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Anonymous 7days ago
Can someone please tell me are there monsters with similar effects to bacon saver and necro gardna I can use?
Yami Aster 8days ago
I feel like I have finally added enough balance to speed this deck up and give it better defenses, but am still not completely sure about the s/t mix. I made it to Legend 2 with this but I feel like I am getting cold feet again and don't know if I should try to keep going or not. Is there anything different you would add here? I always feel like I'm going to get dueling PTSD whenever I get a big losing streak after a big winning one and I don't know how to make myself keep trying! Please help!
<< Anonymous(Yami Aster)
Yami Aster 8days ago Reply
Deck:1amazoness onslaught 1amazoness willpower 2world legacy clash 1floodgate 2WOD 2princess 1queen 1dd assailant 1ddwarrior 2warriorladyofwasteland 1paladin 1tiger 1nightbeam 1dimensional prison 1sage 1drowning mirror force
xitos 13days ago
Hello everyone, I just started the game and I would like to know what to buy to make a deck without money, I have 4000 gems
<< Anonymous(xitos)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Red-Eyes is as good a starter as you're likely to find anywhere. It's relatively inexpensive and has enough power to see you through the early legs of the game, plus some good support cards become accessible early on. There should be a Red-Eyes structure deck for sale, (assuming it hasn't gone away yet, haven't played in a bit), that should serve as a good start, then you can go from there.
Anonymous 11days ago
Hey everyone,
I'm trying to build a Red-Eyes deck but I'm not sure which deck recipe to base the rough structure on. Anyone have any preferences between the Fusion, Slash, or B. Dragon combo decks? Or is there a style that I'm overlooking? Thanks for the help!
JuanKaTo 31days ago
Hi there.
I'm trying to build a AG deck, as strong as posible, what are your suggestions.
<< Anonymous(JuanKaTo)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Play 20 cards in your deck. Consistency is key. I would make the deck focus more on getting reactor dragon out. So remove golem + poly + frame + beast. Maybe add a planet pathfinder to search for field spell.
shinjing 14days ago
Good day duelists,
I'm trying to create gem knight fusion deck but lacking in trap card imo. any recommendation to improve this?
<< Anonymous(shinjing)
shinjing 14days ago Reply
extra deck
when I see a deck list that has a "side deck" consisting of spells does that mean that they're adding five extra cards to the main deck section? I don't see a side deck option in this game, only an extra deck that uses extra deck monsters
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Side decks are only used in best of 3 matches, where people can bring a certain number of “extra” card to separate from their real deck, and switch out cards between your real and side deck between games depending on the matchup.

Ex: If I were playing against a deck with heavy backrow, I might sidedeck a few copies of Cosmic or Galaxy Cyclone to swap in if my deck doesn’t deal well with that
Any Filipino Player here?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
really.. but your the dumbest. Hahahahahahah
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Meh... Y u guys fighting only on internet? Just be patient, if 🔥head ppl like you keep doing trash talk. I assure we will confront WW III ;)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But seriously, are there any players from the Philippines here? I haven't dueled anyone from PH ever.
<< Anonymous
FilGal Reply
I faced one a player from the Philippines on Sunday. And I'm from the same country. So there :P
taga-Iloilo ko bai :P
I need to build a good deck for eatos
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Try Madolches or a Synchro deck.
C'mon guys! CAN SOMEONE ANSWER ME PLEASE!! I need help! Should I stick to a Silent Swordsman Deck?? I have tried a few of them I saw on youtube and the crystal beast one. Is it worth it or should I go to another one like an ancient gear deck?
<< Anonymous(Mr.T)
Anonymous Reply
Let go
<< Anonymous(Mr.T)
Anonymous Reply
You can just use amazoness Silent Swordsman version which is pretty common. I dislike them but meh. Ancient Gears are fun and can win games easy but prepare to brick. It's up to you really.
Any tips and advices for upgrades age appreciated ✌ Thanks
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
I really do dislike your deck but I suppose you can drop 1 guardian and replace it with another trap hole or econ.
This is gonna sound stupid but i still use a gusto synchro deck. Its definitely not very good no more and i got mudt over 3000 gems, do yall no if theres any better decks i can make?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you want a fun rogue deck like gusto try Spell Counters. One of my favorite decks is a lvl 7 Synchro turbo deck that mainly focuses on summoning Arcanite Magician and occasionally Ancient Fairy Dragon or Naturia Landoise (galaxy cyclone works well with him). With the right setup you can easily nuke your opponents board.

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