Akiza possesses unusual psychic powers that materialize her cards causing them to harm the people she duels she is also one of the Legendary Signers bearing the Foot Mark of the Dragon. Her deck is composed of Plant monsters with the purpose of summoning her ace monster Black Rose Dragon.

How to Unlock

Once you reach Stage 6 in 5D's World, Akiza Izinski unlock missions appear. Complete all the missions to unlock Akiza Izinski as a playable character!

Akiza's Skills

Leaked Skills

[Skill] descriptionHow to get
Path of Thorns
Begin the Duel with 1 "Evil Thorn" in your starting hand. If you have "Evil Thorn" in your deck, they are placed at the bottom of your deck.
Black Rose Gale
Can be used when you control "Black Rose Dragon".Destroy all cards on the field. This skill can be used once per Duel.
A Bond Entrusted
At the beginning of the Duel, add 2 "Stardust Dragon" to your Extra deck. When your LP is 1000 or below, set 1 "Wicked Rebirth" only once.

Exclusive Skills

[Skill] descriptionHow to get
Mark of the Dragon - Foot
At the beginning of the Duel, add 2 "Copy Plant" to your deck, and 1 "Black Rose Dragon" to your Extra deck.
Lvl 1
Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck. This Skill will not activate unless you have at least 6 of each type of card (Monster, Spell, and Trap) in your Deck.
Lvl 13
Level Augmentation
Reveal 1 monster in your hand, then target 1 face-up monster on your side of the field; that target's level increases by the Level of the revealed monster. This skill can be used once per Duel.
Lvl 20
What Grows in the Graveyard
Begin the Duel with 1 "Dark Verger" in your Graveyard.

Common Skills

Level-up Rewards

1Skill: Mark of the Dragon - Foot
2Gem x10
3Rose FairyRose Fairy
4Gems x10
5Deck Slot (Akiza Izinski)
6Gem x15
7Mystic Macrocarpa SeedMystic Macrocarpa Seed
8Deck Slot (Akiza Izinski)
9Gem x25
10Rose FairyRose Fairy
11Overdoom LineOverdoom Line
12Gem x35
13Skill: Balance
14Mystic Macrocarpa SeedMystic Macrocarpa Seed
15Gem x50
16Overdoom LineOverdoom Line
17Gem x60
18Rose FairyRose Fairy
19Gem x75
20Skill: Level Augmentation
21Mystic Macrocarpa SeedMystic Macrocarpa Seed
22Gem x100
23Thorn of MaliceThorn of Malice
24Gem x120
25Overdoom LineOverdoom Line
26Gem x150
27Deck Slot (Akiza Izinski)
28Gem x200
29Gem x250
30Botanical LionBotanical Lion
31Gold x100,000
30Gems x200
33Violet WitchViolet Witch
34Gems x250
35Botanical LionBotanical Lion
36UR Jewel x1
37Gems x200
38Violet WitchViolet Witch
39Gems x250
40Botanical LionBotanical Lion

Duel Rewards

Starter deck

Akiza Izinski's Stater Deck / Skill: Mark of the Dragon - Foot

Queen of Autumn LeavesArlownayArlownayArlownayDarkworld ThornsDarkworld Thorns
Darkworld ThornsMan-Eating PlantMan-Eating PlantMan-Eating PlantMan EaterMan Eater
Man EaterAbyss FlowerAbyss FlowerAbyss FlowerDark PlantDark Plant
Dark PlantWater Spirit----


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BRD became relevant very fast.
So... she's the most visited page of 5D's characters or not?
<< Anonymous
ValleCula Reply
It's probably because of What Grows in the Graveyard
<< Anonymous(ValleCula)
Anonymous Reply
Pretty much her only useful Skill XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There's still level duplication and balance.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How i get stage 6?
i need to beat a guy with stardust dragon... i mean they cannot expect me to farm stardust dragon from the pack?
<< Anonymous(Molotz)
Molotz Reply
Oh 🔥... i dient saw that you also get a stardust dragon haha
<< Anonymous(Molotz)
Anonymous Reply
b nice with others, pal, it can't be thaaaaaaaaaaat difficult n.n
<< Anonymous(Molotz)
Bobs Lover Reply
Just 🔥 in your moms pantie.s over akiza bobs!
<< Anonymous(Bobs Lover)
Anonymous Reply
The guy above is the perfect example of GameA's audience.

They are not players, just dumb people
Bobs Lover
I 🔥 every day over akiza bobs, in 30 seconds i chazz everywhere!
aki izayoi
The first time she appeared, it looked like she is one of the evil ones. As if her role was written to be evil and just rewritten as one main character missing for the good side.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
5ds was a mess, but it was an enjoyable mess
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Marta, the owner of the orphanage, is actually going to be a dark signer. She actually has a secret affair with Yusei's dad. But it turned out elderly characters have less appeal to viewers that's why they change the script and killed her early on the episode where Yusei and Kalin fought, when she was meant to be revived.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think the manga has a better description of her as a character in duel links IYKWIM
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I rarely see YGO characters being upset about being characters in the virtual illusion. Kinda weird.
Habib Rizik
I was completing the mission to unlock her, then suddenly the app popped an error screen and the game rebooted. After that the unlock mission gone. Wtf is this? Anyone experiencing this?
<< Anonymous(Habib Rizik)
Anonymous Reply
Back up your data and delete the app. Re-download and load up the back up data. Any time there's a weird bug, I do that to fix it. It happened to me during the Yubel event. 🔥's cards were all glitched. She was summoning the level 6 Revival Rose with no tributes. Her card descriptions were blank. She played Veil of Darkness in face-down defense mode at one point. The re-download fixed that.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Very sure Revival Rose is level 4, so the glitch is not that she summoned it without tribute, but your game displaying it as a level 6.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pretty sure they meant Regenerating Rose, which is level 7.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Aki doesn't use Regenerating Rose, though. That's Yubel's card.
I just said I thought she'd be the most visited page of 5Ds, and then 25+ comments and then all got erased...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
even my earlier one-liner comment to this post "that's gamea mod for you XD" got deleted! lol

I expect this comment to be deleted as well. I love you mods. :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They did it because 2-3 imbeciles were spamming porn ^^
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, not just they do it because of porn.
I noticed they delete post of people who maliciously try to bury another posts who do only share decks. This comment section is filled with very malicious people, I can tell. I hope they disable it someday in a not too distant future.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But they keep erasing regular comments that aren't porn, nor 🔥s or whatever. I really want to know why.
nani ?!
did they reduce aki s oppai size or am i wrong i need a japanese version dammit
<< Anonymous(Oppai Lover)
Playmaker Reply
Maybe I am late, just delete your duel link, after that use Japan VPN download duel link again
<< Anonymous(Playmaker)
Blue Reply
If you do that you'll also get Japanse text, so unless you can read that I wouldn't recommend.
A guy on YouTube continuesly updates a "mod" for pc that makes the vocals and visuals be like the Japanese version, but keeps text in English.
<< Anonymous(Blue)
Anonymous Reply
Why all that trouble. ..
<< Anonymous(Blue)
Anonymous Reply
Lol, yeah you can do it with a vpn. have fun lol
Farm Akiza Lv 40
I've got this what grows in the graveyard as a drop in the end of the duel.
<< Anonymous(Kai)
Vector Reply
Thats a skill from akiza
victory against lvl 20 akiza O.o

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Same here, only had 1 round left to go...
^that's Konami's hate on skills.
belongs to heishin
Just put this abomination of a deck into rest already. We have had enough of them in the meta.
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