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update 10/05/2017
Available card boxes

Dincontinued pack re-released!

Re-release dateMay 17

Announced on May 10, The Ultimate Rising and Age of Discovery boxes re-released on May 17 in preparation for the Duel Links World Championship Tournament 2017.

Don't forget to claim bonus gems!

The 1st/2nd cardbox cards list:



The Ultimate Rising

The Ultimate Rising is the first box in the game. With cards that can help both new and veteran players alike with its versatility.

Strengthened decks
Status1st Release:
10/25/16 - 03/30/17
2nd Release:
05/17/17 - ??

Notable cards

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Age of Discovery

Strengthened decks
Status1st Release:
12/06/16 - 03/30/17
2nd Release:
05/17/17 - ??

Age of Discovery is the second box introduced in the game, also the first mini box in the game. It gives more water monsters along with the support cards that can make summoning Levia-Dragon - Daedalus to wipe the field easier.


Will cards come back to the game?

These packs will be available again on May 17th, announced officially through the in-game news announcement. This is to prepare players for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links World Champion, as well as helping the Korean players who never got access to the boxes because of their late launch.

Should Gems be spent for them?

Absolutely yes. The 1st expansion, the Ultimate Rising, has a lot of versatile cards represented by Sphere Kuriboh and Order to Charge. The second, Age of Discovery, contains cards necessary to Umi decks, such as Levia-Dragon - Daedalus and Unshaven Angler.


The next booster to be rotated out will most likely be Neo-Impact, together with the mini box Flame of the Tyrant, or just by itself. Like The Ultimate Rising, it also has great cards in it such as Mirror Wall, Senju of the Thousand Hands, and many other useful SR cards.

Plan which packs to roll by knowing what cards to aim for. Check out the Reroll Tier List to get an idea.

Disclaimer: This is merely a prediction. The next box to be rotated is yet to be revealed officially.


Hot New Top
Anoymous 2days ago
Konami please forward the date of pack ultimate rissing and age descovery
Anoymous 4days ago
160 packs pulled out of the 200, still no SK nor OTC nor Twister
Anoymous 7days ago
Managed to pull four URs (S. Kuriboh, Fusion Gate, Magic Arm Shield, Autonomous Action Unit) and two SRs (Twister, 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom) 29 packs into Ultimate Rising. Thank you, based Konami.
Yeye 14days ago
They should do a mode without these fuckings kuriboh, order to charge, mirror wall and all the other dead ass bitch cards, I never play with them it's just the fuckin level zero of creativity
<< Anonymous(Yeye)
Yeyegay 9days ago Reply
You would get trashed
<< Anonymous(Yeye)
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
Lol so triggered
<< Anonymous(Yeye)
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Yeye)
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
Not the cards it's that they need to make the deck size the same as in official tournament 40-60 no less if they did that would give more a chance to use other cards that just don't get used because everybody is building 20 card decks!
MissCookiez 8days ago
They need to ban Mirror wall or raise the starting life points so players have a chance to survive the next turn. I can see everything wrong with the pvp meta considering there is no main phase two makes it worse. Certain skills need to be banned from PVP it makes it unfair and unskillful, I'm about to rightfully win and a skill activates on his turn so he can draw a card that suddenly gives my opponent advantage and they win cause of the skill other wise they would have lost.
<< Anonymous(MissCookiez)
Blabla 7days ago Reply
Yeah man totally
<< Anonymous(Blabla)
Blabla 7days ago Reply
But for skills and fast game play, they are part of the concept, maybe they will create a normal mode in the future but right now this format is the signature of duel links
Anoymous 13days ago
They told us they discontinued the packs. Now they bring it back? Then why discontinued in the first place ? Don't you guys feel cheated by konami? They basically eat their words. Its barely 2 mths.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 13days ago Reply
because its unfair for new players especially korean gamers who just got the app in their app store. They have a disadvantage without kuriboh in relinquish decks. (And the world tournament is soon...)
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 12days ago Reply
Also they want to make money (and I don't blame them for that). If they say "Hey, these boxes soon won't be available anymore for an unspecified period of time" then a lot of people will probably spend money to get the remaining rare cards they need.
<< Anonymous
Boxman 8days ago Reply
Yes thats the keyword. They wanna make "money" from us. I dislike their attitude towards this. They can bring in any excuses (cups,cater for players, anniversary..) to discont, re-release boxes whenever they like it. We are the suckers aren't we? :p
Droghon 8days ago
Dia 17 de Maio? Na minha caixa de correio diz 16/05...?
<< Anonymous(Droghon)
kfkg 8days ago Reply
foda viu
Atem 13days ago
Why don't they just leave them my god
<< Anonymous(Atem)
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
Koman coloca logo sa poraa de peck mano pfv não agumeto mais sepera poraa e tira esi evento e coloca o kaiba ?
Anoymous 9days ago
Should I save my gems for this, or buy from Valkerie's Rage to get SE?
Anoymous 9days ago
going for my 3rd kuriboh
Yobo 13days ago
remember guys, Axe Raider is an UR.
time to get 2nd n 3rd OTC!!!
<< Anonymous(Yobo)
Anonymous Replyer 13days ago Reply
Why is it considered an UR? Warrior Dai Grepher is better and easier to achieve.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous Replyer)
Anoymous 13days ago Reply
because back then only 1 card pack existed and 1700 was highest atk monster, times have changed... remember this is the first card pack..
<< Anonymous(Yobo)
Anoymous 12days ago Reply
The first card pack doesn't have Grepher and the Axe Raider has the highest atk when the first 2 packs came out last year. Of course, META has been changing and it's expected this to happen.
<< Anonymous(Yobo)
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
and cosmo queen (2900 atk) normal hahaha
Anoymous 10days ago
I really hope Konami could put a decent gems farming mean in the game. The weekly KoG doesn't nearly give enough for one 10 packs pull, nor batling and hoping for gems against AI.
Once you have all characters maxed out and at stage 60, you are hard trying like a dog...

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Cerebus deck. Problem solved
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