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combo dragons 9hour ago
Any ideas would be great. I just made it to lvl 30 so I'm going to start farming for econ and metalmorph. I'm 2 weeks in and spend nothing on this game. So something's are obvious like another kidmodo to replace a totem. Let me know what you guys think and what would make this stronger and quicker.
Dzanity 3days ago
Recently just got to plat 4 with this.
And it is so god damn hard to raise up to 5th.
I wonder why i cant go to legend with this deck?
Any suggestion?
The problem with this deck is really hard to balance it. Sometimes got a bad hand and cant even do good summon combo.
The reason i put crimson and armed instead of fire armor is to caught the enemy spell and traps first.
Btw, add me for vagabond trade. I always send back for those who sent me 691-560-014.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Like a normal person whats the problem?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Need more than normal to move higher
<< Anonymous
Olè 1days ago Reply
Not true. One is enough to reach kog.. I would throw in another dupe, replace the sasukes with flame armour and tech in a black dragon ninja.
<< Anonymous(Olè)
Dzanity 1days ago Reply
I replace crimson with Flame Armor Ninja, Got Legend 1 now. I finally found out the problem. Too many lvl 1 ninja. And my Ninjitsu is only 1 so it is hard. So i change Crimson for Fire Armor.
Anonymous 7days ago
Hi guys. I have been playing duel links for not long (around 40 days) and i have come here for some help to see if my cards are ok to continue or give it up. I've doing a lot of losses and i'm not sure for many things in the game. Like what archetype should i go for. How long archetype needs to be built e.t.c i'm fully f2p in this game and i doubt if i ever gonna be a good player but if you have some time please help me thanks a lot.
Basically i have uploaded the pics of every card that i have atm and i was playing as i said above for 40 days straight then took a big break because of college and thought if i can return (the break should be around 70 days something like that) sorry for my english and thanks in advance. Best of luck to you all!
Here are the pics:
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
If you can built phoenix deck i think it's ok. You just should buy the box three times
Anonymous 3days ago
hi guys,I have just over 2000 gems and I was wondering if I should go for a worm deck from the new pack,however I don't really know a lot about this deck.has anyone played this deck ever and really thinks it could be fun?I am relatively new to duel links,so I wouldn't wanna spend my gems in a bad deck.thank you
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
I think worm deck is worst for my opinion. Maybe you can try it at dueling school..
Photon Jet 6days ago
I'm not having much luck in Platinum Ranked Duels with my Mecha-Sonic Heroes deck as many strong duelists turn them into scrap. Are there any improvements I need to make to the deck for it to perform better against others? Please let me know.
Anonymous 7days ago
just now it came to me that i have no idea what i want in a deck, got tons of cards and cant find one deck style i can use,,, is there any forum i can post all my cards and ask for help ?
Yodi Bakura 14days ago
Could somebody give me some advice of my deck
The point of my deck i wanted is destiny draw and not lacks of summoning when there are all dead card in hand and using single copy card
<< Anonymous(Yodi Bakura)
Yodi Bakura 13days ago Reply
By the way this is for destiny board bakura
<< Anonymous(Yodi Bakura)
Platinum 9days ago Reply
I'm a platinum player, so my advice is completely personal opinion. I agree with the earlier commenter saying too many combos. Definitely narrow it down. And if you're doing Destiny Board, try for cards that stall. Mirror wall, econ, kuriboh's are great, windstorm, anubis etc..
<< Anonymous(Platinum)
Platinum 9days ago Reply
Continuing: Add 2 more storms, and 2 more tornado (or 1 and 1 if you dont have enough. Ditch multiply detonate. add 2 more doomdogs. add as many kuriboh as you have. ditch melchid combo entirely. ditch apples. ditch aurora. you can keep mimics, id say even add more. find cards like: Enemy controller, mirror wall, windstorm of etaqua, curse of anubis, security orb is easy to get.
<< Anonymous(Platinum)
Yodi Bakura 7days ago Reply
hmm but i like the Masked beast and its spell card, it can prevent deck from empty and i dont have mirror wall yet
Yodi Bakura 15days ago
could you guys help me make a deck whose content is dark necrofear and use destiny board and not weak in summoning when our hand are all dead cards
and i just like using a single copy each of cards
<< Anonymous(Yodi Bakura)
Yodi Bakura 15days ago Reply
if necessary
<< Anonymous(Yodi Bakura)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Lazy ass?
<< Anonymous(Yodi Bakura)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Most people here who ask for help at least post their current deck and ask for improvement. U come here to ask for a deck without contribution?
<< Anonymous(Yodi Bakura)
Yodi Bakura 15days ago Reply
Well... you know the server is on mantenance so i cant take a screenshoot about my deck
Anonymous 16days ago
I want to ask about my spellcaster deck,and some tips for it.
This is my main deck for now
Anonymous 18days ago
How well will this deck do in PvP, trying to run a version without Soul Exchange:

3x Dark Magician Girl
3x Legion the Fiend Jester
3x Neo the Magic Swordsman
2x Dark Magician

1x Wonder Wand
1x Dark Burning Attack
1x Dark Magic Attack
2x Sage's Stone

2x Champion's Vigilance
1x Magician's Circle
1x Mirrorwall
<< Anonymous
PWT 17days ago Reply
Should take you to platinum at least. Might consider running restart with it and substitute the wonder wand for something else, maybe third cv, econ or srh
<< Anonymous
OP 17days ago Reply
Would removing 1 or 2 Neo and adding a couple more magic/traps help this deck any? Maybe even replace them with Crystal Seers for added draw power?
Anonymous 20days ago
need help to reach kog
<< Anonymous
Malefic 19days ago Reply
F**k you!! Using unbeatable deck, yet still asking for advice? Shaaame on you bro... shaaaaame
<< Anonymous
PWT 17days ago Reply
Man, what a wallet warrior you are using 3 tatsus. I bet you've spent thousands to get those.
<< Anonymous
the rock 17days ago Reply
Add uniform treaty and delta on tatsu it will make direct attack
the rock 17days ago
Need advice to climp up the rank

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