5D's Character Unlock Missions

This page notes list of 5D's character unlock missions with rewards in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, how to unlock characters.
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update 04/10/2018

Updated Information

  • Leo Trigger Event and Unlock Missions added

Yugioh 5D's Characters

NameUnlock trigger
Yusei Fudo
Yusei Fudo
Once you reach Stage 10 or above in Yu-Gi-Oh! (DM) World, Yusei Unlock Missions appear.
Crow Hogan
Crow Hogan
Unlock Missions appear by defeating Sector Security with 5,000 or higher Duel Assessment in Yu-Gi-Oh! (5D's) World
Akiza Izinski
Akiza Izinski
Once you reach Stage 6 in Yu-Gi-Oh! (5D's) World, Akiza Unlock Missions appear.
Once you reach Stage 11 in Yu-Gi-Oh! (5D's) World, Leo Unlock Missions appear.
Unlock Missions appear by winning 100 Duels using Leo.

How to Unlock Yusei Fudo

Trigger Event

Reach stage 10 in Yu-Gi-Oh! (DM) World.

Yusei Fudo's Unlock Missions

Summon WIND-Type Monster(s) 10 time(s) in total.Gem x10
Complete all Character Unlock Missions.Junkuriboh

How to Unlock Crow Hogan

Trigger Event

Defeating Sector Security with 5,000 or higher Duel Assessment in Yugioh! (5D's) World.

Trigger Event Decklist

Yubel - Terror IncarnateYubelYubelYubelSanganSangan
SanganFire King Avatar YakshaFire King Avatar YakshaPlanet PathfinderPlanet PathfinderGravekeeper's Vassal
The CalculatorUnion AttackUnion AttackFire King IslandFire King IslandFire King Island
Double SummonSecret Pass to the Treasures--------

Crow Hogan's Unlock Missions

Complete all Character Unlock MissionsBlack Key x50
Defeat Lvl 30 Crow Hogan at the Gate 3 times using Yusei Fudo.Gold x8,000
Win 3 Duels only using Winged Beast- Type monsters in (5D's) world.Gold x8000
Inflict 30,000 Effect Damage (accumulated, not in one Duel) in (5D's) Duel WorldR Jewel x30

How to Unlock Akiza Izinski

Trigger Event

Reach Stage 6 in (5D's) World.

Akiza Izinski's Unlock Missions

Complete all Character Unlock MissionsRed Key x50
Defeat Lvl 20 Akiza Izinski in Duel World using Yusei Fudo.R Jewel x30
Summon Plant- Type Monster(s) 5 time(s) in total.Gold x8000
Successfully perform 3 Synchro Summon(s).Gold x8000

How to Unlock Leo

Trigger Event

Reach Stage 11 in (5D's) World.

Leo's Unlock Missions

Complete all Character Unlock MissionsGreen Key x50
Achieve 1 Quick Victory(ies) in Duels against Leo at Lvl 20 using Yusei Fudo.R Jewel x30
Use Equip Spell Cards 3 time(s) in one Duel World (5D's).Gold x8000
Collect 5 Machine - Type CardsGold x8000

How to Unlock Luna

Trigger Event

Win 100 Duels using Leo

Luna's Unlock Missions

Complete all Character Unlock MissionsGreen Key x50
Defeat Lvl 30 Luna at the Gate 3 times using Leo.Gold x8,000
Use Level 3 or lower Monster Cards 3 time(s) in one duel using LeoGold x8000
Successfully perform 1 Synchro Summon(s) in one Duels against LunaR Jewel x30


Hot New Top
Dartz 13days ago
I’m having a problem unlocking Luna, I summoned more than 3 level 3 monsters in one duel using Leo and it’s still not clearing it
<< Anonymous(Dartz)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Oh good. I thought it was just me.
<< Anonymous(Dartz)
Nameless Duelist 6days ago Reply
I also got this problem when I duel with Duelist in the gates.

Try duel with normal NPC, and the quest can be clear.
Anonymous 6days ago
Luna is awesome, but difficult to unlock
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Yeah ancient elf and spirit of breeze so awesome that, I don't know what to do with them. And I've spent 6k green keys just to farm her cards.
Anonymous 17days ago
Crows missions are easy, just put lv mutiplyer 3 and u got it

<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Multiplier doesn't multiply duel assessment, it only multiply the reward.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Not to mention that having to get that assessment against an NPC that isn’t even guaranteed to appear upon using duel orbs is needlessly frustrating. Luna’s unlock mission was annoying yes, but at least I didn’t have to do anything against a specific NPC. And Luna’s character missions are the easiest in the 5Ds world. Crow? He’s a pain to unlock his character missions and complete them.
Dragon 16days ago
Player and wined 100 duel witch leo Luna missions not appiered
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Win 100 duels using Leo. Farm LD at the gate with Leo also counted.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
the thing is, the sleeve is given for playing 100 duels, not winning 100 duels.

Two different things, as losing also counts as playing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Umm.. same happened to me .. i got a playmat too.. idk if thats 100 duels or 100 wins
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Umm.. same happened to me .. i got a playmat too.. idk if thats 100 duels or 100 wins
Kryz 8days ago
I can't unlock Luna, I've won 100 duels using Leo, and it didn't trigger the event
<< Anonymous(Kryz)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Try winning some more duels, maybe you miscounted. I took a note and still miscounted, apparently I forgot to update my note at one point, resulting in Luna appearing faster than I thought it would be.

Also, remember that the 3x multiplier does not multiply wins, it only multiply rewards.
Indojava 14days ago
What's deck to beat sector security up to 5000 score?
<< Anonymous(Indojava)
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
I used an ojama grind deck. you can't synchro summon anything if you only have one monster zone.
<< Anonymous
Indojava 14days ago Reply
What's the list of your deck?
<< Anonymous(Indojava)
Isyokan 13days ago Reply
I used an Aromage-Ra Deck
Put a H-Heated Heart in for piercing and made sure to be able to block traps for Ra attack
<< Anonymous(Isyokan)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Heated Heart for Ra is actually an interesting idea, that way I don't have to bait the opponent into summoning a monster in attack position when farming.
Anonymous 14days ago
Crow is super easy to unlock. If you don’t have access to yubel or Ra you can simply make a beater deck with spikeshield. Tribute set a summoned skull or something else with a decent attack and defense then let them attack and activate all 3 spike shields and boom easy over 9999 damage plus the rest
Anonymous 16days ago
I beat sector security with my paladin deck with a DA of 7500 rewards at 1 , why didn't his mission unlocked
<< Anonymous
Banana 14days ago Reply
What is list of your deck,?
Anonymous 16days ago
unlocking crow is easy !
Shadow 17days ago
Why do they suggest yubel for a high score? I just won with yubel-the ultimate nightmare on the field and I only got 3100 duel score. Do you have to win using yubel’s effect damage?
<< Anonymous(Shadow)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
I used a Winged Dragon of Ra/Aromage deck to beat it. Just increase your life points as much as you can with Aroma garden, then summon Winged Dragon of Ra and equip with Big Bang Shot and you should be good.
Starcsream 18days ago
why don't the jack atlas? Why? :(
<< Anonymous(Starcsream)
Shadow 17days ago Reply
IKR? Not having jack is like not having Kaiba at release.
<< Anonymous(Starcsream)
Valun 17days ago Reply
My guess is that they're gonna have an event like the fortune cup to unlock him
Cloud 18days ago
"Win 100 duels with Leo"

<< Anonymous(Cloud)
Jack Atlas 18days ago Reply
Because hes Luna twin brother..
<< Anonymous(Cloud)
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
Hey, it's less tedious then Bastion. Just use this as an opportunity to level up for gems.

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