DSOD Characters Unlock Missions

This page notes list of Dark Side of Dimension characters unlock missions with rewards in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, how to unlock characters.
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update 28/09/2019

Yugioh DSOD Characters

NameUnlock trigger
Seto Kaiba (DSOD)
Seto Kaiba (DSOD)
Once you reach Stage 7 in Yu-Gi-Oh! (DM) World, Seto Kaiba (DSOD) Unlock Missions appear.
Mokuba Kaiba (DSOD)
Mokuba Kaiba (DSOD)
Once you reach Stage 6 in Yu-Gi-Oh! (DSOD) World, Mokuba (DSOD) Unlock Missions appear.
Scud (DSOD)
Scud (DSOD)
Banish your opponent's card 300 times(s) with your card effect.

How to Unlock Seto Kaiba (DSOD)

Trigger Event

Reach stage 7 in Yu-Gi-Oh! (DM) World.

Seto Kaiba (DSOD)'s Unlock Missions

Win a Duel against Yami Yugi (DSOD Unlock Mission).Gem x10
Complete all Character Unlock Missions.Gem x10

How to Unlock Mokuba Kaiba (DSOD)

Trigger Event

  • Reach Stage 6 in Yugioh (DSOD) World.

Mokuba Kaiba (DSOD)'s Unlock Missions

Achieve 1 No Damage win(s) in Duels against Mokuba Kaiba (DSOD) using Seto Kaiba (DSOD).Gold x8,000
Achieve 2 win(s) without using any Level 3 or lower Monster Cards using Seto Kaiba (DSOD).Gold x8,000
Use Skill 3 time(s) in a Duel World Duel.R Jewel x20
Complete all Character Unlock Missions.Stone of LIGHT x30

How to Unlock Scud (DSOD)

Trigger Event

Banish your opponent's card 300 times(s) with your card effect.

Trigger Event Decklist of Scud

Example Deck 1 (Deck Idea credits to ジャックジャック)

Note: Paradox Bros Lvl 10 (Gate) is one of the best options to duel with to complete the mission.

Lava GolemLava GolemLava GolemTour Bus To Forbidden RealmsTour Bus To Forbidden RealmsTour Bus To Forbidden Realms
Doomdog OcthrosDoomdog OcthrosDifferent Dimension CapsuleDifferent Dimension CapsuleDifferent Dimension CapsuleInferno Tempest
Inferno TempestInferno TempestNutrient ZNutrient ZNutrient ZEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin--------
[Skill] descriptionUser
Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck. This Skill will not activate unless you have at least 6 of each type of card (Monster, Spell, and Trap) in your Deck.
Zane Truesdale
Zane Truesdale

Scud's Unlock Missions

Achieve 1 1 Quick Victoriy(ies) in Duels against Scud.Gold x8,000
Achieve 3 win(s) with 1000 or less LP left against Scud.Gold x8,000
Succesfully perform 3 Ritual Summon(s) in Duel against Scud.R Jewel x20
Complete all Character Unlock Missions.Stone of DARK x30


Hot New Top
Anonymous 6days ago
How to unlock yani yugi DSOD?
You are pathetic DSOD .... and only 3 avatars .... Discriminating fans of other characters.
<< Anonymous(kito)
Anonymous Reply
"Discriminating fans of other characters." ...Uh, what? Not including a character isn't discrimination... Especially if they didn't specifically exclude said character. It's not like they're like "f that Yugi guy, you're never getting him". They just haven't included him thus far.
<< Anonymous(kito)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah there is only three characters where is yugi and the gang
<< Anonymous
Doofus 14days ago Reply
Taking internet serious are we?
tempting to put 15days ago
Sera is unlockable already
Anonymous 18days ago
SCUD is cringe
On stage 16 you have a mission that says: achieve 2 win(s) without using any level 6 or higher monster cards in duals against Yami yugi using seto kaiba (DSOD)

But i havent seen the Yami yugi unlock missions. So were is he hidding? Anyone knows?
<< Anonymous
z-one Reply
in duelist kingdom
<< Anonymous
Bajori Reply
How do you make Yugi appear at the gate then
<< Anonymous(Bajori)
Anonymous Reply
You can switch the gate to DM world. Just be sure to play as a DSOD character.
<< Anonymous
Carlos Yugo 18days ago Reply
No,it says to play as Seto Kaiba DSOD,Mokuba and Scud won't count.
Can't pass the phase 19 mission with 3 continuous traps against seto at 30 lv solution?
<< Anonymous
James Reply
You don’t have to beat him, just use three different continuous traps, like “Embodiment of Apophis”, “Castle of Dragon Souls”, “Dragons Rage”, etc. As long as the three different traps activate in one duel, the mission will be counted, even if you lose the duel
<< Anonymous
Ada 29days ago Reply
Non riesco a superare la missione 19 le ho provate tutte le trappole continue anche ma,so tutte trappole ma non me li conteggia.Cosa faccio?
I played cubics in the tcg for a while and when I heard there was a dsod event I was excited to get to play with them in duel links so I think the event is a bit of a let down
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it's only just begun. unfortunately they tend to spread archetypes very far apart.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cubics are awesome, bud
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Very far apart is an understatement.

I’ve been waiting 2 years for full Gravekeepers deck support. We just got it.
DSOD is epic
Are in the DSOD Yugi Mutou it's Not Release?
<< Anonymous
YngCowboy Reply
When can I get yami Marik in dsod?
<< Anonymous(YngCowboy)
Anonymous Reply
He wasn't in the movie, so never.
Recommended LD: Tea (Lvl 10)
Skill: Balance

Monsters (6):
3x Card Ejector
3x Destiny HERO - Doom Lord

Spells (8):
3x Horn of the Unicorn
3x Power of the Guardians
1x Sword of Deep-Seated
1x Generic 500+ ATK Boost Equip Spell Card

Traps (6):
3x Jar of Greed
3x Legacy of Yata-Garasu
<< Anonymous(EokLennon)
Onion Blader Reply
I didn't have enough Horns of the Unicorn so I just replaced 2 those with Bashing Shield (take no damage from attacks involving that card) and added Dark Core, just in case anyone finds that useful.
Also Mask of Remnants so you don't deck out because I only have 2 Yata-Garasu.
<< Anonymous(EokLennon)
Anonymous Reply
Holy crap, thank you dude
<< Anonymous(EokLennon)
Anonymous Reply
But kaiba and mokuba don't have balance, can I complete the mission with non-dsod duelists?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nvm yes you can use other world characters
Does it counter if using metaphys?

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