18th Main Box: Absolute Inferno

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update 28/02/2019

Updated Information

  • N Cards and Reprint Cards' rating updated


Rating (Versatility)
Strengthened decks
  • Brotherhood of the Fire Fist
  • Laval
  • Nephthys
    20 Feb 2019

    Pack Information

    Note: The Following Cards are reprints from the previous boxes.

    Reprint Cards

    • Laval Canon
    • Laval Miller
    • Famvell Dragnov
    • Neo Flamvell Shaman
    • Molten Whirlwind Wall
    • Fire Formation - Kaiyo


    Fire Fist Synchro

    Geartown Nephthys

    Laval Synchro

    Nephthys Gusto

    Nephthys Ritual

    Yubel Nephthys

    Card Lists

    UR cards

    SR cards

    R cards

    N cards

    Reprint Cards


    Hot New Top
    THE WOLF 7days ago
    I cry all night long....
    Anonymous 17days ago
    Can some hazy cards work with these decks?
    Itzmolin 18days ago
    Add instant fusion
    E teleport
    Red eyes darkness dragon
    << Anonymous(Itzmolin)
    Anonymous 17days ago Reply
    red eyes darkness dragon is terrible
    florian 19days ago
    quand le prochain pack avec le dragon rose noire
    Anonymous 24days ago
    King of Games deck.
    Game is currently FREE-to-COMPETE !
    << Anonymous
    mohawk hair 24days ago Reply
    Lavals? well, that’s my favorite archetype. Thank you ..
    << Anonymous(mohawk hair)
    Anonymous 22days ago Reply
    the ur card from the extra deck, I believe its lavaval dragon. Its a bit expensive but its not that needed, 1 copy of it is still very OP and kog material
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 21days ago Reply
    im not familiar with some cards. whats the card on right side of enemy controller and last trap card?
    << Anonymous(Anonymous)
    Anonymous 21days ago Reply
    Spell card: Pot of acquisitiveness. Trap card: Dustflame blast
    Anonymous 22days ago
    jesus christ.......
    Anonymous 29days ago
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 29days ago Reply
    Pls speak english my dear
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 24days ago Reply
    idk why but why is this Card looking fake? look at the Level lol is this normal on english Cards?
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 24days ago Reply
    11 other people commented either offensive or vulgar words simply because of the word "mantapp" which the OP posted.

    As a result, all those comments got deleted.

    I love gamea community. :)
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 24days ago Reply
    Lol my footus is still here I was just making up words because everything here was gibberish fake words anyway
    Anonymous 30days ago
    hey, can someone answer me why vice dragon is only rated a C+? it can be a pretty good monster in my opinion. special summon as tribute fodder, or synchro material. thanks
    << Anonymous(Mah Boi)
    Anonymous 29days ago Reply
    Lol,earth armour ninja is actually better
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 28days ago Reply
    Some extra deck stuff requires you to use certain type to summon them. If they ask for Dragon, you obviously can't use Earth Armor Ninja for it.

    So there's still a purpose to having the same effect on different stuff.
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 28days ago Reply
    Climb your rank up to Legend and you'll see no one plays Vice Dragon there
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 22days ago Reply
    No one even plays Earth Armor Ninja, and yet that anon says it's better, lol
    Anonymous 31days ago
    This box is basically Blackstorm Rising 2.0 , which means it contains no tier 1 deck. Both Fire Fist UR are just like Bora The Spear and Black Whirlwind, which are too overrated to be a UR. Vice Dragon is just a Dragon version of Earth Armor Ninja. Living Fossil is absolute garbage. Nephthys is slow compared to Maximus and Reactor Dragon. Laval is meh unless Konami release more support. Putting Red Dragon Archfiend in this box is Konami's strategy to make people think this is a good box
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 24days ago Reply
    At least Blackstorm Rising has Breaker The Magical Warrior, which is a great tech that fits in any deck. Absolute Inferno has Dark Bribe, Skill Prisoner and Bad Aim but those cards will only be good as side-deck tournament, not for your ranked duel deck
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 23days ago Reply
    Why would anyone think Red Dragon Archfiend is a good card? Lol.
    Anonymous 28days ago
    And it's META material.
    << Anonymous(Evil Rick)
    Anonymous 26days ago Reply
    Sealed tombs is not that popular anymore, unless you play in a Tournament like the ones Duel Links Meta organizes.
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 24days ago Reply
    100 META tbh, it can counter everything pretty easily.
    << Anonymous
    Evil Rick 23days ago Reply
    It locks decks based on resurrecting monsters from the graveyard. mainly Lavals, Blue-Eyes, Dragunity, Vampires, Gears (partially) & any of the Armades control decks.

    However, powerful decks like Koa'Ki is, Karakuri, masked Heroes & Buster Blader are mostly unafected.
    << Anonymous(Evil Rick)
    Grandpa Muto: 23days ago Reply
    anti koaki meiru
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 30days ago Reply
    Ice can give koa'kis a good chance to survive.
    << Anonymous
    Evil Rick 29days ago Reply
    You only have 3 cards to distroy Yubel
    This deck will brick HARD unless you put some Fire King Yakshas in it.
    << Anonymous(Evil Rick)
    Anonymous 29days ago Reply
    Plenty way to play it actually.
    Plenty ways to make it very competitive.
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 24days ago Reply
    Evil Rick 29days ago
    Still kinda baffled Rekindling was not included in this box, not even as an UR.
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 24days ago Reply
    Are you retarded?? We play with 4k lp which make Cyber-Stein's effect harder to be used
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 24days ago Reply
    Not like Stein's the only card whose status differs between Duel Links and the TCG/OCG (Grass and Gold Sarcophagus for instance.) Different cards are stronger in different formats, and for different reasons. Pointing out a card's status in one has no bearing on what is warranted in another.
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 24days ago Reply
    Exactly. So why not Rekindling in DL?
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous 24days ago Reply
    Rekindling would be DUMBER here than in the TCG. Sure, the raw combo potential is lower because we only have 3 monster zones. But Summoning 3 2000+ beatsticks (especially the two Hazy Flames) is obviously not acceptable.

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    I’m pretty sure even Jake Paul’s 5 year-old viewers can tell that it was fake
    Looks like a good card to get rid of tuners, but doesn't seem to be very good
    Terraforming but we don’t have that in duel links
    Yeah. How degenerate are you to think that Konami will read this mess and come delete comments XDD
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