useful if you have 3 cerberus in your deck? Will you get one in your first hand everytime? =)
anoymous 1/1/1970
"Balance" works with percentages. Each card in your opening hand represents 25% of your deck. In a 20 card deck, that equals 5 cards. So you want 15 spell cards, 3 Cerberus cards, and 2 creatures/traps that help you stall or get Cerberus in your hand faster. With that setup, there's a 60% chance that Cerberus will be in your opening hand. For the other 40%, you'll get one of the 2 extra cards.
Shin_no_Senshi 1/1/1970
I think my cerberus deck is quite complete I score between 7k to 8k. But there is only one cerberus in it, do you think 3 is the best way to maximise the chances of getting it without dying 1 of 4 times? Same question, is it better with 2 riryoku? =/
anoymous 16days ago
Get 2 cerberus and 2 riryoku, it becomes really, really consistent.
lum0k 1/1/1970
is there other skills we can use to get cerberus only Weevil lv 13 and yugi lv 20?
anoymous 1/1/1970
You can also use Draw sense Light but you can only get it as a random drop, if you have 3 ceberus and 2 spirit yu you can use balance from Mako lv 20
Sirius 1/1/1970
It might be not too important, but Wonder Wand is better than Book of Secret Arts. It's only 200 Atk, but can make all the difference sometimes.
Shin_no_Senshi 1/1/1970
... oh and I forgot Sword of the Deep Seated works too ;-)
Shin_no_Senshi 1/1/1970
Agreed, sometimes it's just a few points you lack to make 10.000 damages ^^ You can use several cards different than Wonder Wand : Black Pendant +500 Grarl +500 Stim-Pack +700 (use it as the last one) Take a pick! =)
anoymous 1/1/1970
Hey card trader #freemyniggacerberus
anoymous 6days ago
ryan 1/1/1970
sir i cant get cereberus when i let my opponent damage me 1800 atleast. i cant understand how.
is it skills?
Crisalid-X 1/1/1970
PS: lol "cereberus"
Crisalid-X 1/1/1970
Yup, need to equip the skill
anoymous 1/1/1970
You may not have equipped the skill then LOL
anoymous 1/1/1970
Consult your mom.

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