Best Cards

This page shows the list of staple cards which many players will put into their decks with evaluation and how to get.
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update 19/12/2016

Versatile cards

What is versatile cards?

Versatile or staple cards are cards can be added to any type of deck and work even alon without combo.

What is anti-meta cards?

Anit-meta cards are cards used to counter against very popular cards or decks in PvP matches. Adding 1 copy of an anti-meta card against a dominant deck sometimes works greatly.

Best 4 cards

Those cards can be actually seen in any type of decks. Having at least 1 copy of each is strongly recommended.

[SR] Enemy Controller

[UR] Mirror Wall

[UR] Sphere Kuriboh

[R] Windstrom of Etaqua

Other veratile cards

Sergeant Electro
Sergeant Electro
Locks down your opponent's spell/trap.
Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
Crystal Seer
Crystal Seer
A good draw card.
Half Shut
Half Shut
Can be used defensively to ensure your monster survives the attack, or offensively to damage attacking mosnter.

One of the few monster removal cards.
Magic Drain
Magic Drain
Negates important spell card(s), or forces your opponent to discard a spell in their hand.
Security Orb
Security Orb
Protects your monsters with an added effect that can destroy your opponent's monster if destroyed.
Interdimensional Matter Transporter
Interdimensional Matter Transporter
Protects your monster by banishing them.
Adhesion Trap Hole
Adhesion Trap Hole
Protects your monster by banishing them.

Anti-meta cards

4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
Possessed Dark Soul
Possessed Dark Soul
It is able to take control of your opponent's level 3 or lower monster. It can potentially steal Relinquished and Jerry Beans Man.
2000 attack against effect monsters.
A quick-play spell to destroy face up spell/traps. This can be activated during enemy's turn.
Skull Lair
Skull Lair
Easily counters Relinquished by removing from play 1 monster card in your graveyard.Can be used to synergize with Doomsday Horror.
Trap Jammer
Trap Jammer
Helps to negate a trap card that is activated only during a battle phase. Great for countering Mirror Wall and Michizure.
Divine Wrath
Divine Wrath
This card is meant to counter effect monsters that can turn the tides of the game around. Monsters such as Relinquished, Gravekeeper's Oracle and Levia-Dragon - Daedalus.
Curse of Anubis
Curse of Anubis
It can fend off attacks from effect monsters and change their battle position to defense position, having 0 DEF. It can be activated outside of the battle phase. However, normal monsters are unaffected.
Seven Tools of the Bandit
Seven Tools of the Bandit
Can negate most traps for a cost of 1000 LP.

Rating explanation

Differences from OCG/TCG

There are differences between speed duel format and rules applied to playing OCG/TCG. The rating above is made considering the formal of the game.

Speed DuelOCG/TCG
Deck size20-3040
Field size3 cards5 cards
Starting hand4 cards5 cards

Evaluation criteria

Let you
draw cards
Since deck size in Duel Links is smaller that of TCG/OCG, probability of drawing a card that you want is higher than that of playing TCG/OCG.
Since not many effect monsters are available in Duel Links currently , stats, especially high ATK, is the most important to win a duel.
VersatileCards can work alone and without combinations with other cards.


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Info 6/16 -2018 3days ago
This is from the very first DL Meta and Updates wont come here. Everything new will get its own site to talk and analyze. This site just got forgotten by the GameA Team
Anonymous 10days ago
Update please
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
^ I never said that
Anonymous 18days ago
Why vision hero witch raider is not between these cards? And wall of disruption?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
The fact it says the page was last updated December 2016 might have something to do with it. (Evidently it was updated past that date anyway, given the inclusion of Security Orb, but still hints at it being long-abandoned.)
What is the card name that lets you sacrifice a card to increase another cards level?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There are many cards like that, be more specific
<< Anonymous
candend Reply
Did you mean "Level lifter"?
econ and floodgate and most op imo
Best cards now: wall of distruption, floodgate trap hole, super rush headlong, kunai with chain, anti magic arrows together with windstorm of etaqua, enemy controller, mirror wall and sphere kuriboh
Anti meta cards: man eater bug, fenghuang (good backrow removal monster), parallel twister, ancient gear beast (shuts the opponent's backrow down when attacks and negates monster's effects), forbidden chalice and cosmic cyclone
This is my opinion about the cards of the current metagame. What do you think about it?
Can someone update this please?
Update list?
Adhesion Trap Hole's effect is listed wrong...
Horribly outdated list. Ladybug is not useful anymore, Sergeant Electro sucks now, and it's missing Super Rush Headlong
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
LORD2022 Reply
gamea is outdated now they cant keepup

but for Sergeant Electro we still can use it with back row support
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Anonymous Reply
Holy shit guys the formerly stupidest user on this website posted something that was correct. Now only if the new stupidest user on this website (Player J) would follow in his footsteps
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
your mom Reply
sergeant sucks when not used corectly, in control decks is very dam goodlike the statue-control deck
The description for Adhesion Trap Hole is wrong.
I have kaiba reloaded deck

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