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Photon Jet 4days ago
I'm not having much luck in the Duel Carnival today. I think it could be that my decks are losing their touch against all the very strong duelists roaming around the event. Which is why I was wondering if there's anything I need do to improve my most used deck which got me into the Legend Rank this season.

The deck I'm currently using is one of the KC Cup decks which I think got a huge success. So I've tried it out and it's good fun. Plus, Ultra Athletes are cool looking, aren't they? The only change I've made so far is I removed a copy of Dunker for Jinzo for extra Trap coverage.

Is there anything else I need to improve on before heading back to the Duel Carnival event? Please let me know. Thanks.
Aster lover 7days ago
Amazoness. I like to think that mine is a little more, um, interesting than normal. I said "interesting", not good. xd Probably not as good as the ones with more traps.
<< Anonymous
Aster lover 6days ago Reply
I have this deck for him with the same name. Only differences are widespread ruin for draining shield, cosmic cyclone for dust tornado, and the tiger for the paladin. He has won a lot lately.
<< Anonymous(Aster lover)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
X 7days ago
Thoughts on a fire plants and hazy deck?
YaBoyRoy 8days ago
Wanna hit KoG. Used Fur Hire to finally get over Platinum, now am taking L's left and right in Legend rank. This is my deck. Don't know what to do. Frustrated. (I've also tried SSA Fur Hire, better chance of getting a win, but mostly L's) Suggestions are more than welcome. (Idk how to check the replies to this post so you can also hit me up on FB @Romanisdead
<< Anonymous(YaBoyRoy)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Kog is about hard grinding and luck. I know there are gonna be toxic comments below but that's it. That's the only advice I can give you.

Also, think about why you lose if you do. Take down notes. If you match against xxx many times and lose due to back row, then tech in backrow removal. It's your deck, your deck, and luck. You may need 100+ to 200 wins to kog.
<< Anonymous(YaBoyRoy)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
If ya dont want to get frustated, better to try 1 week before new season, dont push to hard
Anonymous 10days ago
Best box to start might be servant of kings since it comes with great support for auto duel/pvp

Anonymous 13days ago
Looking to build cosmo queen deck. I still don’t know best cards or strats. Other than double costom or dark effigy does anyone know of any cards to summon high level dark type or spellcasters
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
I know of dark jester bile dragon summoner as well but is there any other to summon from hand to field graveyard to field or graveyard to hand any combos would help thanks is you reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Pardon this bad typing meant to say blue dragon, thank you to anyone that reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
the easiest way to summon cosmmo queen
1) common charity
2) escape from darkness dimension.

i don't play spell caster deck anymore, i don't know how to make it competitive. But this was a very old summon method since the 3rd main box released.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
Apart from double coston or dark effigy, you can also use Tribute Burial.

SS from hand;
- Ancient Rules
- A hero emerges

SS from grave;
- Birthright
- Soul Resurection
- Spellbook of Life
- The Creator
- The Dark Creator

SS from banished;
- Escape from Dark Dimension
- D.D.R. Different Dimension Reincarnation

There are many other cards as well. But I cant recall.
Anonybooctober 13days ago
I just got to gold and I keep losing using these decks. How can I improve them?
<< Anonymous(Anonybooctober)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
1) build a new deck
2) copy your opponent deck, if you don't have the necessary cards, use something to substitute it.
3) copy a deck from this website
Anonymous 15days ago
I've only been playing regularly for the last few months and up to now have only had a randome selection of cards from all the different packs, so with 5d's coming out I wanted to put together a good strong deck using the gems I saved up I put this together and it does great auto-duelling but not great PvP - I seem to be left with no monsters alot and very rarely am in a position to synchro-summons so I have obviously messed up. Any ideas please? Thanks.

It won't let me add a screenshot so my cards are:
1 guardian angel Joan
1 interplanetarypurplthorny dragon
1 twin barrel dragon
1 blowback dragon
1 Tethys goddess of light
1 axe dragonute
1 dancing fairy
1 lancer lindwurm
2 tuned magician
2 lancer lindwurm
1 cosmic cyclone
1 bashing shield
1 super rush headlong
1 enemy controller
1 mask of the accursed
1 michizure
1 draining shield
1 wall of disruption
1 metalmorph
Extra deck
1 stardust dragon
1 flamvell uruquizas
2 azure eyes silver dragon
Skill - mark of the dragon hand
I'll try and sort out a screenshot, it just keeps saying it's too big.
Remiel_SC 20days ago
Hey, Guys who have budget deck about X-Saber Deck? I need it now.
Anonymous 24days ago
Hey guys, well 5D's are finally here and here goes...I want to get a little more serious and try to reach KOG, I currently have ard 20k gems and I need to start spending. I have the majority of staples such as canadia, mirror f, wall d, fgate, cosmic, rebirth, galaxy c, etc...but I have not faithfully settled on any specific archetype, I have 2 megalos and one of the rest mermails and one of all U.A. on 92 pulls from the gaia box and an assortment of other UR and SR from other boxes. I am unsure if I should open the newest synchro support box...anyway any and all suggestions please....
<< Anonymous
MyOpinion 22days ago Reply
if u r f2p, spend gem on the type that you will keeps playing... such as dragons, fiend, warrior, fusion, ritual...etc.

example archetype; Gravekeepers, Sylvan, Cyber Angel are all forgotten.

Also, fusion & synchro are similar, it highly depend on the extra deck monsters, but synchro monster fit in any archetype deck.

Conclusion, spend on something can use as long term or upgrade. eg: cosmic
Remiel_SC 24days ago
Hey, Guys! Synchro are coming. Who have a deck tech about X-Saber?
P.S. XX-Saber is the sub-archtype of X-Saber.
Photon Wyvern 29days ago
please look at my deck and tell me in what add/drop. And please no hating comments.
<< Anonymous(Photon Wyvern)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Do you have Cosmic Cyclone? I recommend to put 2 Cosmic Cyclone since you are using Cyber Style.
<< Anonymous
Photon wyvern 28days ago Reply
Yes I have cosmic cyclone

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Get rid of leng ling and add hunter dragon. Snipe hunter will also be really powerful with this deck
this will be next meta D:
why SR and not R/N ?
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