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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 23/06/2020

Maju Garzett

Maju Garzett
Monster TypeFiend
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


The ATK of this card becomes equal to the combined original ATK of the 2 monsters you Tributed for the Tribute Summon of this card.

How to get / rarity

PackChaotic Compliance [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Combines the attack of 2 monsters.


  • Requires 2 tributes to summon.
  • Uses BASE(original) attack of the tributed monsters instead of current attack.
  • Only increases attack, defense will stay at 0, making it easily destroyed if switched to defense position.
  • Special summoning this card will have its attack be 0.


  • Double Summon to be able to tribute summon quickly.
  • Tribute summon Summoner of Illusions and a fusion monster to have a high attack monster that doesn't get destroyed after it's summoned.



super evil
Can someone explain the cons of this card? It sounds op.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So I tribute 2 monsters and it combines their attack pts. Am I wrong or would that be a really strong card?
<< Anonymous
Wing Reply
It only add up base atk pt, Malus Token from golden apple give 0 pt to summon this monster.
<< Anonymous(Wing)
Anonymous Reply
I use both in my deck not at the same time usually but Malus Token+Amulet of Ambition=OP my max so far is DM(MT)+Yami+AoA 2500+200+3000 5700 dueling Arkana to get Dark Magician
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Special summoning gives 0 attack, and there's no defense ever without equip spells, which can be taken advantage of by your opponent in a number of ways.
Magic cylinder could easily make you lose the duel if you attack with a maju garzett that has high attack
I like toast
I got it up to 7200 ATK by combining BEWD and Black Luster Soldier and then using Yami and two 500 ATK equip spells

If it's possible to get 2 BEUDs on the field and then combining those, then adding Yami and 2 equip spells, you could get it up to 11200 ATK

Not that that's EVER gonna happen in a real duel, but it's a theory
<< Anonymous(I like toast)
I like toast Reply
If you used 2 X Master of Oz rather than BEUD, it would be 11600
<< Anonymous(I like toast)
ChronoVisuvius Reply
You could fusion summon a blue eyes ultimate dragon then use silver's cry to bring a blue eyes white dragon back then tribute those two and maju garzett has 7400 then you could use solitary sword of poison to double the attack, so it will have 1480 attack
fun fact:this card has uh....
can i combine this card with union attack for gravekeeper vassal? does it will count as "0 atk" added or not?

also it would be nice if i could comebine this card with BEUD & other fusion monster, and add another powerfull monster the next turn to use it with vassal
I was able to get this card up to 6000 attack no problem
Considering we have many spell/trap cards that involves switching position of monsters (econ, etaqua, kuriboh), this card wouldn't be much used.
this with soul exchange was prety nice
does using double coston with this makes the attack just 1700 or 3400 attack?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah would like to know too. Gotta test it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
just tested it: turns out that it's neither. It gains 0 attack for some reason. Guess it's a bug, if it's a feature then it would balance it for being so op.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
man, I was hoping I can use Double Coston to summon this for cheaper cost tbh. :(
<< Anonymous
Loki Reply
The attack is 0 because the effect says that is a combination from the 2 monsters. Since you used just 1, the effect don't applies.
Pretty good imo. Uses original Attack tho afaik, tributed two 1800 fiends while yami was active, got 3800 attack of that (1600*2+ 200[from yami]). Didn't work on itself tho, used a Maju Garzett with about 4500 Attack and that new 1750 vanilla zombie and ended up with 1950 (1750+ 200[yami]). :/
This may actually be a viable farming option for players who couldnt get a union attack

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I'd say wait until stratos comes out. The deck doesn't even run well with 1 stratos, ne...
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