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update 02/08/2017

Trap Jammer

Trap Jammer
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


When your opponent activates a Trap Card during the Battle Phase: Negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it.

How to Get / Rarity

PackUltimate Rising [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--


No cost is required and can deal with the effect of a trap card. However, not many trap cards are playable in Duel Links currently.


Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates the activation of your opponent's Trap Cards / Destroys your opponent's Trap Cards

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Hot New Top
What's the point of calling it trap jammer if it doesnt jam any kind of trap at any point regardless of when it was placed some trap cards seem to not have the set cool down I've experienced this alot its practically useless cause all traps seem to get past it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
omg. someone's still playing yugioh duelink on tier of internet explorer.
Let go this card dude. Trap for backrow removal is almost useless. Just use Cosmic Cyclone
Not Seto Kaiba
I just dueled against someone who used Widespread Ruin to get rid of my Cyberdark Dragon(paired with Blue Eyes U. Dragon), and despite having a trap jammer on the field, I couldn't counter it, and lost the duel. If there's a reason it didn't work, I'd like to know it.
<< Anonymous(Not Seto Kaiba)
Not Yami Yugi Reply
It's because Widespread active before damage step, and Trap Jammer can only active within damage step (like WoD) that's why it doesn't work.
<< Anonymous(Not Yami Yugi)
Anonymous Reply
That is untrue. Trap Jammer can be used at any point of the Battle Phase (which it says). It's not a worse version of Face-Off.

It's sad that I even need to ask this but... Was Trap Jammer set that turn?
<< Anonymous(Not Yami Yugi)
Anonymous Reply
There's so many things wrong with your comment.
1. Trap jammer works anytime during battle phase.
2. WoD activate during attack declaration, not damage step.
3. Trap jammer SHOULD work against widespread, unless it is set that turn since traps can't be activate during the turn it was set.
This card doesn't work at all against Wall of Disruption. Anyone run into this?
<< Anonymous(DesertRose3000)
ABC player Reply
It worked actually. It doesn't work in the same turn it is set. The card saved my butt a couple of times and i run 2 of this.
<< Anonymous(DesertRose3000)
Loxy McFly Reply
same. I had my Trap Jammer set since first turn, when I attacked my opponent's monster, he activated Wall of Disruption and the trap jammer did nothing. pretty sure it's not working properly.
This should work against amazoness onslaught and it is infuriating that it does not let you negate that card even though it is activated during your battle phase. Bsolutely ridiculous. it is a quick play trap card that you cant even activate to destroy a continuous trap. This needs to be fixed :(((
<< Anonymous(kbeezy)
Anonymous Reply
It's not a bug that needs to be fixed.

Trap Jammer only responds to the activation of Trap cards. NOT the activation of a Trap card's effect.
Doesn't work most of the time. And yes i know about the wait one turn rule and only during the battle phase, but still can't activate it. Had it work properly maybe one time. Is there any way to report this?
<< Anonymous
ABC player Reply
Perhaps what are you dealing with is traps that can be equipped to a card? Therefore it can't be countered but you can use anti-magic arrow instead. Hey trunade is also useful. Or you can run monster cards that can get rid of backrow. For my case, i use bestiari (GB) to get rid of those brain🔥ting beams.
It isnt works against Metalmorph.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
in the battle phase only
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I know. I attacked my opponent, who used metalmorph to defend his monster, but Trap Jammer isnt activated. Yeah, and i set TJ my previous turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
maybe you had toggle button to off
i love this-just in the meta of multiple copies wall of disruptions
Is this card bugged? I had it set for more than 1 turn, attacked with my monster, the opponent activates kunai with chain- I can´t activate it. Did I miss sth. connected with this card?
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Anonymous Reply
its not a bugged you miss your timing please get good and learn more about yugioh
<< Anonymous
Anon Reply
well could you explain to me how i missed the timing? the game usually asks me wether I want to activate a card in response, but it didn´t that time
Pretty much a necessity with the large amount of players using wall of disruption. It's funny for them to think they're invincible behind it
it works just keep using it....
It works, whatever bug it had has been squished, also keep in mind that it cannot be activated the turn in which it is set
This card seems to be working as intended for me. Just remember it cant activate on the same turn it was placed and only during battle.

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