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Espa Roba event has started!
update 01/10/2017

Revamped Ranked Duels

They are now more accessible and have a better Rewards!

New Features

  • Cumulative victory Rewards!
  • Tickets you can trade for cards of your choice!
  • More Rank-up Rewards!
  • A new rank, "Legend Rank"!

Regarding Reward Tickets

  • Reward Tickets can be exchanged for cards.
  • Reward Tickets expire 1 month after the end of a Ranked Duel Season.
    NOTE: You cannot use tickets from more than 1 season ago.

New Rewards [Nov 1]

Challenge stamps

1 stamp per duel
You can recieve this reward regardless of whether you win or lose, so give it a shot!

Duel Orb5
Duel Orb10

New rewards [Oct 1]

Rewards list

SR cards

R cards

N cards

Cumulative Reward

This Reward can be obtained by attaining a certain number of cumulative victories. The Reward will be sent to the Gift Box.

1Gem x50
2[N] Ticket
3Gold x5,000
5Gem x50
7Gold x5,000
10Glossy [N] Ticket
15Gem x50
20[R] Ticket
25Gold x5,000
30[SR] Ticket
40Glossy [R] Ticket
50Gold x5,000
60[SR] Ticket
65Gem x50
70Gold x 5,000
80Gem x50
100Glossy [SR] Ticket
*Rewards beyond this will alternate between Gold and Gems

Rank Up Reward

These Rewards can be obtained when you rank up, They will be sent to your Gift Box.

Rookie Rank 2-3Gem x10
Bronze Rank 1Gem x50
Bronze Rank 2-5Gem x10
Silver Rank 1Gem x50
Silver Rank 2-5Gem x10
Gold Rank 1Gem x50
Gold Rank 2-5Gem x10
Platinum Rank 1Gem x100
Platinum Rank 2-5Gem x30
Legend Rank 1Gem x100
Legend Rank 2-3Gem x10
King of GamesGem x200

Notable rewards

[SR] Red-Eyes Insight

[SR] Red-Eyes Spirit

Normal Trap Card
Target 1 "Red-Eyes" monster in your Graveyard, except "Red-Eyes B. Chick"; Special Summon it.

[SR] Anteatereatingant

ATK 2000/DEF 500
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by sending 2 Spell or Trap Cards you control to the Graveyard. You can destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card your opponent controls. If you activate this effect, this card cannot attack during this turn.
Normal Spell Card
Send 1 "Red-Eyes" monster from your hand or Deck to the Graveyard, except "Red-Eyes B. Chick"; add 1 "Red-Eyes" Spell/Trap Card from your Deck to your hand, except "Red-Eyes Insight". You can only activate 1 "Red-Eyes Insight" per turn.


Hot New Top
Young Kim 1days ago
Can I get a information of
what rank I begin in next month depends on last ranks
Killing Niggers 17days ago
I swear japan duelist and nigger murica dulelist trying too hard in rank duels that needs to be dead in real life.
<< Anonymous(Killing Niggers)
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
ikr murcia shithead keep time stalling
<< Anonymous(Killing Niggers)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
lol stop being salty and get good bitch
<< Anonymous(Killing Niggers)
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
I know I stall when idiots play them super competitive none imaginative decks they got off the Internet. Fuckheads. Murica'
Anonymous 20days ago
Those "new" rewards for Oct 1 are only redeemable with the GX release event PvP tickets and not the ones you get for cumulative victories.
<< Anonymous(Raijin)
Anonymous Reply
lol thats reversed
Do you get the gems reward for reaching certain ranks if you get demoted to that rank the first time in this season?

Eg. you start in gold 5 and get demoted to gold 4, do you get the 10 gems? Iirc it works that way in the last season
<< Anonymous
Realm Reply
If you get demoted to plat 1 then climb back up to plat 2, you will get the 10 gems.
<< Anonymous(Realm )
DarkTron Reply
Nope, Realm, that’s wrong. You don’t get them even if you were demoted to the rank
<< Anonymous(Realm )
Realm Reply
But if you were promoted from plat 4 to plat 5 before it wont work. For it to work, getting demoted to plat 1 the first thing of the season you do.
<< Anonymous(DarkTron)
Realm Reply
It worked for me.
I have a SR ticket but it won't let me get Red-Eyes Insight. It's not showing up as an option
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol Insight is still available what are you talking about? It's the first SR on Spell list. Also WTF I CAN'T GET GX CHARACTER DUEL REWARDS WTF KONAMI.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can get DM characters duel rewards from PvP ticket, but not GX characters. It pains me because I wanna get more ojama blue for ojama decks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Aw man. That's unfortunate. Thank you though
woow ^_^
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
just got a UR stone from rank duel reward ^_^
<< Anonymous
Prince Reply
donno why image ddnt showed up at the first cm -_-
I'm in Legend, and I don't know how the new "promotion
ank-up" works !!

Can somebody explain how many wins (with a loss or 2 in the middle) do u need to rank up in legend in the new system!
<< Anonymous(MO)
Anonymous Reply
you need 5 wins, but if you in legend 3, you need to win 5 in a row
<< Anonymous(MO)
Anonymous Reply
basically with every loss, it diminishes 1 win, so WWWL would be equal to WW so you will need 3 more wins to rank up, WWWWL would equal WWW, that means u need 2 more wins to rank up, if it's WWLLW would = one W ,need 4 to rank up, Comprende?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Im in Legend 3,won 3,lose 1,won 3 again but No Rank up/Not even Rank up Game?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Legend 3 --> KoG is 5 wins IN A ROW
I've demoted to plat, so, is there any way if i want to demoted to gold?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope, the lowest you can go now is plat 1. You cannot get demoted from the category you're in (once you're plat, you can't go back to gold)
<< Anonymous
FEVA67 Reply
Unless you stay in plat until the next season and get demoted to gold that way
The cards available in the cumulative reward tickets are different from the cards available in the ranked duel rewards right? Really would like to a list of both so I know which card I should get.
For all y'all who want to rack up wins for tickets and aren't worrying about rank too much, run Ice Barriers with Tea's Duel Standby! skill. Even against Tier 1/2 decks, I'm winning every 2 out of 3 games with that trash deck. I still run only 5 spells, 3 triangles and 2 morays of greed. Be sure to include 3 Blizzed and the strategist ice barrier in case you brick on your opening hand. I bricked once in almost 15 games.
There are 3 SR tickets right? But I didn't get first SR ticket at level 30. What is the matter?
<< Anonymous
Just a Guy Reply
Did you collect it from the gift box?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's not by level, it's by number of wins. After you got your 30 wins, check your gift box

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