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update 22/06/2018


Description (Since 2018 Jun 26)

Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand. Your first Draw will be skipped if you use this Skill.


How to get

  • Keith reaches Lvl 20.
  • Legendary duelists drop sometimes when you have duels against them playing such as Kaiba, Mai and Paradox Brothers.

Rating and Explanation

It is rarely used in ranked games. Even if some decks in Duel Links require having a good starting hand to set it's tempo, "Switcheroo" has the upper-hand which gives you an option to retain cards and reshuffle an unwanted card for a specific scenario. In general, using this skill is unreliable, but might work just fine.


Updated History

Description (Until 2018 Jun 25)

Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand.

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Anonymous 15days ago
This was the only skill I didn't like it at all lol, I guess I'm one of the few who are really pleased about it being dead. (at least in competitive decks, because it's still viable in farming).
Anonymous 16days ago
So salty that they nerfed this the way they did. Now there is pretty much no incentive to use this. Legit guarantees you a loss if you don't get an amazing hand. Konami don't understand how nerfing works, you aren't supposed to make these things shit, you are supposed to balance them you hacks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
I think skip your first draw phase is too much cost for this skill , maybe they should made it lowers the user life points instead?
Dr. Vellian Crowler has the Restart skill too. Got it doing ranked...
Can Mokuba learn restart? Which legendary duelist drops restart?
Can Mako learn Restart?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Don't think he can. But balance, yeah
This skill is bugged. Whenever I restart, the game skips my following card drawing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's not bugged. The skill has been nerfed.
Duel Bricks. How does Konami expect anyone to have a decent hand? Especially with the 4 card hand format, it’s whoever is able to top decks their winning cards wins the duel. Now going first is even more of a death sentence.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
4-card opening hand in a 20-card deck format should give you BETTER odds of a specific card than 5-card opening hand in 40.
now we lose our first draw if we restart. Pretty much ruins the skill
Atleast doesn't reveal your hand :T
Now you can't even see which cards your opponent has when re-shuffling hand.
-_- is that supposed to make it... "less powerful" ? -_-
<< Anonymous
Aquablast Reply
What are you talking about? They ARE supposed to reveal their hand if they use Restart. And now they will even have to skip their first draw phase if they choose to use Restart.

But I haven't encountered any Restart user yet. Maybe there is a bug. I'd have to see it for myself.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
YEs they wont reveal the cards anymore i was shocked
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Less powerful because it costs them a draw in their next turn.

Having to still show their cards on top would be overkill
Yugi Muto learns Restart at level 20.

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This deck is cancer Its boring to see the same exact play over and over again... never varying
It doesn't say it here but it is from stardust accelerator box.
Oh I'll give her the "D" alright
Decider is pretty good vs AGears and great boss monsters and you can stall with this monster too ...
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