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May 12, 2017 ~

One of the first two structure decks to be released in duel links. This structure deck contains dragon-type monsters and dragon support cards. This deck is built in a way that encourages you to summon high-leveled monsters through special summon and tribute summon.

Who should buy this deck?

It is recommended for all people who only just started to play duel links but at least one structure deck. But aside from that, people who want to build dragon themed decks are recommended to buy this pack.

Notable Cards

[R] Hieratic Dragon of Nuit

Hieratic Dragon of Nuit
ATK 1700/DEF 900
Once per turn, during either player's turn, when this face-up card on the field is targeted by a Spell Card, Trap Card, or card effect: Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type Normal Monster from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard, and make its ATK and DEF 0.

[R] Exploder Dragon

Exploder Dragon
ATK 1000/DEF 0
If this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: Destroy the monster that destroyed it. Neither player takes any battle damage from attacks involving this attacking card.

[R] Advance Zone

Advance Zone
Continuous Spell card
Once per turn, during the End Phase of any turn in which you Tribute Summoned a monster(s): You can apply these effects, in sequence, based on the number of monsters you Tributed for Tribute Summons this turn.
● 1 or more: Destroy 1 Set card your opponent controls.
● 2 or more: Draw 1 card.
● 3 or more: Add 1 monster from your Graveyard to your hand.

[R] Tyrant Wing

Tyrant Wing
Normal Trap card
Target 1 Dragon-Type monster on the field; equip this card to it. It gains 400 ATK and DEF, also it can make up to 2 attacks on monsters during each Battle Phase. Once per turn, during the End Phase, if the monster equipped with this card by this effect attacked an opponent's monster this turn: Destroy this card.

[R] Dragon's Rebirth

Dragons Rebirth
Normal Trap card
Target 1 Dragon-Type monster you control; banish that target, and if you do, Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type monster from your hand or Graveyard.

New cards

Felgrand Dragon
Felgrand Dragon
A dragon-type monster that offers powerful attack and defense, but with difficult special summoning conditions.
Hieratic Dragon of Nuit
Hieratic Dragon of Nuit
Use this card in decks with dragon-type normal monsters like BEWD and REBD. Used for deck search and quick special summons.
Exploder Dragon
Exploder Dragon
Crash this card into your opponent's attack position monster for easy monster destruction. Can also be used to attack set cards without receiving damage.
Attack is quite high for a one tribute monster.
Hunter Dragon
Hunter Dragon
attack is above average for a 3-starred monster
Advance Zone
Advance Zone
Use in decks with many high-leveled monsters for added effects when you tribute summon.
Advance Force
Advance Force
Most effetive in decks that can quickly summon level 5 and 6 monsters, and with cards that can increase monster level.
Tyrant Wing
Tyrant Wing
Use in dragon decks to boost your monster's attack points, and use multiple attacks to clear enemy field.
Dragon's Rebirth
Dragon's Rebirth
Use in dragon decks to revive your stronger dragons from the graveyard for the cost of removing from play a dragon-type monster on your side of the field.


Monster Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Felgrand DragonFelgrand Dragon [SR]16/10
Hieratic Dragon of NuitHieratic Dragon of Nuit [R]28/10
Exploder DragonExploder Dragon [R]19/10
WattaildragonWattaildragon [R]25.5/10
Hunter DragonHunter Dragon [R]37/10
Koumori DragonKoumori Dragon [N]32/10
Spell Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Advance ZoneAdvance Zone [R]16/10
Advance ForceAdvance Force [R]15/10
Dragon TreasureDragon Treasure [R]22/10
Trap Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Tyrant WingTyrant Wing [R]28/10
Dragon's RebirthDragon's Rebirth [R]17/10
Altar for TributeAltar for Tribute [N]12/10


Hot New Top
Jim 18days ago
So if pay money of gems I get cards of pack all?
<< Anonymous(Jim)
salish 18days ago Reply
500 gem you get all card , fucking imbecile
<< Anonymous(salish)
SalishISaFgt 18days ago Reply
Chill u ugly rat
<< Anonymous(SalishISaFgt)
Anoymous 4days ago Reply
how do you know he's a rat
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
Cuz all of them are rats same similary name
Anoymous 15days ago
I need help, what card should i add/remove iny deck?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 6days ago Reply
Put 1 mirror wall instead of 1 rope of life.add +1 vanguard of dragon instead of 1 hunter dragon.And you should add 2 or 3 more spells like e-con
Anoymous 9days ago
If you need the best Nuit Deck, here's a free discord server with some of the top players in Duel Links:

Thank me later
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
Fyck you
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
if any comment says "thank me later" and "discord" I immediately will know it is spam.
Anoymous 13days ago
This fuk up structure deck is pay to win.
See players having 3 exploder dragon. we can only buy 1 structure deck with gems and with them having 3, meaning they bought the 2 other set with money. This is really pissing.
<< Anonymous
Dildo Swaggings 13days ago Reply
The game isn't pay to win, stop crying.
<< Anonymous
Fact tga 12days ago Reply
I've bought 2 of these and I'm hardly getting anywhere lol
<< Anonymous
She eusnbeidhebeueh 10days ago Reply
Dark Paladin is scarier.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
Sarcasm my friend.....
larry 18days ago
Can anyone give me some ideas if I'm buy the deck which card should i change it?
<< Anonymous(larry)
Anoymous 17days ago Reply
its like changing your playstyle the new pack its focusing on combo,you can combo with halfshut/otc/interdimensional etc meanwhile your deck is focusing on beatdown your opponent with blue eyes ASAP its just different playstyle
<< Anonymous(larry)
Anoymous 17days ago Reply
Terrible deck.
<< Anonymous(larry)
Anoymous 15days ago Reply
Ok...this deck ain't ok...but no ritual...don't listen to these idiots. Also no wyvern
<< Anonymous(larry)
Fact tga 12days ago Reply
My dragon deck will destroy this lol.... but honestly get rid of those rituals add another kaiba man and change your traps and spells except vigilance of course
YOL2-Jay 18days ago
think about how good DD Warrior is when we fight Level 40 Kaiba. (but they would never give us that card) now we got exploder dragon which is as good or a better version of it
<< Anonymous(YOL2-Jay)
Anoymous 15days ago Reply
DD warrior is better if your opponent has a defense position monster though. You can only use exploder dragon against monsters in attack position. Furthermore DD banishes, which stops resurrection shenanigans such as red-eyes spirit. The no damage part is good though.
President Kaiba Seto 19days ago
This deck is worth to pay for with guaranteed good DRAGON cards such as Dragon's Rebirth, Exploder Dragon, and Nuit. I would recommend this over that shitty Spellcaster whatever the name is structure deck.
<< Anonymous
Yami Yugi 17days ago Reply
No more dragons, its enough. Spellcaster support is what make this game great again
<< Anonymous(Yami Yugi)
Mako Tsunami 17days ago Reply
I disagree I believe we need more water support! #makemakogreatagain
<< Anonymous(Yami Yugi)
Pepe 17days ago Reply
1. Make America Great Again 2. Make Yugi oh Great Again
<< Anonymous(Pepe)
Anoymous 16days ago Reply
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
JohnFTW 17days ago
Congratz Konami...
everyday this game more pay-to-win!
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 16days ago Reply
You can't get all the cards using gem, you need to buy it if you want 3 copies of dragon's rebirth fuckwit
<< Anonymous(JohnFTW)
Anoymous 16days ago Reply
game was never p2w in the first place lol. i definitely agree that the limit on structure decks is a terrible move, and i hope they learn and remove it, since it could be a terrible thing down the line, but the game still isn't remotely p2w lol. the cards in these specific sets are not very good, though if they do a similar thing in the future with actual good cards people aren't gonna be happy
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 16days ago Reply
Not good? You obviously aren't creative with any decks. Probably copying every deck on duel links to get KOG. 11 packs total... and not enough gems to get the best cards multiple times.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 16days ago Reply
what are you even saying
Anoymous 16days ago
I'm wondering if it's possible to buy 3 of this structure decks just to get at least 3 copies of everything. If so, will it just add the cards to the collection, or will it add them to the "Structure Deck" row?
It would be stupid to actually do it I know, but I'm just wondering.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 16days ago Reply
Limit 1 deck
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 16days ago Reply
I see. Thanks for the answer.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 16days ago Reply
I went ahead and tried to buy the second copy of the same structure deck. Indeed, you can buy the second (and possibly third) copy. And it'll add the cards to the collection, while the "Structure Deck" row remains 1 (or 2 if you have both Dragonic and Spell-caster.
Daemon Blitzkrieg 19days ago
I wish the Slash Dragon cards were TCG side, they would make an excellent structure deck for Joey & possible tag team with Destruction Sword. Probably will be Gilford or something tho...
<< Anonymous(Daemon Blitzkrieg)
Anoymous 17days ago Reply
Warriors mixed with dragons is definitely a Joey styled deck. But would need more luck based cards to fill out the structure deck, because Joey is the luckiest sob in the Anime.
Reyes55 17days ago
I used 500 gems to get this structure deck and it helped a lot on my Blue-Eyes Deck.
Anoymous 18days ago
So using money I can buy more than 1 structure deck? coz using gem I can only buy 1 deck.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 17days ago Reply
its worth it,you can get free yomi ship free red eyes spirit , and nuit which is can be combo with many other cards

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