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Anyone made a good Masked Hero Dian/Elemental Hero Solidman deck yet? I managed to pull both solidman and Dian from my F2P gems and was hoping to make something with them
<< Anonymous
Lovely Aster 21days ago Reply
I don't know if it will help, but I made this recently. I am still testing it. Unfortunately, I only have 2 dian right now. I thought of putting vyon and anki in here instead of goka and the other blazeman, but I worry about consistency. I might try solid soldier. Balance is the skill because even with 9 monsters before, I could not start with or draw one to save my life.
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Lovely Aster 21days ago Reply
Edit: I meant to say I might try core for the fusion deck. Hope this helps.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22hour ago Reply
You could mix Solidman and Dian w/ D Heroes & Aniki. Solidman is better replacement for Drill, allowing you to special any lvl 4 hero monster and giving option of getting either Dian or Aniki out as needed if you have a dark monster to special with Solid. The real issue is balancing it out. 3x Solid 2x Decider 2x Celestial, 1x Vyon sounds good, and Vyon can be used to mill Celestial/aniki target.
BraveCmdr 1days ago
What are some fun budget/mid range decks to play at the moment? I have an ok collection of cards. I've beem playing on and off over the pass year.
<< Anonymous(BraveCmdr)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
You can check the tier list
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
So I just started playing this game two weeks ago, so I'm WAY behind. I was able to get to gold 2 with a random deck I created. Just looking for any advice.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I know right! It's not even borderline funny.. ugh. Eccentric player J can't stop blabbering, he beat all moms in the world with this eulogy of him. What died? well anyone should notice..manhood probably got shafted a long time ago and he still doesn't notice since he has to talk eccentric stuffs for hours.. :p
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
This is kinda hardcore lmao
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Man, this brings back a bit of nostalgia! What a retard Player J is, he only planned to explain what is a "beatdown" deck at first, and look what he did... converted to 1 million rolls of toilet paper in written form. I can't...!
<< Anonymous(Legendology)
Kroisos 10days ago Reply
In my opinion the best deck to invest as a starter is amazones, so i think is best to buy valiant souls packs... Amazones is viable to play with 2 princess, on slaught and amazonnes warriors if you put some weaker amazones with them. To sum up, you dont have to invest a lot to make a good for starters deck and you can improve it on the way
Anonymous 15days ago
Is there by any chance an option creating a reliable stardust dragon deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
For now, one of the easiest deck to summon Stardust properly is Dragunity, but in DL format with 4000 LP, people will usually favor keeping Vajrayana on the field either for OTK.
Pumpkingdom deck 15days ago
Are there any decks for fun including pumking cards and zombies ???
<< Anonymous(Pumpkingdom deck)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
For Zombies, The Il Blud swarm deck, with despair of the dark and continuous spell (Call of the Mummy?) that special summons zombies. Pumpking is slow, or maybe pair it with Pumpprincess.
Anonymous 16days ago
What are some easy to get generic Level 8 Synchros that Scraps can get out with their Earth-attribute spam? One that can mill my deck would be ideal, but I'm guessing that'd be a UR or something if Konami was dumb enough to put one in.
Lovely Aster 21days ago
I can't seem to find example decks or any discussion about this kind of deck anywhere. So I thought I'd ask here. Is this not worth running with the changes to cyber style now? Also, I have limited resources. Those are the only good paleozoic I have, and I only have 2 witch raider and 1 cosmic cyclone. Should I throw a destiny hero in here to make up for it or add/take out anything else? Please help.
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
No, throwing other destiny heroes into this deck just reduces its consistency.
Try to add other good traps and powerful Amazoness monsters instead!
<< Anonymous
Lovely Aster 21days ago Reply
I cant seem to get it rolling . any suggestions
<< Anonymous
Another Anon Reply
Are you trying to build a luster soldier deck? Here's my luster deck from few months ago. You can have fun with them but don't expect high competence in current meta.

Luster - dark
Luster - light
Chaos Hunter
Dark nephthys
Destiny hero dasher
Dawn knight
Bacon saver
A/D changer
Grass looks greener
Flood gate
Beginning of heaven & earth

+ back row removal/ AMA
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
sry to be rude. your deck doesn't work.

if you want to build a luster soldier deck, i would suggest;
1) Fusion; Red-Eye Slash
2) Sychro: Junk Berserk

Junk Berserk can banish a monster, and
Red-eye slash could bring back luster solider from graveyard.

i combine both since Red-eye slash could equip Junk Berserk as well.

this is play4fun deck, don't expect high competence in current meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the zombie paladin, snipe hunter, thunder dragon (to balance dark and light in gy, also thins your deck out), ehhhm, you could also use kuribohs and maybe 1 bacon saver, you could also use samurai skull(unsure about this but it mills dark or zombie).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Run Darkflare Dragons. Cut the level 8 bls and run 3 evening twilights. 3 Dawn Knights are good too. Run 3 Thunder Dragons and a couple of dark monsters with gy effects and grass looks greener (with other cards with GY effects like Skill Succesor). Dunno what else.
Water Dragon 30days ago
is there any good water dragon decks ???
What do you think about this? I use the Sylvan cards to cycle through but the deck is focused on getting Marina out. What would you change?
So I’ve been tinkering with a Transcendent Crystals Sea Stealth attack deck. Ideally was thinking of discarding Deuteron where I could special summon another and bring out Citadel Whale faster. This is what Ive so far:
3 Citadel Whales
2 Fisherman no. 2
2-3 Deuterons
2 Crystal Beast
2 Atlantian Warrior (ALO tutor)
3 A Legendary Ocean
2 Enemy controller
2 Sea Stealth
Being having mixed success due to bad hands, any advice is welcomed
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you're using Trans Crystals, might as well put in a copy or two of crystal rageki to make use of the crystal beasts.
Also always use 3 pegasus.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Forgot to type them thanks yeah been running around 2-3 pegasus and rageki
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Gennex Undine and Gennex Controller are both water and the two of them combo well
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Genex controller is dark though.
Cyber monkey
I'm new at playing vampires and I just build my first deck with them and was wondering if I need to change or add anything using monstermorph evolution because I don't have sealed tombs or bandit yet.
<< Anonymous(Cyber monkey )
Anonymous Reply
Use LP boost or "I'm not done yet"

Why use monstermorph when vamp needs to be normal summoned to have her effect activated.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Vamp can also trigger her effect when other vampire is normal summoned
<< Anonymous(Cyber monkey )
Anonymous Reply
Try switcheroo if you have it

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