Dragonic Force: Structure Deck

Congratz Konami... everyday this game more pay-to-win!
500 gems isn't hard to get 🔥wit
<< Anonymous
You can't get all the cards using gem, you need to buy it if you want 3 copies of dragon's rebirth 🔥wit
game was never p2w in the first place lol. i definitely agree that the limit on structure decks is a terrible move, and i hope they learn and remove it, since it could be a terrible thing down the line, but the game still isn't remotely p2w lol. the cards in these specific sets are not very good, though if they do a similar thing in the future with actual good cards people aren't gonna be happy
<< Anonymous
Not good?
You obviously aren't creative with any decks. Probably copying every deck on duel links to get KOG.
11 packs total... and not enough gems to get the best cards multiple times.
<< Anonymous
what are you even saying


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Can this work with toon dark magician ?
Noah I think is likelier than Dartz. Most of his cards are in the game
Second electro beta when?
Gamea, a pillar of the duel links community.
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