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Anonymous 5hour ago
BUIlt a kidmodo deck, which in itself may have been a mistake, used pretty much all my gems on it so I’m all in lol. It just seems to brick a lot. Is this the archetype itself or my build? Any help is awesome
3x kidmodo
3x vanguard
3x blue eyes
2x blue dragon summoner
1x kaibaman
3x Econ
1x stamping destruction
1x nobleman of extermination
1x champions vigilance
1x trap hammer
1x metalmorph
Anonymous 10hour ago
Hey guys really struggling to build a decent deck. Got quite a few good cards but am free to play and a lot of decks I see use a lot of multiples of pack sr and ur cards. Any ideas of decks that predominately/only use cards from farming and/or any common or rare cards from packs. Have a few good cards from packs for reference as well, 2 mirror wall, 1 sphere kuribo, nobleman of extermination, stamping destruction, champions vigilance, order to charge. Ps any card trader cards or ticket cards are fine. Thanks heaps, any suggestion welcome :)
<< Anonymous
Aquablast 9hour ago Reply
You might not have a lot of gems now, but events will keep coming, and you should be able to build up 500 gems quite regularly. Farmable cards are fine, but it will be a challenge to compete mainly using those cards... Except Cyber Angel and maybe Ancient Gear. D-Hero seems promising too, if you can get its structure deck. Blue-Eyes is pretty easy to get out with Kaibaman and Kidmondo Dragon...
<< Anonymous
Aquablast 9hour ago Reply
... Yeah, okay, I take back what I said about farmable-only cards. You could also consider building a dinosaur beatdown deck. Sabersaurus is only an R in a mini-box. Or maybe a Flying Fish deck? Golden Flying Fish is only an N, Oyster Meister is an R Rank Duel Ticket Reward, Hammer Shark is from Card Trader. And while going for Flying Fish, you might get enough cards for Alien.
<< Anonymous
Aquablast 9hour ago Reply
Btw, as for Cyber Angel... just because 3 Senju is nice doesn't mean you *need* them. The important thing is you can get the CA rituals/monsters from farming, and Cyber Petite Angel from leveling up. I'm sure you can make do with the rest using creative thinking or good luck. Oh, and I forgot to mention all of the Aromage key cards can be obtain via Card Trade. That might be worth a try too.
LordZingo 17days ago
Is this a good deck? It seems to be the deck that wins the most, but I wanted some critic on my deck and if it needs improving or not.

Skill: Draw sense- High Level


1x Elemental hero neos alius
1x Magical something
1x Man-eater bug
1x Sphere kuriboh
1x BOXer
1x Buster Blader
1x Dark Magician
1x Vorse raider
2x Gil Garth
1x Battle ox
1x Jerry beans man
1x Cosmic Cyclone
1x Supervise
1x Symbols of duty
1x Black pendant
1x Big Bang Shot
1x Polymerization
1x Shard of greed
1x Wall of disruption
1x Dark Paladin
<< Anonymous(LordZingo)
Anonymous 22hour ago Reply
If your focus is to make a fusion deck, run more fusion variented monsters instead of lvl 4 SR monsters that arent going to do much for you. Examples are king of the swamp, HEX monster cards that can be used as fusion sub, run search cards for buster blader like emblem of dragon destroyer, take out cards that wont do much for your fusion deck like man eater bug
<< Anonymous(LordZingo)
Aquablast 10hour ago Reply
Right now your deck is just a lot of beatdown with little defense or S/T removing ability. Nothing wrong with a beatdown deck... but you might encounter trouble against combo that could clear your field or a really strong monster. Dark Paladin seems to be your best card, so I agree with the guy above-- focusing on getting it out is probably good.
<< Anonymous(LordZingo)
Aquablast 9hour ago Reply
Consider using Blue Dragon Summoner-- it will let you search for both Buster Blader AND Dark Magician. You can get Blue Dragon Summoner from the Card Trader. You could consider getting some 4* dragon beater like Luster Dragon to enhance your Dark Paladin, or Mirage Dragon to help against traps in battle. Finally I would take out Supervise. Not much point using it if you only have 1 Gemini Monster.
Anonymous 10days ago
Is running 3 Saffiras instead of 3 Senjus still good?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
I feel like three senjus it’s best because it’s a searcher whereas Saffira is not. And sometimes you’ll want dakini for Certain situations
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22hour ago Reply
run 2 Saffira and 3 Senju. If you dont have senju, run gishki chain or sonic bird. at least then you can search something.
Anonymous 1days ago
trying to level up ishizu, any good pvp decks that make use of her skills? don't have many cards for meta decks aside from sylvans
Anonymous 2days ago
May the God Cards forgive me for my sins I have made by coming up with this's the list I have so far:

Odion w/ Chain Reaction

Lava Golem x1
Big Shield Gardna x3
Des Feral Imp x3
Labyrinth Wall x1

Enemy Controller x3

Intrigue Shield x1
Draining Shield x1
Wall of Disruption x3
Spikeshield with Chain x3
Interdimensional Matter Transporter x1

Cards I've been considering are "Staunch Defender" for more aggressiveness, and "Good Goblin Housekeeping" for draw power.

What can I do to improve upon this sinful deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
use another lava golem :D
Helxabe 4days ago
Building an SSA deck. I have fallen to platnum 1 but have reached platnum 4 this season. My goal every season is to do one rank better so I am aiming for legend. I am a f2p player and just reset abyss encounters. Any advice on strategy for how to play this/any cards to add or swap out. Thanks.
<< Anonymous(Helxabe)
Beautunaful Fish 4days ago Reply
- Gishki Chain is a good replacement when lacking a third Abyss soldier.
- Skreech (1x) is a good whale searcher/discarder.
- Lastly, a potent and game-changing backrow is needed. 1x Divine Wrath is a very strong insurance. Since Whale can negate most Quick-play spells, it's a preference between spell or trap negation. For Cosmic Cyclone, use 1x Magic Jammer. For Ultimate Providence, use 1x Tools
<< Anonymous(Helxabe)
Beautunaful Fish 4days ago Reply
of the Bandit.
<< Anonymous(Helxabe)
Beautunaful Fish 4days ago Reply
I forgot to include 2x SSA as the main core for the said whale-centric deck. If you consider all cards recommended, 21 cards in total, a choice to negate a spell/trap is provided for the last card. 1x Chalice can replace either an Econ or Kuriboh, depending on favored match-ups. Lastly, Fisherman is strong but not required in an SSA deck lacking, or without ALO variants.
<< Anonymous(Beautunaful Fish)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Awesome thanks.
Anonymous 5days ago
What are the differenttypes of cards i can run with Destiny calling fusion based deck like are there any other hero's or something like that
Slifer Deck 8days ago
waiting to add Relinquished to it to complete
<< Anonymous(Slifer Deck)
Aquablast 8days ago Reply
If you really want to summon Slifer, try to use monsters that special summon themselves instead, like Bubonic Vermin, Troop Dragon, and Hyena. Put a few traps that can turn into monsters to help you (Embodiment of Apophis, Tiki Curse, Swamp Mirrorer). Finally, get Double Summon or Arrivalrival for an extra summon. The truth is Slifer just isn't an easy card to play, more so if you don't focus.
<< Anonymous(Slifer Deck)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Don't listen to that aquablast guy!
20 cards is not better then 30 cards 20 cards is better for some meta strategy types like Beat-decks.
If you need proof google search yu gi oh probability calculator.
You'll actually find that your start hand has a better probability balance with 30 cards and your drawing probability after that is slightly lower does not mean worse
<< Anonymous(Slifer Deck)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
3 same undrawn cards, 1st card (25 cards left is 12% / 15 cards left is 20%) and scales each draw to (5 cards left 60% / 10 cards left 30%)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
3 same cards but if you use a lot of card combos with many cards that help all the other cards
Then the chance of drawing unwanted or unhelpful cards becomes almost nothing
Anonymous 12days ago
Running an Alien deck and am wanting to know some good counters for Sylvan. They seem to be like the only deck that can beat mine and are more frequent the higher up I go in KC Cup
<< Anonymous
Aquablast 12days ago Reply
Yes. Even if you're attacking, you can apply Forbidden Chalice during damage step... that should negate the Sylvan's effect. Forbidden Graveyard could work too... but it would be a dead hand against most other decks. Plus you have to discard 1 card and it only works for 1 turn? Too situational and costly, if you ask me, though I suppose you'd completely neutralize the Sylvan player for that turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
I run sylvan and find 9 out of 10 times aliens will destroy me, from my previous encounters with aliens I would say just get as many counters on monsters as possible. Ultimate providence is a good card to counter effects.

Honestly I don't see why every one complains about sylvans, I lose just as many as I win with them.
<< Anonymous
Aquablast 9days ago Reply
Except Aliens shouldn't be able to put any counters on you during their turn. The classical Sylvan opening move is to set a monster, probably the shroom/Magical Merchant/Rose Lover, and set monsters can't have counters on them, which means Aliens can't use most of their abilities. I think you're just not used to playing Sylvans, or perhaps you're playing an unorthodox Sylvan deck.
<< Anonymous(Aquablast)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
maybe, I find usually once a guardioak or hermitree is out on the field that's when counters start being a problem
Anonymous 7days ago
Does anyone know the name of a monster with 300 attack which when attacks your opponents life points directly it gains 1000 attack? thanks!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Drill Barnacle
ThenameisJ 15days ago
Anyone know how to grind judai yuki? Need 2 more e hero neos for my neo spacian deck
<< Anonymous(ThenameisJ)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Use a dark paladin farming deck

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