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anoymous 9hour ago
I plan on using shallow grave to bring back a monster in defense position, so, can I use that defense position monster to summon a stronger monster?
Manoel 13hour ago
Eaí pessoal, poderiam me dar alguma dica sobre esse meu deck de rex?
Hey guys , can someone give me some help with this deck?
zhizen 20hour ago
hi i want to share my toon world deck that use blue eyes toon dragon and toon buster blader.

Here i post a video to show u how its work

Julián 1days ago
My banish deck version... I don't use chaos zone or escape from the dark dimension.. I only focus in the Skull lair... Here i have multiple ways to send monsters to the graveyard as you can see.. And finally found a good way to use the oustanding dog.. Sometimes if you play a banish deck, you can mill your own deck, you know.. Well, with this card it never gonna happens, you NEVER should banish that card and if it is your last card you must destroy with skull lair (the opponent will not destroy this card because he can win easily if your deck is out in the next turn)... Well, any suggestion to further empower the deck?
SirMarx 3days ago
I want to do mission to win 40 time of quick victory. What deck should I use.
anoymous 1days ago
Or if you're new player use fusion deck
anoymous 1days ago
Search karate man OTK
Biggdogg 3days ago
One of my Stage Missions is to use Dark Magician 3 times in one Duel. Any recommendations on how I should do that? I have 2 Dark Magicians
dizzy 3days ago
try using shallow grave.
zhizen 4days ago
this is my DARK VOLTANIS DECK. I got 7 from event hahaha. This card good is some condition.

here i put the video to show how its work

thanks guys
zhizen 2days ago
true trap jammer not work. ty
anoymous 3days ago
Trap jammer doesnt worked with dark voltanis. Voltanis can be activated not in battle phase, while trap jammer can only activated in battle phase. Already checked it
Benny 3days ago
You can use that goblin trap that negate spell and return it to the hand combo with econ
anoymous 4days ago
Not my deck, but I really want to get opinions on this
anoymous 4days ago
Sorry if unclear, uses bluff trap
EzGame77 4days ago
pls help me on my current deck, cant get beyond Gold 3 , i have no ECOs
anoymous 1days ago
Put in a BES big core if you have one... Instead of the white dragon.. It's one tough nut lol
Biggdogg 4days ago
Also I'm working on making the Unhappy girl deck for Farming. Can it work with out Blue Eyes Ultimate? Could I use Metro Dragon instead or not enough damage?
Biggdogg 3days ago
Yeah I got it to work with Spell reclam and I have 2 Union attacks. Thank you
anoymous 4days ago
You can, but you need 3 union attack, or use spell reclamation, or just use buff like rising energy, riryoku, gift of the martyr etc.
Biggdogg 4days ago
How do people get 3 UR from Packs? I know you can refresh them but do ya'll really buy that many packs until you have three of everything?! or am i missing something
Biggdogg 4days ago
How do people get 3 UR from Packs? I know you can refresh them but do ya'll really buy that many packs until you have three of everything?! or am i missing something
Biggdogg 3days ago
I'm plenty relaxed lol Just a question. anonymous hardo over here
anoymous 4days ago
It's just luck and buy one per one pack.. not a 10 pack's in a round.. after you have the card that you want, refresh the box bro... and relax, jesus
anoymous 4days ago
Definitely $

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