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Not KoG 1days ago
There are ridiculous decks coming into KoG recently. Apparently they appear due to players ditching their Onamto decks to experiment other archetypes.

Quattro's F2P (not really) Gimmicks
Shark Returns (Territory of the Sharks)
Trey (needs 3 Nebra Disks though)
Thunder Dragon Resonator by AdoboBoy
Flower Card Cardian returns
<< Anonymous(Not KoG)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
No, it's because the guy that sells the cheat tool made a 50% off sale this month
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
You forgot those can cers such as Triamid, Shiranui, Yosenju, Evil Eyes, Masked Change....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
^because only unga bunga cavemen decks are not ca ncer
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Everything is can cer except my deck
Vlada 23days ago
Hi all. I come back in game after 1.5 year, and i want to build new deck. I am really casual player btw.
Because, dont have so much time for grind and farming, i plan to buy x2 or x3 of some structure, and build deck for fun.
What do you suggest?
Nobel Knight looks cool for me, never play xyz before, so i would like to try.
Gaia is nice too.
Any other options are welcome.
<< Anonymous(Vlada)
Vlada 23days ago Reply
I don't care so much about tier. I just want ok deck for fun. So, if i get gold rank, it would be big deal for me. XD
<< Anonymous(Vlada)
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
strongest SD at this moment is Gaia.
Nobel Knight used to be good too. But after Konami nerfed Balance, less players are playing it in higher ladder ranks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
Balance should not be in this game since the beginning, sack those psychopath people in the company who came out with such idea.
<< Anonymous
Not KoG 1days ago Reply
Strongest is Gaia because of the overpowered skill. Any skill that sets up the combo in the very first turn is ridiculous.

Sorry Kite you don't have the luxury of skills, use your level 1 skill just to prevent deck out. Far better than the other skills.
Anonymous 11days ago
Are there any cards that move equip spells from one monster to another, I want to try using a guardian deck
<< Anonymous
Not KoG 11days ago Reply
there is this card called Brain Control to take control of your opponent's Berserkion.
<< Anonymous(Not KoG)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
I think you mistook the question with other page, but I'm just wondering on how did you use the errata brain control to nomi monster?
<< Anonymous
Not KoG 11days ago Reply
The Watt deck are all direct attacks relying on powerful equips. It is weaker due to forbidding "Hey Trunade". Workaround: MST
<< Anonymous
Not KoG 1days ago Reply
Post should have been about brain controlling the components, not Berserkion. :p
Anonymous 11days ago
what is the best deck you can build by going through a minibox thrice?
also you can buy structure decks but only 1 copy each.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
Buy 3 copies of wall of disruption and buy the red eyes structure deck that's enough to be top tier
CorpseBride• 23days ago
Looking for advice on a good deck to clb through the pvp ranks. Just wanna at least hit silver since I need mokuba lol
<< Anonymous(CorpseBride•)
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
Go search for decks that are both expensive and recently released.
Chronomaly is both expensive and recently released = good deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
Eh, Chronomaly isn´t that expensive. I´ve seen several builds that work nicely by going through the Mini Box just twice. You add some backrow removal and you´re good to go.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
A deck isn't expensive if it requires zero UR/SR payable cards; or requires going through a 50% discounted box 1 time or less.
Hi everyone, back in the day I used to run a hero deck, i was just wondering if it's still good or if there should be a different deck i should run
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The deck has changed over time but some of the old cards are still used; Anki, mask change, vyon and trinity.
The rest changed for v hero increase, v hero faris, stratos
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Awesome thank you, is there any other types of decks that you would recommend?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I like fast decks so I'd build photons or finish a hero deck
I'd refrain from building a meta deck we'll have a kc cup soon and we usually get a banlist after it ends
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Awesome thank you so much, it's been a while since i've played and i've been wanting to get back into it
Not sure if anyone can help me here. But in old TCG days I had a fun deck, that is now somewhat possible in Duel Links with the release of Volcanic Queen. It's based on monsters that summon to opponents side on the field (Lava Golem and Volcanic Queen, later maybe Grinder Golem if this card comes) and get them back with Remove Brainwashing and Owner's Seal. Then attack with Anti-Magic Arrows. In addition with summoning curse (opponent has to discard when you special summon to him!) it is nice in theory. Pracitcally I'm stuggling a bit. Maybe you have an idea to improve!
Minnie k
I need help with my deck (currently using Jaden yuki's)and seriously getting frustrated in pvp I can play 30 duels and win ONE please help
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*around 1500 bucks

you missed one 0
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
1500 bucks? Oh, you want all cards to be glossy or prismatic, right? That's a good idea.
<< Anonymous(Minnie k)
Anonymous Reply
I don't think the issue lies in the playstyle or your skill, but more like the entire deck itself with that win rate. Even you utilize the best combo available for your specific deck you will still having a hard time against top tier meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you want to beat top tier meta, you need to play top tier meta.
Hey fellow duelists. I am trying to build an LV deck with whatever cards have been released so far. Any thoughts on how I can make this deck some what competitive for ranked play?
<< Anonymous(Slow Hands)
Slow Hands Reply
If those are not an option however, I'd say focus on either the Dragon or the Insect, not both. For example replace your insect monsters with Komoda Dragons and one or two Blue-Eyes, or replace your Dragons with cards like Pinch Hopper and Insect Imitation. But again, it might not get you very far in Ranked.
<< Anonymous(Cobra)
Enderborn Reply
I recommend you to play, if possible, a combo of Horus and Silent Magician. You can run something like this:

2x Silent magician LV4
1x silent magician LV8
3x Horus LV4
2x Horus LV6
1x Horus LV8
3x LV Up!

Also you can add a second SM LV8 to make this better, but if you are F2P, maybe you don´t want to reset the box.
The other cards may be a pair of monsters with 1800 atk and some traps like DW.
<< Anonymous(Cobra)
Anonymous Reply
Level Up is not that good with Ultimate Insect, because you'll lose the effect of reduced ATK/DEF. Powerful Rebirth and Impenetrable Attac are far better because you can protect them (and Dragon LVL3) until your next Standby Phase to activate their effect. Add 4 of them (2 - 2 or 1 - 3). Straight Flush is useless in many duels.
<< Anonymous(Cobra)
Anonymous Reply
I run horus with mirror wall and floodgate
Hi, I recently got back into duel links and saw a lot of new stuff! I stopped playing a bit after synchro got released and wondered if I should invest in XYZ cards or if there is better stuff for other types of summoning, such as a neo deck or archfiend that I have been seen going around.
<< Anonymous
Marvel-Disney fan Reply
Yes, buy all of them now.
Try to get 3 copy of each and all main box UR.
<< Anonymous(Marvel-Disney fan)
Anonymous Reply
it's always a good thing to spend money for games like Duel Links, you help japanese managerz to get their daily cocaine dose and support all their escorts, so they can develop the game we love.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah sure "develop" the game hasn't gotten anything new in years everything is just a reskin of past events
How can I easily summon Number 7: Lucky Straight?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Worm archetype + kite shifting up skill
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you don’t mind the risk, Elements Unite! Gives you the materials at the cost of only starting with Gate Guardian for a hand and 500 LP. It’s not great, but hilarious when it works.
<< Anonymous
Uto Reply
3x trap monster (level 7)

3x gaia that can be normal summon without tribute
<< Anonymous(Uto)
Anonymous Reply
Paradox Brother 3 level 7 monster on your field and 1 card in your hand. My advice is to create a deck full of can cer trap, such as Karma, Raigeki, Floodgate, Void and Network Trap Hole, Chain, Canadia etc...
hi i watn to build a ebst possible deck for jaden can you give me some advice???
<< Anonymous(luka)
Anonymous Reply
Focus on his Masked Heroes and Brave Neos.

Those are his best Extra Deck monsters.

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