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Entropy 5days ago
currently at top10k using RBAY deck. beware of ninjas and cybershit folks
ColChope 5days ago
Is my deck really bad, or is it ok ?
Do you have some advices to improve it ?
(Skill is Power of the Dark)

<< Anonymous(ColChope)
GokuEn 5days ago Reply
The issue is that there is no single unifying strategy and you are playing way to many bricky cards (cards that can get stuck in your hand), specially way to many tributes. I assume you are a bit of a newer player and you probably still do not have access to many cards yet. When just beginning, the best decks you can make are simple elemental LV4 beatdown decks.
<< Anonymous(GokuEn)
ColChope 5days ago Reply
Well in fact I’m not totally a beginner,I play since its launch. I just never tried to create a synergy in my deck. Can you develop about blocky cards ? Btw, I have approximately 4500 diamonds so I can still open some boxes :p
<< Anonymous(ColChope)
GokuEn 5days ago Reply
"Brick" cards are cards that get stuck in your hand easily. In your deck you are running 3 monsters that require tributes which can get stuck. My advice is this: get a bunch of 1700-1900 Fiend an Spellcasters and the best defensive spell traps you can get (Mirror Wall, Enemy Controller, Rush Headlong etc..) and make a Dark Beatdown Deck.
Laperen 7days ago
Trying to make a mill deck. Looking on how to improve what I got so far which has got me to Dlv 9.
<< Anonymous(Laperen)
Laperen 7days ago Reply
Dlv 9 in KC i mean. Low I know but just hoping it can give some idea of what I've dueled against with the deck.
<< Anonymous(Laperen)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Shallow Grave could help you.You could also use Jowls of Demise + Attack on GHQ combo
<< Anonymous
Laperen 7days ago Reply
Wow thanks! Just won a CA deck with your recommendations, granted it probably wasn't an optimized CA deck. It was the debut battle of the deck too. My only worry is when I run out of discard cards. Without Ghostrick Skeleton there is no way to continually force discard on the opponent.
Valencia 11days ago
This is just some random stuff I threw together for fun. I don't think it is very competitive. Although it did help me a little in the KC Cup. But if anyone does think it is good, but just needs some suggestions, I'm all ears. Or just let me know if it's shit. XD
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Valencia 9days ago Reply
Thanks. I appreciate the input.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Can't see what or how this deck is oriented (if it is direct attack/burn, why's spear dragon and that Flame dragon there?) probably inaba white rabbit/Skystray or add more raging flame sprite would do better, + Astral Barrier and Spirit Barrier combo. Just my 2 cents.
<< Anonymous
Valencia 9days ago Reply
And a very good 2 cents. I tried to make this deck about as many forms of different types of damage as I could when I first made it. But I also wanted to try not using the rabbit and the ray because I feel like I see them all the time with Yami Marik Right Back at You decks, and I wanted to try something different. But in reality, those decks are probably better than this.
Anonymous 9days ago
Anybody got a working water Dragon deck recipe?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
have you ever met Destiny Hero-Diamond Dude?this is the one you are looking for
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
I have, got the diamond dude but don't like the deck, want to build one that actually uses the genddon monsters
Anonymous 12days ago
Need advice on E-hero deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
there is no good E-Hero deck,Neos Beatdown deck is boring and it lacks support.However,if you don't show a deck you use,we can't give you advice.For example,if you run Neos then you need Ancient Rules,but without using Neos there is no reason to even get Mokuba to level 23
just some random guy 10days ago
<< Anonymous(just some random guy)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
you have lots of spare time,man.nice meme,though
SmartASS 12days ago
Fun fact 1: Gems capped at max of 9999, extra would go into mail box.
Fun fact 2: Mail box notification capped at max of 99, exceed that it will remain 99 but rewards within will continue stashed inside without losing the recent ones or those in last page.

P/s 1: I don't buy gems at all. Purely from grinding, rewards, level up, etc.

P/s 2: Which box/ black hole do you think I should throw the gems in?
Cyphre 13days ago
Any advice folks? Started out as Dark Magician deck but I couldn't get much use out of the support cards. Cosmo Queen with Yami puts her just a bit above most the the heavy hitters which I am finding useful so far.
<< Anonymous(Cyphre)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
First of all, why no dm? I see only dmoc. The classic one would be dmg,dm,sage stone,dark magic attack, thousand knife... deck.
<< Anonymous(Cyphre)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Dm is for the support cards under him. Just wanting big beaters isn't the style to play for a dm deck.
<< Anonymous
Cyphre 12days ago Reply
That's what it started out as. But I just couldn't seem to be able to use his spells properly when I went that route. Initially, I had DM instead of Cosmo Queen, with Dark Magic Attack and Dedication Through Light and Darkness for that sweet mid round transformation. What cards should I be shaving to keep with the 20 min?
<< Anonymous(Cyphre)
SmartASS 12days ago Reply
Not sure if my advice gonna be helpful: My yami spellcaster deck works this way: Random SC beater or SC with good effects > Magician Circle > special summon DMG > Sage Stone > Special summon DM from deck (or you can ss DM with Ancient Rules) > Finisher. Finisher can be in many ways, for example traditional DM with DM spell cards (thousand knife etc) or your way which is DM > Dedication > Finisher
Anonymous 19days ago
How do you get the cards you actually want without using money, and also how do use card trader, cause every time I go to him he never has the cards I want, is there a search engine to search for cards??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
hello 12days ago Reply
How do you get the cards you actually want without using money????? If you sell your kidney to Konami, they will give you 3 prismatic mirror walls!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
leveling up, getting gold and gems from events and sh*t, spending a lot of time on the app basically
Syndicate909 17days ago
Need Deck Advice - I keep loosing to Lvl, Toon, Crowler, and Parasite decks. Can someone give me some tips (I am in Platinum 4)
<< Anonymous(Syndicate909)
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
you should change to balance,beatdown must be bricky sometimes
<< Anonymous(Syndicate909)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Add bacon saver
<< Anonymous(Syndicate909)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Use another deck.. Seriously, millions of REZD deck on this website and you're still asking for tips.. the lack of creativity makes me wanna chuckle.
<< Anonymous(Syndicate909)
IMANOK 13days ago Reply
try using 1 wyvern, 2 REZD, 1 samurai skull, 1 bacon saver, and 3 insight. change arrow with storm, remove heavy knight and that koala also add metal morph. you can change 1 mirror with xing zhen tsu if faced a lot deck with back row
St0rm 16days ago
Trying to put together a Labyrinth Builder to handle Chazz Farming. Thinking about the following:

A Cat of Ill Omen x2
Crystal Seer x3
Gravekeeper’s Vassal x1
Mystical Beast Serket x1
Double-Summon x1
Secret Pass to the Treasures x1
Storm x1
Temple of the Kings x1
Union Attack x2
Curse of Royal x1
Dimension Gate x3
Jar of Greed x3
<< Anonymous(St0rm)
St0rm 16days ago Reply
The only catch is that you need Storm set before the last turn and you need to have sent one of the final-turn cards to the bottom of the deck with Crystal Seer. Thoughts?
<< Anonymous(St0rm)
Just a Guy 13days ago Reply
Good Goblin Housekeeping instead of Jar of Greed.
<< Anonymous(Just a Guy)
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Literally no reason for house keeping over JoG

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