Ranked Match Updates! [Feb 1, 2018]

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Dr. Crowler unlock event has started!
update 02/02/2018

Revamped Ranked Duels

They are now more accessible and have a better Rewards!

New Features

  • Cumulative victory Rewards!
  • Tickets you can trade for cards of your choice!
  • More Rank-up Rewards!
  • A new rank, "Legend Rank"!

Regarding Reward Tickets

  • Reward Tickets can be exchanged for cards.
  • Reward Tickets expire 1 month after the end of a Ranked Duel Season.
    NOTE: You cannot use tickets from more than 1 season ago.

New Rewards [Feb 1 - March 1]

New Rewards [Jan 1]

New Rewards [Dec 1]

New Rewards [Nov 1]

Challenge stamps

1 stamp per duel
You can recieve this reward regardless of whether you win or lose, so give it a shot!

Duel Orb5
Duel Orb10

Rewards list

Exclusive UR cards

SR cards

R cards

N cards

Cumulative Reward

This Reward can be obtained by attaining a certain number of cumulative victories. The Reward will be sent to the Gift Box.

1Gem x50
2[N] Ticket
3Gold x5,000
5Gem x50
7Gold x5,000
10Glossy [N] Ticket
15Gem x50
20[R] Ticket
25Gold x5,000
30[SR] Ticket
40Glossy [R] Ticket
50Gold x5,000
60[SR] Ticket
65Gem x50
70Gold x 5,000
80Gem x50
100Glossy [SR] Ticket
*Rewards beyond this will alternate between Gold and Gems

Rank Up Reward

These Rewards can be obtained when you rank up, They will be sent to your Gift Box.

Rookie Rank 2-3Gem x10
Bronze Rank 1Gem x50
Bronze Rank 2-5Gem x10
Silver Rank 1Gem x50
Silver Rank 2-5Gem x10
Gold Rank 1Gem x50
Gold Rank 2-5Gem x10
Platinum Rank 1Gem x100
Platinum Rank 2-5Gem x30
Legend Rank 1Gem x100
Legend Rank 2-3Gem x10
King of GamesGem x200

Notable rewards

[SR] Red-Eyes Insight

[SR] Red-Eyes Spirit

Normal Trap Card
Target 1 "Red-Eyes" monster in your Graveyard, except "Red-Eyes B. Chick"; Special Summon it.

[SR] Anteatereatingant

ATK 2000/DEF 500
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by sending 2 Spell or Trap Cards you control to the Graveyard. You can destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card your opponent controls. If you activate this effect, this card cannot attack during this turn.
Normal Spell Card
Send 1 "Red-Eyes" monster from your hand or Deck to the Graveyard, except "Red-Eyes B. Chick"; add 1 "Red-Eyes" Spell/Trap Card from your Deck to your hand, except "Red-Eyes Insight". You can only activate 1 "Red-Eyes Insight" per turn.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 2days ago
The only thing I want in the reward is the packing!!! Union attack! I've been farming yu gi muto but still no union attack what a bad luck!..
shit rewards, why not overal reward after season ending for each rank? give us rewards not this cheap crap!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
It is to help newbies progress too.Most newbies can't progress.With SR and UR tickets they can pick what they want to make their decks
Anonymous 27days ago
100 wins in Ranked still gives you a Rank UR ticket
<< Anonymous
Ululala 10days ago Reply
i didnt get the Ur ticket after wins 100
Anonymous 28days ago
Can't we use these tickets for GX cards?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
pvp "exclusive"
I got the ticket in my mail box. How can I exchange it for a card ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what session?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Go to pvp---ranked duels---in the middle of the screen you'll see the words "card exchange" you DONT have to wait til the season end.
<< Anonymous(What?)
Anonymous Reply
That's it?
<< Anonymous(What?)
Anonymous Reply
I have over 600 orbs.
Did ranked duels suddenly get harder to rank up from rookie?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Completely agree, everyone suddenly has a mass amount of trap and spell cards as well as high fusion monsters.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Or KaibaMan and Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Every. . Time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That because the rank was reseted and everyone start from rookie make you face high rank duelist
<< Anonymous
Jkoryodo Reply
I agree it has, I played this game back last summer and made it to platinum without even trying. Now I can barely make it to Gold without an amazing deck. Killer magic and trap cards have become so readily available amongst other things I guess. Not to mention cyber angels and other decks that wipe out your magic/trap zone.
are they change or only after season end?
please update it they are not Anteatereatingant card
I can’t find the gravity blaster card in the current list. Did they remove it or is the list for tickets from ranked duels and the free tickets you get when logging in or something different?
Killing Indonesians
Can't believe I have to kill Indo Cunts as well as Cunts. Whats next, Euro Cunts?
<< Anonymous(Killing Indonesians)
Anonymous Reply
New to the word cunt. Don't need the capital
i've seen there are some red eyes farm decks and lost my account in summer so i dont have any insights or spirits should i get one of those two with my glossy sr ticket or get a 3rd yata-garasu and start getting red eyes cards next season :/
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
glossy? pick yata for farming
I have only one question. In the Pick a Gift SR Ticket, in the available cards, there is not RE Insight (it's the only SR which Joey didn't dropped me at all in the event) but there is RE Spirit (I have 3 of this). Why is that? And also I don't understand why I can't trade those SR ticket for other cards such as Machine King or Anteatereatingant. Maybe PVP SR tickets are different from this type of tickets?
<< Anonymous(Gael)
Anonymous Reply
Yes, perhaps it's just like GX rewards

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not really. it only stop them for 1 turn.
Boy pretty bad luck
Except this card doesn't cost money.
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