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update 04/09/2016

Amulet of Ambition

Amulet of Ambition
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCondition / Continuous-like Effect / Trigger-like Effect


Equip only to a Normal Monster. If it battles a monster with a higher Level, the equipped monster gains 500 ATK x the difference in Levels (during that battle only). When this card is sent to the Graveyard, you can return it to the top of your Deck.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherRanked Duel Ticket [SR]




  • Greatly increases your Normal monster’s Attack value, based on the opponent’s monster being targeted for attack.


  • Card can returns to deck if destroyed and sent to graveyard, can result in you top deck with this card.
  • Your deck must consist of low level Normal monsters which is quite dangerous if you do not draw into this card.
  • Situational card, if your opponent uses low level monsters then your attack boost will not be high.


  • This card can boost your low level normal monsters attack immensely but there are a lot of options for your opponents to play around it in the current meta.
  • The monster equipped with this card is susceptible to most of the protection cards like Wall of Disruption, Mirror Wall, Super Rush Headlong, Enemy Controller etc, which are commonly seen on the ladder.
  • Since this card can only support Normal monsters, it is recommended you setup more protection for your monsters as you are giving up monster effect plays.

Knight of the Red Lotus

This card is very good in a deck that consists of Normal Monsters as it is versatile in reviving other Normal monsters from your Graveyard. Therefore Amulet of Ambition can be used on Normal monsters it revives, but you cannot use it on Knight of the Red Lotus.

Vorse Raider

The normal monster with the strongest ATK currently, and this card will further increase its attack power when facing higher level monsters.


This card is also a good support for the Ojama brothers because of their low level, and 0 ATK can be switched with Ojama Country field spell as a surprise tactic. Combo with Amulet of Ambition to further increase their ATK.


Paleozoic cards are trap cards that can be special summoned as level 2 aqua type normal monsters that can benefit from Amulet's effect, especially since they already have 1200 attack. Against level 4 monsters, they will already have 2200 attack, which can go higher against higher level ones your opponent summons.




ActionsReturns from Graveyard to Deck
Stat changesEquipped gains ATK


Hot New Top
This card is quite underrated, grab your paleos and your wetlands then put 1-2 copies of this card in your deck + vision hero witch rider and there you go. You got a decent tier 2 deck.
I've made a just-for-fun deck for Tristan and his commando soldier (idk the exact names) with his lvl 4 obtained skill. Anyway it adds 300 ATK to your warrior and machine monsters if you have that commando on the field, so the usual lvl 2 monster with 900 atk now has 1200 atk.
Well there are better cards than this, but it's a decent support for an Amulet of Ambition deck..
Broken card
Rate 10/10, I guess Chain reaction + Odion is going to get more and more popular, It seems like Konami really likes the character ^^
In my paleo deck, I had the wetlands field and a paleo monster. It had 2400 atk. I had 2 of these equipped to it. The opponent tribute summoned a high level monster that had a spell removal effect and removed my field. My paleo monster fell back to 1200 attack. But he forgot my amulets, and attacked my level 2 monster with a level 7 monster. Two amulets gave it 5000 attack, making it 6200. He died.
Had an Amulet deck before. Clown Zombie, Level 2, 1350 Attack. Boosts to 2350 vs level 4, 2850 vs level 5, and so on.

Volcanic Rat or Shadow Specter were level 1 500 attack monsters that boosted to 2000 vs level 4, 2500 vs level 5, and so on. But I do not think either of those are currently in Duel Links.

Jerry Beans Man (in Duel Links!) level 3 with 1750 attack. Boosted to 2250 vs level 4, 2750 vs level 5, and so on.

Support cards for the troll deck were Tri-Wight, Attack of the Cornered Rat, Level Limit Area B, etc.

I do not know the status of those cards in this game, though.
<< Anonymous(Ryno)
Anonymous Reply
Volcanic Rat is in DL.
i watch a video where this card plus level two normal monsters able to counter black dragon ninja haha
<< Anonymous(cjrock)
Anonymous Reply
This could be funny tech in any deck that features Paleozoics. They're vanillas that ignore other monster effects while summoned as monsters, and have pretty good ATK for Level 2, making them a possible nightmare to deal with.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
level 2 aqua-types,no less
Add wetlands to the mix...
Combos well with volcanic rat, chemicritter hydron hawk, clown zombie and jam breeding machine
Cards Pretty Good - Esp Against Ninja's ... (E.G> See DKayed's Vid)
<< Anonymous(Gia)
Duke Devlin Reply
sick meme lad
<< Anonymous(Gia)
Memesis Reply
How to get this card bro? I cant see in my SR ticket
<< Anonymous(Memesis)
Anonymous Reply
you dont really play ranked dont you ? its s pvp ticket exclusive
could be very usefull in joeys field of warriors deck with those 1900 normal warriors and beast warrriors, too bad its pretty hard to get it fast
so its kinda like spell version of metamorph ...nice card
At this point Chemcritter Hydron Hawk is getting the best attack boost

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Nope, Blast Held By Tribute is the worst now cuz everyone just special summon spam these days.
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