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Anonymous 7hour ago
What skill should I use with this deck?
Cyber monkey 1days ago
I'm new at playing vampires and I just build my first deck with them and was wondering if I need to change or add anything using monstermorph evolution because I don't have sealed tombs or bandit yet.
<< Anonymous(Cyber monkey )
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Use LP boost or "I'm not done yet"

Why use monstermorph when vamp needs to be normal summoned to have her effect activated.
Light 10days ago
So I made a comment with “my nigga” and it gets removed, but not the one where I literally told someone to kill themselves. These gameA mods are really bad lol
<< Anonymous(Light)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
I <3 them. :)
Anonymous 11days ago
How can I improve this deck?
<< Anonymous
Another Anon 11days ago Reply
My build:

M: HQueen HDancer CyberHarpie Birdface
S: HHGx2, any quick spell, big bang shot
T: powerful rebirth, wild tornado, any other staples you have

Tweak it any way you like. Good against heavy backrow opponents but weak against heavy beater with minimum backrow.
Light 16days ago
Idk why but I really want to try to build a half decent laval deck. Is there anything that could be added to the garbaj gameA one to make it better?
<< Anonymous(Light)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
>greentexting on GameA

wtf is wrong with us
<< Anonymous(Light)
WhaNOLRdius 15days ago Reply
Nothing is, your just being you
<< Anonymous(Light)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Can't build a "half" decent laval deck? C'mon, like how brain dead can you be?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Greentexting is literally just making a list of things that happened, using > instead of *
GDIAlien 13days ago
Hey, so I used to play this game, but im just not very good. Any beginner decks for pvp? If I need to get any cards from any decks I can do that. Thx in advance
<< Anonymous(GDIAlien)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Maybe try Aromage, nearly all the cards for the deck are from Card Trader, you just need to add staple backrow cards from packs.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Other good cheap deck is Aquaactress, it's from a main box but the monsters and continuous spells are just R and N rarity. The only hard part is getting Wetlands field spell for the deck. If you make a new account, check if the SR tickets you get has Wetlands in them. Otherwise you have to get the Ranked SR ticket for it.
Anonymous 13days ago
Hey guys. I would like some advice about my dragon deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
I'm not sure if Ancient Rules has any use there considering you have other ways to SS Blue-Eyes and that most of your deck is not a Normal monster anyway.
Please help, I thought I had good cards but they rarely help me win.
What should I remove/add?
<< Anonymous
Herr Geld Reply
Add Ancient rules and Enemy controller
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You have too many cards in the Deck and a lot of cards that you do not need within this deck. There are many better cards out now in the boxes for Blue-Eyes which is called "Stardust Acceleration". You can read the cards from the box before buying the packs from this box, so that you can be sure that you could get the cards that you need to summon Blue-Eyes much faster an quicker with combinations
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
tips: play cosmo, try to get arcana and to lvl 20 as fast as possible(main focus)!!
before that, use R-tickets on ancient rules
unluck mokuba for 2nd BEWD
get econ from SR-ticket or farm.
try to get more birthright(so to 2) where you have WoD in same box or just go straight for silver's cry.
uses your N-tickets on rabitdragon.
use 2+ dragon spirit of white.
get anti-magic arrow: SR-ticket
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
He does not have to many cards he just needs a better deck 20 card decks should not be allowed any further
Hey guys, well 5D's are finally here and here goes...I want to get a little more serious and try to reach KOG, I currently have ard 20k gems and I need to start spending. I have the majority of staples such as canadia, mirror f, wall d, fgate, cosmic, rebirth, galaxy c, etc...but I have not faithfully settled on any specific archetype, I have 2 megalos and one of the rest mermails and one of all U.A. on 92 pulls from the gaia box and an assortment of other UR and SR from other boxes. I am unsure if I should open the newest synchro support box...anyway any and all suggestions please....
<< Anonymous
MyOpinion Reply
if u r f2p, spend gem on the type that you will keeps playing... such as dragons, fiend, warrior, fusion, ritual...etc.

example archetype; Gravekeepers, Sylvan, Cyber Angel are all forgotten.

Also, fusion & synchro are similar, it highly depend on the extra deck monsters, but synchro monster fit in any archetype deck.

Conclusion, spend on something can use as long term or upgrade. eg: cosmic
<< Anonymous
WhaNOLRdius 15days ago Reply
I still use sylvans a bit. Only for farming though, if I feel cancerous for farming I'll use AutoShark
Anonymous 16days ago
Anyone has ever dueled a free to play player online.Like what the hell everyone has like 3 Wod,3 mirror wall , 3 drowning like what the fly mod fry fish
<< Anonymous
WhaNOLRdius 15days ago Reply
I only have 1 WoD and 1 mirror wall
God this shows that f2p gets nowhere and people are salty about easy decks to kill
Any Filipino Player here?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
he spoke borneo u dumb
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
really.. but your the dumbest. Hahahahahahah
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Meh... Y u guys fighting only on internet? Just be patient, if shithead ppl like you keep doing trash talk. I assure we will confront WW III ;)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
But seriously, are there any players from the Philippines here? I haven't dueled anyone from PH ever.
Roy 28days ago
Hey y'all. I'm trying this toon/SB mash up. I still need spellbook organisation. Should I run a 21 card deck or should I take one out?
If you have any other tips that would be appreciated!
<< Anonymous(Roy)
Roy 28days ago Reply
Since I'm too stupid to immediately add a picture..

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