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Anonymous 7days ago
hey everyone, what card is more important in a dark magician deck.. navigation or magical circle?
(I have 1 of each at the moment)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
my concern is which one should I be going for first?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Theyre BOTH EQUALLY important. Start save your gems and acquire them all, playset it is.
<< Anonymous
BlueDelta 3days ago Reply
You need both 3 times, both are of equal importance.
Distefanous 9days ago
hi, my favorite monster is super roboyarou, please help me to create a good deck.
What can i use as a replacement for heradiaz, herald of the sky for my cloudian ra farming deck? It cant be obtained anywhere aside from superb tea.
<< Anonymous(Fck)
Anonymous Reply
I'm certainly not helping anyone with such a stupid name. You should be ashamed of yourself.
<< Anonymous(Fck)
MilkBone 14days ago Reply
There is two cards that can Help you get the field

1) cat ill omen
2)machine monster that comes out in Ancient Gear starter deck
<< Anonymous(MilkBone)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
A Cat of Ill Omen searches trap.
The one you're referring to is An Owl of Luck.
<< Anonymous
MilkBone 9days ago Reply
yep you right i got confused lol, thanks for clarification
Nripesh 16days ago
Any idea to create a deck to summon cyber end dragon without cyber dragon?
<< Anonymous(Nripesh)
Jada Lin 16days ago Reply
Adrian 28days ago
What is the best starter deck in ranks? I like decks that you can keep control of the game and spawn until you get to your best cards. Thanks
I want to make an E. Hero deck based around the Ultimate Fusion power for Jaden/Yubel. Any idea? I figured running the Omni Heros would be good but I cant think of anything else.
Gladiator and Reptiliane?
<< Anonymous(Recchi.Zen)
Anonymous Reply
Both aren't good in Duel Links
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Gladiator used to be good for a short while.

Reptilliane is never good.
<< Anonymous(Recchi.Zen)
Anonymous Reply
reptile setup is too far behind vs other card types. Some of the effects are cool though
What's better; Wall of Disruption or Paleozoic Hallucigenia? I have 2 of each and want to know which to add to my Auto-Duel deck.
<< Anonymous
MilkBone Reply
Wall of disruption

if i was you ill use one of each
<< Anonymous
Helpful Troll Reply
Wall of Disruption is better than Paleozoic Hallucigenia in an Auto Duel Deck.
I was wondering,
Is it possible to make a good/competitive deck using only normal/rare cards ?

With the only ultra/super cards allowed being the ones you get when you unlock/level up your characters ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think it may be possible.
There are a few good "rare" cards like legacy clash.
The problem being that good "rare/normal" cards usually gets limited, whereas their ultra/super rare cards equivalents don't get limited, which is better for consistency.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you also include in your deck UR/SR cards that are obtainable through events then you should be able to reach platinum 1 maybe.
<< Anonymous
Helpful Troll Reply
Cardians were good. I used to run Deskbots with Bandit Keith's Switcheroo. You can also use a burn stall if you don't want to have friends, hehehehehe
what cards to replace 2 gozuki 1 gold sarc in this shira 30 cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what cards to replace 2 gozuki 1 gold sarc in the shira 30 cards guide in this site coz i dont have them
<< Anonymous
MilkBone Reply
use the zombie samurai not as good but it will do its job
Good day duelists,
I'm trying to create gem knight fusion deck but lacking in trap card imo. any recommendation to improve this?
<< Anonymous(shinjing)
shinjing Reply
extra deck
<< Anonymous(shinjing)
MilkBone Reply
You should remove the fusions and get the spell that fuse them...

also tech traps the usual

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