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Anonymous 15hour ago
White Night Dragon's effect makes it immune to targeting Spells/Traps. Can I tribute a Normal monster to special summon it from the GY with Symbols of Duty (targeting Spell)?
GodOfJokers 4days ago
Just trying to make a good solid deck and I suck at deck construction. Would someone be kind enough to go over my cards with me and make a deck profile?
<< Anonymous(GodOfJokers)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
First, what good cards you do have?
Anonymous 27days ago
I want to make a Quintet Magician deck, but I have a few questions before I dump my gems into it.

How many copies of Quintet Magician should I put in my deck?

Should I run a 20 card deck for a 30 card deck with That Grass looks Greener in it?

What % of my deck should be Fusion-related cards like Magicalized Fusion and Necro Fusion?

Which specific Spellcaster archetype should I run?
<< Anonymous
RisingForce 13days ago Reply
Gravekeeper is the best for quintet.
I think Ritual Beasts are a very good deck. They topped 2 tournaments already and I just reached King of Games with day, it's the 8th day of the month so it's safe to say the deck is powerful enough, I could have done it earlier but I didn't have much time to play.

It's also easy to build.
<< Anonymous(M@verick)
Knightngale 23days ago Reply
What cards are you running I have all the spiritual beast cards and It’s gotten me to legend but I keep running into inconsistencies in the deck like sometimes I’ll open up with elder other times I won’t is there a solution to this and I do not have a gold sarc.
Anonymous 24days ago
What's better; Wall of Disruption or Paleozoic Hallucigenia? I have 2 of each and want to know which to add to my Auto-Duel deck.
Anonymous 26days ago
Monsters (13)
Gem-Knight Alexandrite (x3)
Gem-Knight Garnet (x3)
Gem-Knight Tourmaline (x3)
Gem-Knight Emerald (x2)
Gem-Knight Sardonyx (x2)

Spells (3)
Gem-Knight Fusion (x3)

Traps (4; already have all of these)
Wall of Disruption (x2)

Widespread Ruin (x2)

Extra Deck (5)
Gem-Knight Citrine
Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant Diamond
Gem-Knight Prismaura
Gem-Knight Ruby
Gem-Knight Zirconia

Is this worth putting gems into for an auto-duel deck? I can't afford masked HERO and Gem-Knights seem similar enough for auto-dueling.
<< Anonymous(Mr.T)
Anonymous Reply
Six sams, Koaki Neos, Red eyes - good penetrate decks

Subterror, if you are lucky with your draws
<< Anonymous(Mr.T)
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Blackwings and Darklords, the game is full of those as/sholes
Anonymous 27days ago
Trying to get a better deck, this is basic building blocks, mainly use for auto duel. Any suggestions for improvements?
Hi there.
I'm trying to build a AG deck, as strong as posible, what are your suggestions.
<< Anonymous(JuanKaTo)
Anonymous Reply
Play 20 cards in your deck. Consistency is key. I would make the deck focus more on getting reactor dragon out. So remove golem + poly + frame + beast. Maybe add a planet pathfinder to search for field spell.
<< Anonymous(JuanKaTo)
Mr.T 28days ago Reply
2- reactor
2-breaker the magical warrior
3- wyvern
3- galaxy cyclone
3- gear town
2- cyclones
2- AG Fortress
2- canadia
1- trap ( could be trech or magical hat)

thats my AG deck and its gotten me to Legend
Yami Aster
<< Anonymous(Yami Aster)
Yami Aster Reply
Invoked Amazoness: 2Aleister, 1Paladin, 2Princess, 1Queen, 1Sage, 1Tiger, 2Snowmaneater, 2Invocation, 1D.prison, 1Drowning m.f, 2Floodgate, 2WOD, 1Willpower, 1Onslaught
<< Anonymous(Yami Aster)
Yami Aster Reply
Extra deck: 3 Magellanica, 3 Cocytus (maybe I should add Caliga anyway?)
<< Anonymous(Yami Aster)
Yami Aster 28days ago Reply
Edit: Aaand...the deck does not work good like this after testing. Minus 1 Aleister, 1 Invocation, drop the snowmen and go back to 2 Warrior Lady of Wasteland. The deck was way too slow, so just one of each Aleister and Invocation is fine.
Hey guys I wanted to build a good warrior deck revolving around the silent swordsmen and turret warrior any advice??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Focus on well supported Silent Swordsman. Turret warrior is just a big beater.
Can someone please tell me are there monsters with similar effects to bacon saver and necro gardna I can use?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Drastic Reply
Right now those are the only ones i'm aware of. Sphere Kuriboh does something similar, but it goes off in hand rather than grave. Until we get cards like Swift Scarecrow and Battle Fader, these are the best we've got.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Kyoko Reply
Aqua Armor Ninja also have similar effect, but must have another ninja card in GY to use it.

Electromagnetic Turtle have better effect than bacon saver but not in DL yet.

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I was wondering where to get that card and I meant if we can use it now?
Nope,i've tried to summon gaia tfk (not the arisen) but i still cant summon him in graveyard...
Well i can't deny that, but this event feels very lazy/boring to me. Well i was just a littl...
Even with FM on field it will not activate
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