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Jer 14days ago
Is Silent Magician Deck competitive?
Anonymous 17days ago
I'm very new to the game (10 days been playing it,almost stage 30) I have read ALOT in this wiki and I think I'm going to farm some LD at stage 38. got riryoku and 2 union attack from the event,currently waiting for Cerberus to appear in the shop.
my question is what should I do where should I start farming and with what deck? I got some good cards and about 3k if I even need an essential card to farm!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Kaiba... farm Kaiba
<< Anonymous
W.H. 15days ago Reply
Farming Kaiba would be the goal, but I don't think you can do it right now. It's best to hold on to his key until you can build a deck to farm him; and you NEED a specialized deck for that. Makeshift deck is too inconsistent and more of a waste of keys (Labyrinth+Dimension Gate is the most consistent deck currently IMO).
<< Anonymous
W.H. 15days ago Reply
I think you should go for a general farm deck first. Since you already have 2 UA, try to unlock Ishizu ASAP and level her to get Vassal and open Ultimate Rising pack to get a Secret Pass; then you have a good, versatile core engine for farming deck. After, get stuff to run that core. Cerberus is one. Maybe farm Odion & Weevil to make scorpion deck; try to get UG; etc and try build a deck for Kaiba
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Something to keep in mind is that all the LD SR level reward cards can also be earned through PVP duels now. If you can get string together enough total wins within a month (not dependent on duel rank, just win amount) the SR tickets would allow you to pick up E-con, or other highly useful SR's. Handy if you just can't get them to drop when farming.
tom 26days ago
please examine my deck. I seek advice
<< Anonymous(tom)
tom 26days ago Reply
and this is the extra deck
<< Anonymous(tom)
Player J 21days ago Reply
I think your deck is to busy! It might be better if you was to slim the Fusion. You have 5 different Fusions which really don't synergy very well with each other. Maybe you could try and pick 2-3 only?
<< Anonymous(tom)
RomaInvicta 16days ago Reply
I think your deck is trying to do too much at once. I would recommend getting rid of the 3 dragons on top and replacing them with something like Poki dragon to thin your deck. Also, you can get rid of the Kangaroo and Koala and add in some Buster Blades/Buster Blade spell card. You should probably also drop some of the trap cards for more fusion field spells
Jordon 17days ago
I need advice. The deck is basically zombie beat down teching in the red eyes engine. I opted to only use red eyes zombie for synergy. I sadly have no flame horseman. I'd also like to add that I'm trying to stay away from completely overhauling my deck to create a generic red eyes or Gemini zombie deck. Lastly the skill would probaly be better as balance or beatdown but parasite is tilty.
Anonymous 19days ago
does anyone have a fun darkflare dragon deck,to use against standard duelists,that he would not mind posting it?I am always looking for fun decks,it is what I love about this game
Immahoekage 19days ago
Any imrpovements you guys can recommend for my buster blader fusion deck?
Anonymous 20days ago
I want to ask about my spellcaster deck,and some tips for it.
This is my main deck for now
Chris 21days ago
I have been playing for a few weeks now, I have the complete Ultimate Rising and almost all Age of Discovery and Dawn of Destiny. I have a few enemy controllers as well.

I am just wondering what packs I should aim to get still and also what builds are good enough to regularly get 80+ wins a month in ranked for the SR rewards?
<< Anonymous(Chris)
Player J 21days ago Reply
I mean if you are a player which loves making decks based on Character animations! Than you are totally screwed! The following boxes have Card Animations for specific characters: -The Ultimate Rising(TUR) -Chaotic Compliance(CC) -Crimson Kingdom(CK) -Echoes of Silence(EOC) Continue...
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J 21days ago Reply
(TUR) = Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon using Seto Kaiba (CC) = Black Luster Soldier using Yami Yugi (CK) = Vampire Lord using Seto Kaiba (EOC) = Silent Magician LV8 using Yugi Muto And before you get all of those. You will need to get a good farming deck from Valkyrie's Rage Box. I.E Unhappy Girl!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Chris 21days ago Reply
so basically every pack! :(
<< Anonymous(Chris)
Player J 21days ago Reply
Well not every pack! You already have The Ultimate Rising box! So you getting closer for sure!
Anonymous 21days ago
Advice please, now i farming Mai to get Amazoness Swords Woman to add/replace Chthonian
Anonymous 26days ago
How can I improve this deck? The problem is that sometimes I'm stuck with bad hands and i'm only able tu summon invader in late turns. Also if you play a similar deck please give me some tips on how to play it. Thanks!
<< Anonymous
Player J 24days ago Reply
I have seen people use the deck your playing against me. However, I saw them using 2 of the Aegis of Gaia. I also saw a player using Dark Necrofear instead of the level 6 monster.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
The power of fenhungan (the level 6 monster) is that once i summon it he destroys every backrow on my opponents side of the field
<< Anonymous
Player J 21days ago Reply
Yes, I know what Fehungan does! I was simply giving you another playing variation which I saw people use. The dog can search Invader + Dark Necrofear. It isn't to say that Fehungan is bad! Fehungan has very good effects. I think it might be just a different variation. I figured it would be nice to suggest to you in case you feel like trying it out.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Anonymous 22days ago
What are some good cards that can be substituted for cards in a fusion summon
<< Anonymous
laperen 22days ago Reply
Are you referring to replacement for polymerization or the monsters used as fusion material?
silver 23days ago
Any tips on better synergy? Just started playing 30 days ago and have never played the game before so my decks are patchwork...I've mainly been opening packs from ultimate rising and neo-impact, but still don't have sphere kuriboh, mirror wall, mask of the accursed, or enemy controller.

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