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Anonymous 1days ago
<< Anonymous
Dank Magician 1days ago Reply
This is extremely bricky, focus on either SS or SM rather than both, otherwise you can easily draw into cards you can't special summon. Switch form LP Boost to literally anything else, that skill is useless.

Seven Tools isn't that good in this deck or most in that case,use Anti-Magic Arrows or Hey, Trunade! if you want to get rid of backrow while also being able to summon your monsters freely.
twloha 2days ago
Needing overall help building a deck that'll beat the current Six Sam Shien meta which won't 100% break the bank, cheers! x
Anonymous 5days ago
I was looking for some advice on my Blue-Eyes Cosmo Brain deck.

I have:

3 X Dragon Spirit of White
3 X Blue-Eyes White Dragon
2 X Cosmo Brain
3 X Protector with Eyes of Blue
2 X The White Stone of Legend
2 X Kidmodo Dragon

2 X Bingo Machine
3 X Ancient Rules

1 X Treacherous Trap Hole
2 X Birthright (using this because I couldn't get any Silver's Cry)

2 X Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon
1 X Stardust Dragon
1 X Giganticastle
DrWho345 7days ago
I have never done this before, hope I am doing it correctly. Need build advice if I can improve on my deck

1x Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon
1x Ancient Gear Golem Ultimate Pound
2x Ancient Gear Golem
1x Kaibaman
1x Ancient Gear Hydra
1x Ancient Gear Frame
1x Ancient Gear Wyvern
1x Garoth Lightsworn Warrior
3x Wind-Up Warrior
1x Blue Eyes White Dragon
1x Opticlops
1x Geartown
1x Polymerization
1x Ancient Gear Fortress
1x Ancient Gear Factory
1x Cup of Ace
1x Widespread Ruin
1x Rainbow Life
3x Wall of Disruption
1x Time Machine
3x Overwind
2x Spikeshield with Chain
1x Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem
<< Anonymous(DrWho345)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
To make it more easy to understand we'll use maths:
20 card deck - 4 in your opening hand = 16 cards remaining.
Imagine your deck has 3 BEWD, 3 Ancient Rules, and 3 Kaibaman.
Your opening hand is 1 BEWD and 3 other useless cards.
So if you draw Ancient Rules or Kaibaman in your next draw you can get your BEWD on the board.
The chance of getting a BEWD is 6/16, a 37.5%. That's over 1/3.
<< Anonymous(DrWho345)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
But if your deck was just 1 copy of each card, your chance of getting the card you want drops to 1/16, a 6.25%.
<< Anonymous
DrWho345 6days ago Reply
Thanks for that, only time I have ever understood percentages or math in my entire life!!! I don't know for sure if I want to play BEWD, I only have Kaibaman and BEWD if I get bricked (It has saved me quite a bit in duels) if I leave them in, are there any cards in my current deck I should I get rid of? to better run Ancient?
<< Anonymous(DrWho345)
JayJ 6days ago Reply
Here's an example of what AG builds, try to pick 20 card but it's gonna be bloody expensive

Core cards:
3 Reactor Dragon
3 Wyvern
3 Gear Town
3 Fortress

Pick 3-6 depending on your choice
1-3 Galaxy Cyclone
1-3 Double Cyclone

Tech cards, pick what fits your style
1-2 Breaker the MW
3 Canadia
3 Floodgate TH
1-3 Cipher Soldier (Six Sams Vietnam flashbacks)
1-2 Econs
1-2 Bad Aim
Anonymous 14days ago
How good is Relinquished Deck at the moment? Haven't played in a while..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Ritual spell gets negated by shien
Relinquished gets blown up by maximus

<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Relinquished gets:
Nuked by maximus
Nuked by survivals end
Nuked by vampire kingdom
Nuked by donpa
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
This pretty much sums up reliquenished decks
Anonymous 26days ago
Can anyone help me out and give an opinion on this SSA deck? I have 3x Genex Undine but I HATE bricking with genex controller, so I came up with this build, which got me to Legend 3. What could improve? Thank you
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
First, you need to properly give your deck profile because I don't know there are 3 genex controller. See below how I can help.

If you don't rely so much on synchro like you need it during 1st or 2nd turn, then have 2 genex controller. If you do, you need to cut/lower certain tuners that don't go for a synchro monster you mostly need.
imaad 26days ago
So i want to build a deck around my dark magician for yami yugi or arcana and i dont what what packs i need for these types of decks. Could some people give me some ideas?
<< Anonymous(imaad)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Pretty much all the Dark Magician support comes from level ups and Events :)
Anonymous 26days ago
No, Play Aromage Synchro.
I am a returning user. I wanna build a deck but I don't know anything about it now. I have cards mostly from first packs.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fur hires if you want the cheapest option that does decent in ranks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Thank you i will try to obtain that cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Clash of Wings is the pack you want.

Also you'll need some heavy backrow support too these days.
Anonymous 31days ago
Please correct my antimeta build
Deck geteilt! #DuelLinks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Post a screenshot buddy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
3 Justice Bringer
3 aurora paragon
2 wildheart
1 cosmic cyclone
2 e-con
3 power of the guardian
1 d-prision
1 widespread ruin
1 sakuretsu armour
1 bad aim
2 order of the emperor
Skill is balance
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Get rid of power of guardian, d prison, widespread, armour,
Maybe more cyclones, xin zan hu for backrow disruption.
Wild heart, Tenkabito Shien + needle ceiling is a good way to get rid of opponent monsters before they battle you.
so I want to build a Good Plant deck and I have 3 copies of spore, carrot, and all sylvans, is there any thing I can do with this?
<< Anonymous(beginner )
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Just build a sylvan deck
I need advice on how to balance my deck
<< Anonymous(Jill)
Anonymous Reply
Use "Balance" skill to balance your deck...JK

Post your deck, then we can try to help.

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