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Flame Wing Man 8hour ago
Good advise but a bit more detail please thank
Anonymous 1days ago
Any good decks that i can make from neo impact and ultimate rising cards?
Anonymous 2days ago
I’m trying to build a platinum worth to KOG Heroes Deck
Any help ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
No not for hero decks
Jomarence 2days ago
Guys, im new
can anybody advice me what the best deck to build and what box to buy?
<< Anonymous(Jomarence)
Jomarence 2days ago Reply
What's the best deck*
<< Anonymous(Jomarence)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Really useful anon.
@newbie: crimson kingdom for REZD; galactic origin for glad only have to go thru galactic once for a half decent deck.

Otherwise could make a phoenix deck with the phoenix minibox dawn of destiny, but you need to go thru it completely three times (240 packs)
Anonymous 4days ago
Any thoughts on a “Bad Reaction to Simochi” deck???
Anonymous 4days ago
Hello I just started duel links 3 days ago and I have accumulated a few UR tickets and SR tickets and need help to decide which cards to use the ticket on.
This is my current ranked deck.
3x Marron
3x Hydrangea
3x Stag Beetle
3x Pumpkin
3x SRH
2x Econ
1x Covering Fire
1x Tribute to the Doomed
1x Exterio's Fang

Any other suggestions is most welcome.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
My opinion has always been the same: build farm deck first.

Even if you get to kog, so what. If you can't farm LD (gate, event, all the same) you lose a bunch of cards, gems, keys, gold, and more.

This game requires patience and dedication.

P/s: my gems have been 9999 for past 2 months (also in mailbox) purely from level up, events, etc. If next box is trash too then I'm gonna invest in GB
Anonymous 6days ago
I'm trying to make fun classic E-Hero fusion deck, any suggestion?

- Elemental Hero Avian x3
- Elemental Hero Burstinatrix x3
- Elemental Hero Sparkman x3
- King of the Swamp x3
- Skyscrapper x1
- Polymerization x2
- Wall of Disruption x2
- Mirror Wall x3

Extra deck:
- Elemental Hero Thunder Giant x3
- Elemental Hero Flame Wingman x2
Venom XCV 7days ago
Hey, just wondering is it actually possible to make a good and competitive cyber dragon deck?
Torakaa 8days ago
Trying to build a Neos deck for Jaden. I wonder what are the important Neos fusions to get ?
<< Anonymous(Torakaa)
Player J 7days ago Reply
What Neos are you trying to run the Vanilla Neos?
Anonymous 8days ago
Hey all, I need some advice on making my own Aromage deck. Still trying to collect the cards, so here's what I have so far in progress (note: I absolutely suck at deck building):
Skill: Draw Sense (Light)

Aromage Jasmine x 1
Aromage Bergamont x 3
Rose Princess x 1
Lekunga x 2
Seed of Flame x 1
Amarylease x 2
World Tree x 1
Fragrance Storm x 2
Aroma Garden x 3
Cup of Ace x 1
The Grave of Enkindling x 1
Plant food Chain x 2

Currently trying to get "Draw Sense: Fire" for Bergamont, the Light one currently is for Jasmine

So! Any suggestions?
<< Anonymous
Player J 7days ago Reply
My suggestion is to wait!

You said in your own words that you are not very good in deck building!

A lot of people are trying to make Aromage decks including myself!

Someone will make a good deck list and than you can copy there deck list or modify the deck to your own preferences.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J 7days ago Reply
I would share with you my deck list, but I don't want to give you untested advice!

The card trader has been a real bully to me. lol

I don't have all the Aromage cards.

For the above reasons, I haven't been able to properly test out the deck I want to build.
Viv 9days ago
Still trying to build that Vampire deck. Still opening packs and hoping for Vampire Lord, but I'd like some input on additional cards, mainly good support cards for Zombie types. Only have a few cards, so far are:
Vampire Grace x 1
Vampire Dragon x 1
Vampire Lady x 1
Blood Sucker x 1
Vampire Baby x 1
Veil of Darkness x 1
Tutan Mask x 1
<< Anonymous(Viv)
Player J 9days ago Reply
Here is the Vampire deck I used to reach Legend Rank Last Season

You can also read comments which were made on my deck list on Reddit!
<< Anonymous(Viv)
Player J 9days ago Reply
The main Vampires are:

- Vampire Lord
- Vampire Curse
- Vampire Grace

They all have 2,000 attack which is ideal because it lets you Special Summon them with Skull Conductor effect!

You also want to use a monster like Gozuki or Skull Samurai to help!
Tyquan1000Finest 9days ago
Check out my new card tips video for "Gandora The Dragon Of Destruction" i share many tips to get the most out of the card

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