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Mr.T 8days ago
C'mon guys! I need help! Should I stick to a Silent Swordsman Deck?? I have tried a few of them I saw on youtube and the crystal beast one. Is it worth it or should I go to another one like an ancient gear deck?
Zina 11days ago
Hi there, I started playing like 2 days, and the PvE section of decks seems offdated, any tips on deck builds for farming those high level duelists?
<< Anonymous(Zina)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
buy as many packs of land of the titans as possible ,it contains many cards that are good for farming.
<< Anonymous
Zina 11days ago Reply
I mean what build hould I go for? Those Ra based decks?
Anonymous 11days ago
Help me! why I can't use my ATM card to purchase boxes? it only says it is invalid and needs to use another card. I am simple and only wanted to have triple E. hero Blazeman. Please help me what should I do. Respect post.
Mr.T 13days ago
Is a silent swordsman deck worth making? I've been building one up but now I want to try it with the crystal beast cause I saw one here but don't know if its any good. Any Advice? Idk if I should just abandon it for a meta deck.
Destinyking22 14days ago
I'm not new to Yugioh but I am still a little new to Duel Links. I've finally saved 9999 gems and don't know which meta deck to invest my gems in. I've already played D-Heroes and Six Sams but I've gotten bored with them. I've heard Neos decks have a good place in the meta the past month or so. Should I invest in building a good Neos deck or should I wait and save my gems for a better deck to be added to the high Tiers?
<< Anonymous(Destinyking22)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
wait a couple of years till duel links gets all the worlds available including vrains
Mr.T 21days ago
I need help on building a Silent Swordsman deck.. I have a decent deck already.

1 SS Lv 7
3 SS
3 D.D Assailant
2 justice bringer
3 Elemental Hero Wildheart
1 Galaxy Cyclone ( I hear I should have 2)
2 Silent Sword Slash
2 Forced Cease Fire

I was told to try and get 3 Canadias but when i look at how to obtain it all I find is packets. And I can only get 1... So help please!
Saku 22days ago
Hi, I'm just getting back into Duel Links after forever and I've really taken to the Black Rose Dragon and Aromage stuff. I originally tried to combine them with Soul Absorption but kept hitting walls. Can anyone help me build my deck up? I have a number of those free tickets and I'm pretty quick at farming gems. I can provide card lists if needed.
<< Anonymous(Saku)
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
Don't bother with Soul Absorption, if you just want to gain LP, Solemn Wishes is the better choice.

As for the monsters, you can try cards like Spore and Naturia Rosewhip as the tuner.
<< Anonymous
Saku 22days ago Reply
I'm starting to get all the Aromage because I've heard they're pretty strong. Since I've been getting more cards associated with plants, buffing and aromage I've been phasing out the whole remove from play to buff routine.
The best you can do? 27days ago
This is embarasing just found this room.

So I and my pall dont do ranked like ever. We both have played this for some time but to be hornest I suck at deck building. Its rebelant because we rolled to see what 3 booster packs and one farm we could used for decks in a chalinge between us. I rooled Electric Overload, Rampage of the Forest, Gaia genesis and Bastion farm. (Seacrets of the ainchents, Flame of the tyrant, Galactic Orgin and Bonz farm for him) So how boned am I?
<< Anonymous(The best you can do?)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
You got the much better end of that deal. You have access to Koa'ki Meiru (minus Diamond Core), U.A. and Sylvan, all of which are fairly competitive decks (with Koa'ki Meiru being one of the best currently).

Best he could probably do is a fairly bad Gladiator Beast build.
Anonymous 25days ago
For an OTK deck, is there any way to simultaneously prevent non-targeting protection(Wall of Disruption, Etc.) and protection from cards like sphere kuriboh. I can use anti-magic arrows to stop spell/traps, but then I'm vulnerable to sphere ebola, or I could use forbidden dress and get mirror walled. I could use both, but getting all that is pretty difficult. Is there anything that could cover both options?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Disconnect the opponent's internet.

No, there isn't a "the opponent can't do anything at all" card in Duel Links, that'd obviously be very broken. There's technically ways to do this (Anti-Magic Arrows + Angel O7 for example), but they're not worth it. Closest you're likely to get is Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon. At least until we get Vennominaga or something.
I need help on building a Silent Swordsman deck.. I have a decent deck already.

1 SS Lv 7
3 SS
3 D.D Assailant
2 justice bringer
3 Elemental Hero Wildheart
1 Galaxy Cyclone ( I hear I should have 2)
2 Silent Sword Slash
2 Forced Cease Fire

I was told to try and get 3 Canadias but when i look at how to obtain it all I find is packets. And I can only get 1... So help please!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you could spend $2 to get 2nd RE Fusion, I would recommend you replace that poly with it.

Sadly, Gwenhwyfar is spellcaster-type though, if she is warrior-type, it would have been so much better.

Lastly, I would toss out the 2 cards of red stone, can replace it with RE Insight or more RE Wyvern
Watched a YouTube Deck recommendation and want to improve on it, but don't know how
Any advice would be much appreciated?

1 x Obelisk
1 x Slifer
1 x Revival Jam
1 x Kidmodo
1 x Cosmo Brain
1 x Hieratic Dragon of Su
1 x Hieratic Dragon of Eset
1 x Mekanikal Arkfiend
2 x The Stern Mystic
1 x BEWD
1 x Dark Magician
1 x Curse of Dragon
2 x Luster Dragon
1 x Masaki the Legendary Swordsman
1 x Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress
1 x Dark Magic Attack
1 x Poly
2 x Banner of Courage
1 x Block Attack
1 x Stop Defense
1 x De Spell
1 x Book of Secret Arts
1 x Remove Trap
1 x Heratic Seal
1 x Red Medicine
1 x Raimei
1 x Wall of Disruption
1 x Hydro Genex
1 x Five Headed Dragon

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