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GrayKnight 3days ago
Hi, I;m playing with this deck and am Gold 1. Any advice or opinion?
<< Anonymous(GrayKnight)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
cancerous shit
<< Anonymous
GrayKnight 3days ago Reply
If you don't like the deck, It doesn't mean it is cancer. at least tell me why ..
<< Anonymous(GrayKnight)
Haters Gonna Hate 1days ago Reply
He doesn't like it because its not a traditional deck. Since its a stall burn deck. I think it is a pretty decent deck but I would maybe add a windstorm if you had one and you could try doing a feint plan too if you really want to stall.
Photon Jet 7days ago
Hi there!

I'm been testing out a Masked Beast Des Gardius deck of my own after looking at how effective it is. However, I think it could still use some work to make it perform better.

I'm currently trying to get another Doomdog, another Enemy Controller and a third Apophis but do you have any suggestions to have improve my deck? Please let me know. Thanks.
<< Anonymous(Photon Jet)
Player J 1days ago Reply
I made a Yami Marik Character deck. If you are interested in checking it out, You can ahead over to Reddit. I posted a full explanation on there forum. I don't feel like repeating it all here. It was a big explanation. You can check my deck list + explanation out using the below link: Maybe it can help?
Photon Jet 15days ago
Okay, I think I managed to upload a screenshot from my mobile phone to here.

In any there anything I need to do to improve this deck to make it perform even better?

<< Anonymous(Photon Jet)
Player J 15days ago Reply
Legion the Fiend Jester would help your deck a tons more than Blue Dragon Summoner! The reason why is because he gives you an extra Tribute Summon! Plus, He can search out like Blue Dragon Summoner.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Photon Jet 14days ago Reply
OK. Thank you.
<< Anonymous(Photon Jet)
Gen.Electricity 2days ago Reply
I would recommend something like this but with just 2 Blue Eyes Summoner 3 Sage and 1 Anti-Magic Arrows
<< Anonymous(Gen.Electricity)
Photon Jet 2days ago Reply
I appreciate it but I think this deck has more chances of starting duels with a bad hand so I prefer not to risk it.
Anonymous 3days ago
Hey I'm trying to make a deck based on stealing and either attacking or tribute summoning.

Looking for suggestions. Gets worked over by burn.
Little kuriboh 10days ago
Any tips to make this better
<< Anonymous(Little kuriboh)
Salty 3days ago Reply
Yes! Throw that deck in the trash with the rest of the cancerous none-interactive decks and build a real one! Have a nice day!
<< Anonymous(Little kuriboh)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Lol naturia cancers asking for deck tips when all Naturia decks are supposed to be the same except max 2-3 tech cards..
<< Anonymous(Little kuriboh)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Get 3 mirror walls and 3 SRH.
Bee 9days ago
Hi guys ,

I'm very new to this game and trying to see what to spend 2000 gems on in terms of boxes. I havent bought anything yet. Which ones are the best and how do people usually buy boxes before resetting it
<< Anonymous(Bee)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Titans/Wonders of the Sky pack is the best for f2p/newbies, it offers many tech/support cards, as well as beater monsters. Please don't mind the ratings of the deck on this site. Good luck, Bee, and have fun!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Awesome thanks for your feedback :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
One newbie noob fooled, and flushed in the toilet. HAHAHA. Nice job Anon!
BlackIce 24days ago
Any tips kids
<< Anonymous(BlackIce )
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Lots of troll comments here... Honestly, your biggest problem here is that you're going for too much versatility. First suggestion would be to choose a very narrow archetype to focus on, figure out which cards (or combos) you want to center your deck around, and go from there. Looks like you're trying to focus on using The Atmosphere as your main win condition card?
<< Anonymous(BlackIce )
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
If that's so, then in general you want good cards to sac to it that are wind type. I'd make your monster pool: 2 The Atmosphere, 3 Sonic Duck, 3 Red Eyes Wyvern, 2 Sphere Kuriboh, and 3 Flamvell Grunika. If you can't, anything that will synergize with Peak Performance.
<< Anonymous(BlackIce )
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
As for magic and trap cards, again pair it down: Windstorm of Etaqua, 3 Super Rush Headlong/Soul Exchange/Enemy Controller (the later two are best), 2 Invincibility orb, and counter-spells like De-Spell, Trap Jammer, Magic Jammer, etc.
<< Anonymous(BlackIce )
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Lastly, you might want to look at other useful situation cards such as Interdimensional Matter Transporter to help keep your monster cards safe. You might want for this deck to consider one or two purchases of Dragonic Force as a quick and dirty power boost.
Anonymous 5days ago
Suggestions for improve this deck(cards or skill), I'd appreciate your help
Whitebrim 6days ago
How is it?
<< Anonymous(Whitebrim)
The anonymous guy 6days ago Reply
I really love Samsara Kaiser, but those are just 2 wasted spots. You lack s/t removal and have the potential to brick a few times. The warrior returning alive isn't needed if you use Red Lotus. Covering fire is nice, but not beneficial after u used the mausoleums it's a potential dead card.
Abdallah Sallam 8days ago
hi I'm new to this game can any one help cut 7 cards off this deck
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Abdallah Sallam 8days ago Reply
thx again for reply and suggestions i have made this from your suggestions
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Abdallah Sallam 8days ago Reply
i made another copy of it
<< Anonymous(Abdallah Sallam)
Abdallah Sallam 8days ago Reply
Thanks for all the help I was stuck at gold 1 just now got gold 2 3 wins in row
<< Anonymous(Abdallah Sallam)
Realm 8days ago Reply
Glad it worked out for u. :)
Valencia 9days ago
Is it considered bad to have a 30 card deck? It seems like a lot of players that I go up against use 20 9not that I have never seen 30, though). I know that having 20 is supposed to help you get things faster, but I just can't help enjoying having lots of different cards. What is considered as better, and can 30 be okay in some situations?
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
The majority of decks are composed of 20 cards because it's way easier to draw the card you need (that's simple probability) , so overall a 20 card deck is superior. However, some decks rely on sending monsters to the graveyard (from deck or hand) and getting monster, trap or spell effects, so they're usually run more than 20 cards...
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
laperen 8days ago Reply
Later tier 30 card decks often mill themselves, while having a strategy involving the graveyard and banish zone, so even then the strategy becomes niche, lacking the variety you enjoy for now. Having cards involved with different strategies just get in the way of each other , which is why most decks focus on a single playstyle or combo, and aim to deploy it ASAP.
keklord 10days ago
i am currently in platin 1 with my fiend deck. I am loosing to burn and mill decks quite often.
Any advise for improvement?
<< Anonymous(keklord)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Remove the field spell, and two ravens, add one more doomdog, one dark necrofear and one headlong

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