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update 12/04/2017
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Chaotic Compliance is the 7th box introduced in the game, 4th box with 200 packs. With its specialty being special summon, it can help with tribute summons or make some surprise comebacks. This pack also introduces the Psychic archetype into the game and more supports for Gemini, Fusion, and Ritual cards.

Strengthened decks
  • Gemini
  • Psychic
  • Fusion
Apr 4th 2017 ~ ?

Summon Black Luster Soldier!


UR and SR cards

Most of the UR/SR cards aim to help Fusion, Psychic, or Gemini type of decks, but if that doesn't interest you, then there are some noteworthy cards that are quite versatile and can be put in a lot of decks.
Eliminating the League allows you to destroy any face-up monster your opponent controls, Seven Tools of the Bandit is good to stop your opponent from making plays, and Double Summon can let you summon 2 monsters or a level 5/6 in a turn.

Gemini monsters and supports

The main highlight of this pack to help with gemini monsters are definitely Double Summon, Herculean Power, and Superalloy Beast Raptinus. These will make gemini monsters run much faster and have their effects available immediately.

Psychic monsters

Psychic monsters mostly have strong abilities at the cost of using some LP, but with Brain Research Lab, you can summon 2 in a turn and prevent the cost of using LP. Destructotron is definitely a card you will want to get if you want to play psychic monsters.

Boosting ritual decks

With the addition of Gateway to Chaos, this makes it a lot easier to search for ritual spell cards since it's easy to activate, especially since cards like Earth Chant or Contract with the Abyss are already in the game, making ritual decks easier to run.

Other notable cards

Assault on GHQ
Assault on GHQ
Really good in a mill deck with warm worms and hiro shadow scouts.
Lady Assailant of Flames
Lady Assailant of Flames
Banishes your cards to make plays or burn your opponents faster
Gift of the Martyr
Gift of the Martyr
This can help in farming decks. Whether it's union attack, piranha, or cerberus, they can all make good use of this card to reach 10k easier. Second Booster, and Sanguine Swamp can also help with some farm decks as well.
Destruction Jammer
Destruction Jammer
Risky to use because it requires discarding a card from hand but it will ensure your monster won't get destroyed. This will also make summoning Dark Voltanis easier.
Master Kyonshee
Master Kyonshee
A high attack level 4 monster that is more easier to obtain compared to Jerry Beans Man or Dunames Dark Witch.
Array of Revealing Light
Array of Revealing Light
Most LDs uses only certain monster types in their deck. This can help your monster survive more easily and set up some plays.
Gather Your Mind
Gather Your Mind
This can help thin your deck or boost your Cerberus when you use him to farm LDs.
Crystal Seer
Crystal Seer
Very useful to help you draw some cards. This will let you choose which to take compared to cards like Skelengel or Dark Mimic LV1/LV3.

UR cards

SR cards

R cards

N cards




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Hot New Top

Anyone could talk a good deck only with cards from the new pack
<< Anonymous(giovani)
Thex 27days ago Reply
you can play fusion master of oz with both the zombie gemini and normal one and for traps its run 2 magic drain and one 7 tools and one league.
<< Anonymous(giovani)
Anoymous 5days ago Reply
If you threw in some Card Trader cards, you could make a pretty solid Gemini deck, though it would be sorely lacking in backrow.
konami 27days ago
please update card the hunter with 7 weapon
alguem poderia falar um deck bom só com cartas do novo pack
Please update pack ultimate rising
Common Bug
<< Anonymous(Common Bug)
SMSF 31days ago Reply
OP deck:
3 blazewing butterfly
3 woodland archer
3 darkstorm dragon
3 phoenix gearfried
2 fusion sage
3 branch
3 polymerization

3 superalloy beast raptinus

credit: King Halo

use boss gemini to fuse superalloy then blazewing into boss gemini
I just needed Magic Drain and Seven Tools from the URs, and I got them with 173 packs remaining, plus a few SRs (which I didn't need). Should I reset the pack? I need at least 2 Rs (3 copies each) and a Distructotron. Should I reset it?
<< Anonymous(Zeth)
Anoymous Reply
I mean, I'd love to have two copies of Seven tools.
<< Anonymous(Zeth)
Anoymous 29days ago Reply
My strategy when buying a pack is to reset only after I got all UR and SR. This can guarantee I got all the cards.
Any one know what a Eva token is? Or what card is used to get it
<< Anonymous
Rex Power Colt Reply
The effect of the Eva token is explained on the Zeta Reticulant. You have to remove from play a monster your opponent controls while Zeta Reticulant is in the graveyard. Once the token is on the fieled you can use it to tribute summon Zeta or another monster but it will have to be level 5 or 6. In other words you will need more than 1 zeta if you want to take advantage of the card's effect.
I am trying to get gift of martyr... and can't stop getting shitty SR and UR D: gooosh... fuck this pack
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
You must be borderline handicapped if you're pulling just for that card.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
gift of martyr is op as fuc when it comes to farming.
Joey Wheela
Thanks to destruction jammah it countahs ordah to chaj
<< Anonymous(Joey Wheela)
Anoymous Reply
My Yugi deck is almost complete, thanks to Black Luster Soldier, I just need erm... kurriboh and ....
<< Anonymous(YummyYugi)
Anoymous Reply
Not Sphere Kuriboh though.
<< Anonymous
Jamess Reply
Lucky bastard
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
What are the odd of getting those? i have only gotten 1 and ive been playing for months
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Me too
<< Anonymous
Necrophades Reply
Lucky bastards well done... i wish all the BLS were in that rarity

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The skill makes them trash they cant atk So gategardian is better tham those 3 as I know
Will Kaiba not attack suijin with DD?
ultimate rising ultimate rising
PLEASE do that! I'll be looking forward to it with high hopes lol!!
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