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Hot New Top
Is there any good shiranui post banlist deck that doesn't play a lot of backrow?
<< Anonymous(Newbie)
Anonymous Reply
Nope, there wasn't even one pre-banlist it was always >10 traps
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^as well said. Post banlist shiranui is like:

4-5 shiranui tuners
3-4 gozuki/samurai skull
3 balista
3 floodgate
3 fiendish chain
3 karma cut

A boring stall deck that scoops once it hits turnade.
Just let shiranui deck die. We had enough of them for over a year.
<< Anonymous
Newbie Reply
I only play 4 traps in my shiranui deck pre-banlist.
<< Anonymous
Newbie Reply
I only get to play them for 50 days :(
Any good deck recommendations for Jaden/Yubel?
Any news on a new box?
<< Anonymous
LeodredAQW Reply
Minibox, and no news yet.
Newbie here. Just started playing, need advice on building decks for f2p, or box to invest to cause money kinda tight. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. It didn't matter how long it takes to build as long it still achievable i wil grind it. I don't care what main character to choose it is all okay.
<< Anonymous(LeodredAQW)
Anonymous Reply
I saw tons of them running balance today, no matter what you do they just banish the trap bring genni from deck then verre again fu*king annoying
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
happened to you too? lol those traps just cycle them again and again feels like you are not making any progress at all
<< Anonymous
LeodredAQW Reply
Only traps I run are 2 Patronus and 1 Masterpiece.
<< Anonymous(LeodredAQW)
Anonymous Reply
check MasterKD witchcrafter deck
I’ve been having problems with this deck, only winning maybe 40% of my fights and keep gettin card stuck. Any advice? Will post the deck in comments
<< Anonymous(Taragi)
Anonymous Reply
With the monsters you have: woodsman and blaze man are fine, I'd drop all normal heroes and only keep either 3 of the fire lady or 3 of the fire guy. There's a R card that can summon woodsman from the deck Warrior Lady of the wasteland check if you have some copies. I'd also replace everything in your 2nd photo (main deck cards) for more generic stuff like enemy controller, Etaqua, etc.
<< Anonymous(Taragi)
Anonymous Reply
With monsters you don't have: there are better heroes out there like Anki or Koga. Try to get 1 copy of Keeper of dragon magic it helps fusion decks a lot.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Man your deck seems to comes from the past. Are you a returning player? Well imo, according to what you have and some easy obtainable cards from trader:

Skill: Where the Heroes Dwell

2 blazeman
3 hero heat
3 woodsman
2 kiteroid (trader)

3 mask change
2 polymerism
2 spiritualism (trader)

3 jar of greed (trader)

Try to stall and use it as OTK. Good luck. You will need it...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^swap 2 woodsman with 2 lady heat (1 woodsman/2 lady heat). This way you wont brick with 3 woodsman and poly in hand. Also you will have access to e hero inferno to deal with some random water monsters.
Rate my Majestic Stardust deck that I'll be using for key battles against Dark Signer Kalin and Dark Signer Rex during the 5D's Chronicles rerun in December. Note, this is after I get at least 2 copies of Majestic Dragon in the lottery or by completing Round 1.

Skill: Majestic Light

2x Majestic Dragon
2x Bri Synchron
3x Dynatherium
2x Stardust Phantom
1x Goblindbergh
2x Photon Lead
1x Double Summon
1x Cosmic Flare
1x Power of the Guardians
2x Shooting Star
1x Stardust Re-Spark
1x Wall of Disruption
1x Miracle's Wake

Extra Deck
1x Stardust Dragon
2x Stardust Spark Dragon
1x Majestic Star Dragon
Fans of the anime and newbie player need guidance on building good affordable/budget deck preferable f2p my current budget around 8000 gems?. Any advice character, or skill will really be appreciated.
I hope someone can help ;)
<< Anonymous
Noobs47 Reply
Thank you a lot ror your guidance senpai :) already done building lunalight. I've spent about 8400 gems
<< Anonymous
Noobs47 Reply
Here it is
<< Anonymous(Noobs47)
Lunalight can do good on ranked. good luck
<< Anonymous(DL VETERAN)
Z_uk Reply
Thanks DL Veteran.
I'll try it, don't worry.
I'm working on building a mill deck and would like some advice. I know many people hate this style, but I love it for turning the game into a race against time. This is what I currently have. Any recommendations for improvements or what skill to run? I was primarily debating between Duel, Standby! and No Mortal Can Resist.

3x Warm Worm
3x Winged Kuriboh
3x Neo-Spacian Glow Moss
2x Cup of Ace
3x Wall of Disruption
1x Ghost of a Grudge
2x Assault on GHQ
3x Floodgate Trap Hole
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Check out Gift of Greed and Valkyrie Sechste. You should save Gift for last. And I recommend at least 1 Kiteroid, and 2 kuriboh monsters that activate in the hand.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
gift greed good, sechste not so optimal!
Think also fiendish chain, prob better use than wod, kiteroid porbably must have, assault id do on 1x and winged kuri on 1-2
<< Anonymous
skill Reply
also prob duel,SB
But be ready to see opponent make huge combo pressure on you!
What do you understand make a structure a good one? I want to know what is the key to make changes to a structure Without broke the synergy
<< Anonymous
Yan-Yan Reply
So, like ancientgears? Is it a good one? (for example)
<< Anonymous
Yan-Yan Reply
Mmmmm what is the common between the meta right now? About Cards destroy cards? Or about remove? Anything else?
<< Anonymous(Yan-Yan)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, ancient gear was fantastic back in the day and became meta instantly.

The meta is about running tons of traps to disrupt your opponent and having monsters that can be destroyed in common ways i.e. Cocytus and Sunsaga.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I meant: can't be destroyed in common ways.

That's why a deck needs 1 card combos: to survive 1 or 2 disruptions without running out of resources and to be able to run either tons of traps or tons of trap/spell removal.

The boss monster must be decent enough to get rid of Cocytus or Sunsaga.
Hi guys im new here. Trying to build a budget well rounded deck and im kinda troubled choosing boxes to invest to. I m still stuck at stage 15 in gm. And the other world stage 3. I would love your advice on decks and character that suits the play of the build up decks. I have no problem of using any character even tho i prefer the OG Yami Yugi.
I hope you can give me some insight. Thank you :)
<< Anonymous
Oz Reply
Thank you very much mister anonymous:)
<< Anonymous(Oz)
Anonymous Reply
You're welcome. FYI, it's mistress :)
<< Anonymous
Oz Reply
Thanks for the guidance madame. I've checked it, and it seems all the cards come from the same box. Do you have any insight how much gem do i need to spend on this before i pull our if i can't get what i want. Or i just need to go all in and tesr my luck
<< Anonymous(Oz)
Anonymous Reply
If going for the Destiny Draw version; around 4k the same as your starter gems
Anyone have an auto deck that will consistently summon shark drake? rn the one I have probably hovers around 20-40% chance
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No auto deck but use this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thanks, but I’m not too into the mat to pour the time into doing that over and over. I’m more interested in getting passive auto summons while leveling him up
What is the best stromberg deck?20-25 cards?skill?

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hi guys does anyone know when the new kite main box come out to DL im realy get hyped :3
We have chaos dragon now which is way better than this guy. Surprised they still haven't put...
The new selection box gives it
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