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update 02/08/2017

Trap Jammer

Trap Jammer
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


When your opponent activates a Trap Card during the Battle Phase: Negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it.

How to Get / Rarity

PackUltimate Rising [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--


No cost is required and can deal with the effect of a trap card. However, not many trap cards are playable in Duel Links currently.


Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates the activation of your opponent's Trap Cards / Destroys your opponent's Trap Cards

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Anonymous 2days ago
Doesn't work on Mirror aka Cancer Wall
<< Anonymous
Anonyboy 2days ago Reply
I mean, it does if they activate it any time during the Battle Phase. If they activate during the main or end phase, then they messed up.
Patrick star
Thanks for bringing back ultimate rising ive got my jammers unfortunately i dont know if its a bug but trap jammer cant negate tribute blast.
Trap Jammer is bugged. 95% of the time it works as should. (I was afraid of even posting after reading so many comments of people obviously not even reading/understanding the game and about this card)

My roommate had been telling me the same thing and I just said watch out for 1st turn set, maybe they had a Mirage Dragon or something you didn't notice, etc.

I went first, in my first draw I got Trap Jammer, threw it down and summoned a monster. A couple turns later the Opponent has 1 face down spell/trap (Reinforcements) and 1 face up monster (Dragon of Nuit). He ends his turn.
I move into Battle Phase, my field is 1 set (still Trap Jammer) and 1 equip spell (Dragons Treasure) equipped to my also Dragon of Nuit on the field.

I attack his Nuit with my Nuit, he activates Reinforcments and Chains Nuits' ability to summon a dragon from his deck, but then... That's it.. his dragon got the 500atk, got his summon out, my Nuit went through with the atk and obviously lost.. no chance to activate my Jammer

It would be nice to know if there's an official way to report bugs such as this
<< Anonymous(Saehomulox)
Anonymous Reply
So far all i can say is, since Nuit activated on Reinforcment Trap Jammer can only respond only to the last card of the chain link i have to look at the chaining and chain Link ruling, but shouldn't you be able to chain Reinforcment before Niut activates?
Fuck trap jammer. This card never comes in clutch. I've lost so many duels because I attack and they activate a trap card and my trap jammer doesn't negate it. I obviously set it down for atleast a turn but it still doesn't work. I am taking out this OP card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Unbelievable why does this card not fucking work on first set
Can you use a trap hammer on another trap jammer?
Trap jammer didn't work. I attacked, they flipped a trap card over which made me lose the attack. If my trap jammer would have stopped their trap I would have won.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you have to wait 1 turn to active a trap (in case you set the jammmer the same turn you atacked)
<< Anonymous
pram Reply
u r right . it doesnt work with Windstorm of etacua. Even after having my Jammer placed for 3 turns. i lost 2 duels bcoz of this
Patrick star
So annoyed that there is no longer a trap jammer card I've only just started playing and found out thst the pack it's in is no longer avail. Curse of Aubis wind of etqua and tragedy is pissing me off.
<< Anonymous(Patrick star)
james Reply
its back they bought back ultimate rising and age of discovery :D
Ultimate Rising again.. -.-
it's not working against wild tornado too... i dont know if its bugged or it works like that. but if it really works like that than what is the point? its a counter card that doesnt actually counters.
<< Anonymous
tgurkan Reply
Only works in battle phase
bugged, cant discard it from graveyard ( for diskblade ghostrider)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Diskblade rider can only remove normal traps from the graveyard to fuel its effect, this is a counter trap card, not a normal trap.
Khoi Nguyen
1 of the best card obtainable to counter meta trap cards and the later comer cannot get it

Now I got to spend hundred of gems only to get the 7 tools of the bandit as it's UR & still now any. It's bullshit that not all good cards are made available to every one (sphere kuriboh & trap jammer)
<< Anonymous(Khoi Nguyen)
Anonymous Reply
Boi, you missed the pack they came in
Patrick star
Can we bring back trap jammer and magic jammer at least for us late comers to the duel link universe

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