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Viv 9days ago
Still trying to build that Vampire deck. Still opening packs and hoping for Vampire Lord, but I'd like some input on additional cards, mainly good support cards for Zombie types. Only have a few cards, so far are:
Vampire Grace x 1
Vampire Dragon x 1
Vampire Lady x 1
Blood Sucker x 1
Vampire Baby x 1
Veil of Darkness x 1
Tutan Mask x 1
<< Anonymous(Viv)
Player J 9days ago Reply
Here is the Vampire deck I used to reach Legend Rank Last Season

You can also read comments which were made on my deck list on Reddit!
<< Anonymous(Viv)
Player J 9days ago Reply
The main Vampires are:

- Vampire Lord
- Vampire Curse
- Vampire Grace

They all have 2,000 attack which is ideal because it lets you Special Summon them with Skull Conductor effect!

You also want to use a monster like Gozuki or Skull Samurai to help!
Tyquan1000Finest 9days ago
Check out my new card tips video for "Gandora The Dragon Of Destruction" i share many tips to get the most out of the card
Viv 11days ago
Trying to build a Vampire deck, probably to use for Aster. Any ideas for which spells/traps to use?
<< Anonymous(Viv)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
why aster its better to play otk vampire with ama and econ skill beatdown
<< Anonymous
Viv 10days ago Reply
cuz why not, I'm just tryna have fun
Any ideas to improve my deck,bros?(I'm running low on gems)
<< Anonymous(Flashback054)
Flashback054 Reply
I dont know which pack should I spend gems on
<< Anonymous(Flashback054)
Anonymous Reply
Draining Shield is a must have card for tribute decks, as in it can give you life points to spend on Mausoleum of the Emperor or can be used to protect one of your monsters to be later used for a summon.
<< Anonymous(Flashback054)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
what is the wind monster name, please ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
This is an old post so probably OP not around any more. But I can answer you. It's skystarray
MrPerks1996 12days ago
Always get stuck in Platinum with my Mako deck, constantly taking out cards and changing it around, any help would be much appreciated!

Current line-up:

2x Hammer Shark
1x Piercing Moray
1x Needle Sunfish
2x Yomi Ship
1x Beautunaful Princess
1x Deck Sweeper
1x Uminotauros
2x Lost Blue Breaker
1x Star Boy
1x Super Rush Headlong
1x A Legendary Ocean
1x Double Summon
2x Enemy Controller
1z Floodgate Traphole
1x Fish Depth Charge
1x Wall of Disruption
1x Windstorm of Etaqua

I am free to play, so any major improvements I'll save up the gems for, thanks!
<< Anonymous(MrPerks1996)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
3x hammer shark
3x uminotaurus
3x star boy
1x beautaniful
10x good spell/trap

boom hammer shark beatdown
<< Anonymous
MrPerks1996 12days ago Reply
I've gone for:

1x Michizure
1x Anti-Magic Arrows
1x Super-Rush
2x Enemy Controller
1x Water Hazard
1x Floodgate
1x Depth Charge
1x Mirror Wall
1x Michizure
1x Wall of Disruption
<< Anonymous(MrPerks1996)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
more anti magic arrow for ez otk more mirrorwall/wod/super rush if you have it
Dito Rifki 16days ago
What The Best Deck For Beginners?
<< Anonymous(Dito Rifki)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
blue eyes or red eyes.
Photon Jet 18days ago
Hi there!

A few years ago, I loved playing Gem-Knights and I was so glad to be playing them again in Duel Links.

Here's my Deck Recipe I have at the moment but I'm thinking of improving it further. I'm thinking of taking out the Volcanic Shells but is there anything I need to do to improve it?

<< Anonymous(Photon Jet)
Player J 17days ago Reply
Change your skill to Balance

-2 Tourmaline
-1 Fusion Sage
-1 Fragment Fusion

+1 Enemy Controller
+1 Wall of Disruption
+2 Pyroxene Fusion
<< Anonymous(Photon Jet)
Lizbeth 17days ago Reply
Yeah, yes I think I'll rate this ^_^ :) :--TRASH.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Photon Jet 16days ago Reply
Okay. Thanks for the feedback.
<< Anonymous(Lizbeth)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Let's see your BETTER deck, Lizbeth.
Zzz 18days ago
Hello im trying to build a fairy deck any advises for fairy deck?
<< Anonymous(Zzz)
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Try this :
<< Anonymous
Zzz 18days ago Reply
I want to try dunames card is it viable?
<< Anonymous(Zzz)
Anonimoushi 18days ago Reply
Fairy deck not very competitive nor that fun to me. Only pro to it is high LP gain over the course of battle through ishizu skill. If you seriously wanna play with it, perhaps you can try freya + cards from sky + court of justice. Add in one cyber stein for more fun.
<< Anonymous(Zzz)
Player J 16days ago Reply
What kind of Fairy deck do you want to make?

Character deck?
jesse Garcia 19days ago
I am trying to build a six samurai deck for pvp I know they are not the best but I like playing them any ideas will be appreciated.
<< Anonymous(jesse Garcia)
Player J 18days ago Reply
Do you have a picture of what Six Samurai you have?

or Deck list?
<< Anonymous(Player J)
jesse Garcia 18days ago Reply
1x shogun shen
2x six samurai irou
3x six samurai zanji
3x hand of the six samurai
2x six samurai yaichi
1x parallel twister
3x enemy controllers
1x shien's castle of mist
1x six strike triple impact
1x powerful rebirth
1x wall of disruption
1x shien's scheme
<< Anonymous(jesse Garcia)
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
+1 powerful rebirth
-1 six strike triple impact

+1 super rush headlong or Mirror wall
-1 shien's castle of mist

+1 shogun shien
-1 shien's scheme
<< Anonymous(jesse Garcia)
Player J 16days ago Reply
Skill: Field of the Warriors

-2 Irou
-1 Enemy Controller
-1 Shien's Castle of Mist
-1 Six Strike Triple Impact
-1 Shien's Scheme

+1 Enishi, Shien's Chancellor
+1 Blue Flame Swordsman or 1x Irou if you don't have the level up reward unlocked.
+2 Super Rush Headlong
+1 Powerful Rebirth
+1 Wall of Disruption
Billy Joel Osmin 19days ago
i'm trying to make a 'masturbation' archetype deck. what cards would u recommend? must be tournament-ready, thanks!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Nice suggestions, everyone! I can see the combos already with the cards mentioned by every1 here, but still need 2 complete my deck :) I cant wait 2 bring my 'Masturbation' deck with me 2 tourneys! It'll be quite the blast!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
You're welcome! :) Yes, blast all over the competition.
Anonymous 18days ago
what do you think of my deck?
1X spear dragon
1x vanguard of the dragon
1x man eater bug
3x thunder dragons
1x elemental hero blazeman
1x flamevell grunika
3x kimodo dragons
1x hieratic dragon of nuit
1x mirage dragon
1x ancient dragon
1x exploder dragon
3x blue eyes
1x hunter dragon
1x horn of the unicorn
1x anti magic arrows
3x enemy controllers
1x mask of the accursed
1x polymerization
1x draining shield
1x half counter
1x dragons rebirth
1x fruits of kozaky's studies
1x straight flush
i may have added to much cards anything to take out/add advice is appreciated thanks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Yeah, sure, I'll rate it :) :TRASH.
So I just started playing this game two weeks ago, so I'm WAY behind. I was able to get to gold 2 with a random deck I created. Just looking for any advice.
<< Anonymous
F1k1sk0 25days ago Reply
Hopefully it is LOL
<< Anonymous(F1k1sk0)
Player J 22days ago Reply

F1k1so0 is right!

It was a joke, but it seems like not many people got it. lol
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Wow you just can't stop being a retard chill. you're the joke there's nothing to get.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
I know right! It's not even borderline funny.. ugh. Eccentric player J can't stop blabbering, he beat all moms in the world with this eulogy of him. What died? well anyone should notice..manhood probably got shafted a long time ago and he still doesn't notice since he has to talk eccentric stuffs for hours.. :p

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