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Anonymous 10hour ago
Can Anyone Tell Me Where I Can Find The Lord Of D. Card On Duel Links???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10hour ago Reply
Kaiba level up
Nick 1days ago
I have approximately 16000 gems right now and I am not sure which deck I should spend them for: Spellbook, Fur Hire, Amazoness or Masked Hero.
I started playing DL a few weeks ago and like many others I built a Sylvan deck in the first days, just to get easy wins and gems from the beginning. But now, given also the new bans and limitations that stroke Sylvan so hard, I'm even more convinced to invest in something new and enjoyable.
Can anyone help decide between these decks?
<< Anonymous(Nick)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Amazoness absolutely requires Princess, which I'm not sure if you have 3 copies already or not considering you said you just started playing recently.

Masked Hero is a good choice, the deck can still run without E-Con and with Celestial at 2.

Spellbook might gonna be confusing, unless you've played the deck in real life before.

Fur Hire is meant to be good for new players.
<< Anonymous(Nick)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
So I'd say the choice is between Masked Hero and Fur Hire.

Masked Hero is more expensive to build (requiring multiple SR and UR from a big box) while Fur Hire is cheaper due to being from a mini box, and the highest rarity card is only SR, all the remaining cards are R and N, and there's only 1 SR in the archetype, although you do need the SR at 3 copies.
<< Anonymous(Nick)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
So if you're looking to save gems for later, especially to open other boxes for generic staple Spell/Trap cards, then Fur Hire is your best choice.
Nachoo 1days ago
Hello - I'm wondering if there's a tool to give me reccomendations on what deck I can build based on the cards I already have. I can't seem to make a single complete deck from this entire site.. I always have some cards missing..
<< Anonymous(Nachoo)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
How long you have been playing? What are the majority cards you own?

From card trader?
From which main/ mini box?

Then we will see how to help you.
<< Anonymous(Nachoo)
Aquablast 1days ago Reply
No such tools that I'm aware of. But the decks are this site are just examples. You can always substitute the missing cards with something else. If you can be more specific about which deck you're trying to build, and which cards you're missing, then we might be able to help. If you have no idea at all, then just try making a dinosaur deck.
ICountFrom0 2days ago
DD Tower time again.

I'm tired of not completing it. With these rules changes it might be easier this time, but I want more then a win, I want a slaughter.

Got all the characters, been here for most of the events, I'm just not very good at this and likely to have to use auto dual.

So, having said that, what's a good way to take down this tower?
<< Anonymous(ICountFrom0)
Aquablast 1days ago Reply
Just duel normally, and do missions only if they are easy. When you start to encounter trouble, try building a counter deck, and keep that deck so you can use it whenever the CPU use that deck. When you reach the last floor, you've completed it!

... What? Missions? Seriously, just ignore them unless they're easy. If you really want to reach 100% mission completion, do it AFTER you reach the top.
<< Anonymous(Aquablast)
ICountFrom0 1days ago Reply
With the HP resetting if you are defeated in a rematch, I figured it would be best to go through to clean up the missions after, but it's good to hear it confirmed.

I've not figured out the rock paper scissors of this game to sort out what counters what, so I'm not really sure how to counter the troubles of the tower.

On advice from elsewhere I'm trying an auto gears deck for the climb.
<< Anonymous(ICountFrom0)
Aquablast 10hour ago Reply
I personally blaze through the mission because I'd be out of patience if I try to do every single challenge. I also stopped caring about LP. My LP potions are collecting dust anyway. (Plus sometimes it might just be a good time to take a break when you lose.)

If you can name the deck(s) that is giving you trouble, we might be able to suggest some counters.
Anonymous 4days ago
Hi can anyone post me a naturia deck for me? I really want to use them
Berri 8days ago
Hello! May I request some advice on my Horus Deck? I just got LV8 like two days ago and decided to make a deck for it. I looked at the deck recipe on here and I don't really think it fits my play style that well so I took some creative liberties. I haven't used it in pvp yet since I'm unsure how well it will hold up. Is there anything I should add in or replace? I feel like there's too many spell/trap cards. Plus, I replaced Floodgate Traphole with Mirror Wall but I think I might still need Floodgate. I use Bastion with MIGHTY as Fire instead of the recommended Kaiba with Beatdown.
Photon Jet 8days ago
Greetings everyone!

With the new ban list coming round the corner, I've decided to try out a Bujin (Grass is Greener) deck. For me, I think this deck has good potential against the mostly used decks such as Sylvans thanks to the new support cards. But I was wondering if there are any changes I must make for it to perform even better.

Any cards I need to replace? (Sorry about the screenshots because that's all I can capture.)
G_MASTER 10days ago
Hi. I am new to D.L and was wondering if anyone could walk me to getting a good deck, I started with seto kaiba and need a good deck.
<< Anonymous(G_MASTER)
Chals 10days ago Reply
I would reccomend you to get some gems and buy dragonic knights structure deck, with seto's skill "peak performance" you will have a good, playable deck
<< Anonymous(Chals)
Haxor 9days ago Reply
How dare you exploit newbies, don't listen to the peep above me. Instead, I advise you to always invest in a minibox, and since you're new, it is crucial to pick an effective box that is meta-potential. LAND OF THE TITANS is one of those, you can get strong combos with both the URs. Also, CHAOTIC COMPLIANCE has very strong boss monsters, good for farming, and yet competitive a well. Good luck!
<< Anonymous(Haxor)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
dead meme
EnVec 14days ago
Hi. I was wondering if u guys know a deck that isn't super hard to build that is very strong in duels. I've already built a sylvan deck for now so I want to build something different.
<< Anonymous(EnVec)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Joey Wheeler 17days ago
Unga Bunga: Discard edition
How make mill more good
RelaxXx 18days ago
Hey guys, I started playing a few days ago and wanted to know if any of you could give me advises a Dark Magician deck (arkana/yugi) but this site has his information really out dated on those decks.
Here is what im using atm :
<< Anonymous(Evolution)
RelaxXx 18days ago Reply
what do I remove then ?
<< Anonymous(RelaxXx)
Yami Andrea 16days ago Reply
remove any monster that not linked to DM, add more that linked to DM, such as blue dragon summoner or legion of fiend jester, focus on summoning DM,
then add DM magic card, like dark magic attack and thousand knives
<< Anonymous(Yami Andrea)
Blanchard 1days ago Reply
How could we obtain those cards you mention?
<< Anonymous(Blanchard)
Aquablast 1days ago Reply
Blue Dragon Summoner is from the Card Trader. Legion the Fiend Jester is from Flame of the Tyrant mini-box. Dark Magic Attack is a level up reward from Yami Yugi. Thousand Knives is dropped by Yami Yugi at the game. You should also look into Magician's Rod (Arkana's level reward), Dark Magic Curtain (Arkana's level reward), and Ancient Rules (Mokuba's level reward) too.
Evolution 20days ago
anything I should add or drop any advice is appreciated. Thank you
<< Anonymous(Evolution)
Devesh 16days ago Reply
Do you have any strategy to beat that deck?

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