How to beat/farm Tea Gardner Lvl 40

This page notes level 40 Tea's deck, characteristics, and tips for defeating her.
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update 18/02/2017
Tea Gardner pages

Character overview

How to farm Lvl 40
Decks to farm Tea Lvl 40

Cerberus (4,000 - 5,000)

Use the standard Cerberus high score deck but it's important to bring 1 or 2 twisters so that you can remove Solemn Wishes. Shard of Greed is also quite important since Tea uses Skelengels and Cards from the Sky.

Be careful when using Stop Defense, if it's a skelengel then it will result in a lose when Tea already has 0 cards left.

Level 40 Tea's Deck



Fairy monsters + Dark Magician Girl

Monsters Tea uses are Fairy-type with except of Dark Magician Girl, and she use Fairy support spells to get an advantage.

Annoying cards

CardEffect Summary
Dunames Dark Witch
Dunames Dark Witch
  • 1800 ATK is very high among low level monsters..
  • The ATK of this monster increases to 2100 when Silver Bow and Arrow is equipped.
Cards from the Sky
Cards from the Sky
  • Allows Tea add two cards to the hand.
Solemn Wishes
Solemn Wishes
  • Regenerates Tea's life points significantly.

How to defeat Tea's deck


Decrease the ATK of Tea's monsters

Tea does not use Twister or other spell removal, so Wonder Balloons can decrease the ATK of monsters she controls continuously. That helps your monster to beat Dunames Dark Witch, the 1800 ATK low-level monster.

Counter LP regeneration by "Simochi"

Bad Reaction to Simoch will work outstandingly to defeat Tea by reversing the effect of Solemn Wishes: she will receive 500 effect damage in the each draw phase.

Best cards to counter Tea's deck

CardEvaluation/How to Get
Bad Reaction to Simochi
Bad Reaction to Simochi
Switches the effect of Solemn Wishes into the effect inflicting effect damage to her life points.
The Hunter with 7 Weapons
The Hunter with 7 Weapons
Boosts its ATK to 2000 when battle against Fairy-type monsters.
Used to destroy Silver Bow and Arrow or Solemn Wishes.
Wonder Balloons
Wonder Balloons
Works very well since Tea doesn't use spell removal.


anoymous 1days ago
I know I am being irrational here but Tea's voice somehow irks me. I can't help but to mute the voice when I level her up.
MarcusRC 8hour ago
What really creeps me out are her eyes.. it's like she's going to tear your heart out while you're sleeping. And talking about eyes: What the fuck's wrong with Vagabond's eyes? His hat is not covering his eyes, HE HAS NO EYES at all. Just look at where the shadow of his hat starts. It's exactly where the eyes of the other chars start! It creeps me out
anoymous 18days ago
Use the Cerberus Deck, unmodified (Cerb, 3 javs, 3 equips, 1 stop defense, and any 12 other spells). Do not worry about Solemn Wishes. Just make sure she reaches zero cards before you do. When she has zero cards, do your "last turn" moves, do over 10k damage, and End Turn. When she tries to draw, you win.

(for the 12 other spells, I suggest Yami, Murmur, an extra stop defense, and all glossy/prismatic spells you have that make sense in the deck. for the 3 Equips use Sword of deep-seated, Elf's Light, Book of Secret Arts. There is a better equip from Card Trader but expensive and only a little higher than the book.)
Drisurk 19days ago
She gives some great replacement cards if you don't you have curry or blue medicine
Problems 26days ago
I battle Tea with Cerberus deck but she keeps activating solemn wishes. By the time I draw my twister she might've already gotten 2 or more solemn wishes on her field or has over 10000 lifepoints and attacking her with by buffed cerberus wont destroy her. What can I do?
anoymous 16days ago
She will run out of card faster than you because of Cards from the Sky and Skelengel. What's important is you deal more than 9999 damage for those assessment points, and you will win by deck out.
Joe 29days ago
Little modification, sadly i got 1 shard greed only
Zenmaister 11hour ago
Fusion and ritual count as special
PK 23hour ago
@ FallenZeus a.k.a. Joe - what was the special summon for? I only see tribute, fusion and ritual summons in your deck?
FallenZeus 29days ago
And i was using this deck
FallenZeus a.k.a Joe 29days ago
Here is the assesment
Judith 1/1/1970
there's an alternative way to beat Tea..
Spirit Ryu x3
Heart of the Underdog
other normal dragon-type (I suggest 4*/lower)
Spell/Trap Specialist skill
Stef 1/1/1970
Im always getting 6000+ from her by doing 9999+ dmg and letting her mill herself. My deck uses:
+2 shards
—1 riryoku (just have one)
+1 murmur
-2 abyssal (this thing mills her. Remove it for good!)
-1 curry
-1 umi
+1 yami
-2 book
+1 stop defense
+1 grarl axe
+1 sword of deep seated
-1 twister
Sometimes i get to kill her if i get all shards before last 4 cards.
Shinji 30days ago
Inti 1/1/1970
It is a bit hard to farm since Tea always mills herself first with Card From The Sky. Is Supermacy Berry really needed for the Cat Tribe Kaiba farm deck?
HLP 1/1/1970
Should not use Stop Defense at the last card of Tea if there are all face-down Defending position. If you pick a card like "Skyangle" and then Tea will lose due to out of deck T.T
anoymous 1/1/1970
I did it with Piercing moray for her its very easy to keep her lp down

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