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update 27/03/2020

Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight

Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Unclassified Effect / Trigger Effect / Condition
ArchetypesGaia The Fierce Knight
Supports ArchetypesBlack Luster Soldier


You can Normal Summon this card without Tributing. If this card is Normal Summoned without Tributing, its original ATK becomes 1900. If this card is Tributed: You can add 1 "Black Luster Soldier" monster from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight" once per turn.

How to Get




  • Can be Normal summoned as a beater.
  • Can search out a Black Luster Soldier monster.


  • Needs to be tribute summoned to get his full attack stat.


Black Luster Soldier

Here are the monsters you can search with Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight.


When Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight is Normal summoned he still stays as a level-7 monster. So use him alongside level-1 Tuners to summon level-8 Synchro monsters. Some of these monster will need additional conditions like with Vylon Epsilon must use a LIGHT Tuner. Fabled Valkyrus requires a Fabled Tuner, like The Fabled Chawa or The Fabled Peggulsus, be used.

Forbidden Chalice

Use Forbidden Chalice on Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight to permanently give back his 2300 attack and temporarily give him a 400 attack boost.


Here are the ways you can tribute Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight. Aside from card effects, you can tribute Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight during a ritual summon.

The Calculator

Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight keeps his level-7 stat even when he is Normal summoned with no tribute so The Calculator would gain lots of attack from him.


Silent Swordsman BLS Deck



ActionsActivates from your Graveyard / Adds from Deck to hand
Summoning categoriesNormal Summon without Tribute
Stat changesThis card loses ATK


Hot New Top
Stil no drop
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I have 4 gaias and 0 dark magic expanded lmao
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Barely got my first one from him, hopefully I get one more before event runs out today
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It took me forever to get it
<< Anonymous
Connor Logan Reply
Who are you fighting to get those rewards?
its not however, out the ones you get at 60 wins
You can get this card from the sr tickets from the KC event as well, picked one up today.
Barely got 3x copy hours before the event was over, look up playmakers duel link vid on bls charging gaia it was well worth the farm to make that decklist
I’ve gotten 10k score numerous times throughout the whole event but still haven’t gotten 1x copy from winning but I did get the new DM card like 6x
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
bruh same
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lmao lost bc I thought I would survive a turn and only got 2400 pts and got a copy of him, only need one more!!
This is a good use for him

Deck shared! #DuelLinks
<< Anonymous(Hitomi)
Hitomi Reply
My bad, here is the deck
Man 🔥 this event! I farmed the 🔥 out of Yugi with 6-7000 and never got one 🔥ing gaia but a 🔥 ton of 🔥ing mushroom man. 🔥 you konami
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe u need at least 8k each farm. 7k just won't do it.
The drop rate for this card is terrible or at least for me it was. But anyways, I finally got my 3rd one!!
<< Anonymous(Slate-Hood)
A man Reply
How you did it?
Now we need this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes, and also the little level 4 guys although those guys are op
Garbage YamiYugi
I have 10URs, 00 Gaia thanks Konami i love how you program the drop rate, Ultra rare you can get it so much easier than Super rare. Logic :D
A little trivia, the artwork is actually showing the original Gaia running through a mystical portal during the scene when Yami Yugi used it as material to Ritual Summon Black Luster Soldier.
still no drop
<< Anonymous
Yummy-yugi Reply

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I use Shiranui with Chaos Hunter as tech card. What is this poor deck gonna do ? It completely re...
yeah me too, as for skill nerfed, dont really care actually, since version of mine don't use...
At this point on the syncro era you should've collected a few good syncros at least 1 or 2 w...
It seems that youre just a salty fool that cant even win against a meme deck like fur hire lol
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