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Atem 16days ago
What's the best deck for a "beginner" -- I've played the real card game for an appalling number of years, got into this app a week ago*. Currently I'm running what is essentially a "beat you up because I have high attack so suck it" deck.

*I haven't had time to unlock everything yet

2x Wattaildragon
1x Trance the Magic Swordsman

3x Telekinetic Shocker
1x Jerry Beans Man
3x Master Kyonshee
3x Neo the Magic Swordsman

1x Black Pendent
2x Sorcerous Spell Wall
2x Double Summon

1x Shield Spear
2x Machine King - 3000 B.C.

Skill: Switcheroo (as bandit, farming for metalmorph) or Beatdown (as Kaiba, starting character)
<< Anonymous(Rob)
Atem 16days ago Reply
I'll probably grab Enemy Controller before too long -- super versatile card, I use it in my IRL deck right now. I don't think I'll go for Champions Vigilance though, I don't use lvl 7+. It might be OK in a future deck, perhaps heretics? I'm not sure which cards are and are not in the game. Thanks for the Advice! :)
<< Anonymous(Atem)
Player J 12days ago Reply
It seems like you bought the Structure Decks. I think the Structure decks are very good for beginners. I highly recommend them! They have some beefy monsters which can get to 1900 attack with the field spell! I suggest copying the structure deck. Than making modifications to the structure deck. I wouldn't intermingle the structure decks though.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J 12days ago Reply
The structure decks are very theme based. They use Dragons for Seto Kaiba They use Spellcasters for Yami Yugi I believe sticking with theme based decks are your best bet! Many beginners including myself had original decks filled with our best beater monsters. However, I think the structure decks are going to change that! They are new. They only been released this week.
<< Anonymous(Atem)
Atem 4hour ago Reply
So coming back to this, I've upgraded my beatdown deck with some pretty good backrow (finally got a mirror wall! Had to buy nearly the entire box XD), and created a second deck which is based around Nuit, Red-eyes (since I got 2x spirit and 2x red-eyes), and a couple rituals. Trying to rank up to Gold 1 right now :)
Why Nerdy 3days ago
Stuck in plat 3 with this deck. Any suggestion would be appreciated
<< Anonymous(Icarus)
Why Nerdy 3days ago Reply
Ah I see. I happen to get lucky getting 2 spirit and 1 insight but that's about it, havwn't lucked out since. Should I add them?
<< Anonymous(Why Nerdy)
Icarus 3days ago Reply
It are good cards, but not for the deck you are running. If you stick to the emblem and the stones you are better off in my opinion.
<< Anonymous(Why Nerdy)
Elite Creator 1days ago Reply
why nerdy how are the changes to this deck working for you? I'm running something very similar you your original build and i can't get past plat 2 the only difference is that i run 1 exploder drag instead of bandit tools. The one downside to adding the cards is that balance no longer guarantees you a first turn fusion so another skill might be better in its place.
<< Anonymous(Elite Creator)
Anoymous 8hour ago Reply
Doesn't really work. Balance is important for consistency and you need mirage dragon to lock opponent's trap.
Andxyu 11hour ago
Dark ritual deck yall. Any suggestions for better fit?
Mar 1days ago
Can I pull this deck off with only 2 red-eyes spirits or should i also add a soul resurrection ?
Plott 1days ago
My current best deck, is there a way to make it better?
<< Anonymous(Plott)
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
Could never go wrong switching out the lv 3 normal for a kiabaman
Anoymous 1days ago
Thoughts or any tips? Working on my 3rd gozuki atm
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
Should i take out vanguard drag and add a second exploder drag or add a second vanguard drag
Andxyu 2days ago
Hey i'm trying to build my first deck here. Any suggestion? Trying to play around the Transforming Sphere here..
<< Anonymous(Andxyu)
Passerby 2days ago Reply
Transforming sphere is not a good card to build a deck around it, if you want a cheap card that can steal your opponent monster try to build a deck around jowls of dark demise, the effect is much less situational.
<< Anonymous(Passerby)
Andxyu 2days ago Reply
Im pretty much stuck because i bought Valkyrie and Sky Wonder packs from the start. So im pretty much stuck to playing around cards like Shinobirds and the Atmosphere. Also doomsday but i heard that building deck around it is pretty expensv. Any deck suggestion for those packs?
<< Anonymous(Andxyu)
Passerby 1days ago Reply
If you open a lot wonder of the sky then I suggest you create a harpie deck, with sonic ducks and birdface. Too bad harpies is getting nerfed, but still okay imo. The hardest thing to get is the skill harpies hunting ground. But with three sonic ducks, 1 birdface, harpie lady( if you have otc use the vanilla ones) and decent backrow it's good to go.
Anoymous 1days ago
Guys do you believe that 2 econs with 2 dimension gates are better than than 3 econs with 1 s.r. headlong because of synergy???
Walking Zed 2days ago
Play-tested this deck out of 10 games, won 9, lost 1 to Naturia Beat that opened the combo, if they didnt have it, I had game.

If I had Wild Tornados, I would remove the 1 of trap and 1 of the mountains, for 2 of the tornados.
Anoymous 2days ago
Got 2 RE spirit and 2 RE insight. Should I build a red eyes deck? Everyone seem to require 3 of them
munoooo93 2days ago
Good morning. I'm stuck with plat 2 using my Weevil Deck, so I decided to move on and try out another character, another deck. Which is, in your opinion, the best possible deck to try and build? Mind that I'm more like a F2P player though haha
Dark paladin deck 3days ago
I am currently using a dark paladin deck and everything is built around it but it's really dependant on getting fusion sage/polymerisation. I've managed to climb to silver 2 from rookie 1 in under a day with the deck but I want to improve it. Any ideas?
<< Anonymous
Here you guys go 3days ago Reply
Sorry about that. Advice?
<< Anonymous(Here you guys go )
Anoymous 3days ago Reply
Okay, good idea with blue dragon summoner because you can pull both DM or Buster Blader from deck. For consistency I suggest you try to get at least 1 more dark paladin, and 3 polymerization. And remove aegis of gaia and chain healing, replace with trap that can stall like windstorm of etaqua or security orb so you can survive untill you get your combo.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 3days ago Reply
Oh you can't pull buster blader sorry, maybe add that spell symbol of dragon destroyer to pull it from your deck.Crystal seer maybe a good idea too. And use the skill restart.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 3days ago Reply

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