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Yeye 16days ago
They should do a mode without these fuckings kuriboh, order to charge, mirror wall and all the other dead ass bitch cards, I never play with them it's just the fuckin level zero of creativity
Anoymous 16days ago
I'm such a Yugioh hipster, I only play bad cards.
<< Anonymous
Yeye 14days ago
No but I guess I easily f*ck you with my doomsday horror deck since you seem so intellectually developed ...

And talking about hipsters in 2017 come on you're life must be so f*ckin boring if u consider this seriously
<< Anonymous(Yeye)
Yeyegay 11days ago
You would get trashed
Anoymous 11days ago
Lol so triggered
Anoymous 10days ago
Anoymous 10days ago
Not the cards it's that they need to make the deck size the same as in official tournament 40-60 no less if they did that would give more a chance to use other cards that just don't get used because everybody is building 20 card decks!



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Also if I am not mistaken, Double Summon by itself should allow you the ability to tribute summon...
"Nutrient Z can only be activated if you are about to take at least 2,000 damage or more, ei...
Sounds like a best case scenario. They have no way of stopping monster effects and Curse of Royal.
exactly, and the damage will feel as a direct atack anyways lol
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