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BlackIce 5hour ago
I want to improve my deck any tips
BlackIce 2days ago
Any tips kids
<< Anonymous
BlackIce 2days ago Reply
Dude I don't need your advise I should added no autisic people no fuck off
<< Anonymous(BlackIce)
Anoymous 2days ago Reply
I am guessing u wont get advises from other "kids" becoz u r kid bully. XD
<< Anonymous
BlackIce 2days ago Reply
You really need to learn proper English you just typed a bunch of gibberish or be less autisic but that's not going to happen
<< Anonymous(BlackIce)
TheRealBlackIce 1days ago Reply
you arent even me you fucker
I suck 3days ago
Gemini any tips ? (Don't have any econs)
<< Anonymous(I suck )
Whitebrim 2days ago Reply
Did you get that off Yugi decks?
<< Anonymous(I suck )
I suck 2days ago Reply
I've never even heard of yugi decks I barely found this site last week
<< Anonymous(I suck )
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
Use the raptinus, it will make gemini consistent, take out that fire type non-gemini ... For me , i use rope of life instead of those wonder balloon, storm...
<< Anonymous(I suck )
I suck 1days ago Reply
Thank you will try it out! With this deck I'm stuck at plat 4 hopefully it will help
Anoymous 3days ago
Photon Jet 4days ago
Hi everyone.

I've been playing Ranked Duels with this enhanced Sorcerer's Alliance of mine and so far, I'm at Gold Rank 5. But I need to see if my deck can be improved even further.

Here's the deck:

Character: Yami Yugi

Skill: Power of Dark

3x Neo the Magic Swordsman
2x A Man with Wdjat
2x The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams
1x Blue Dragon Summoner
1x Maiden of Macabre
1x Trance the Magic Swordsman
1x Whiptail Crow
1x Magical Undertaker

2x Riryoku
1x Super Rush Headlong
1x Wonder Wand

TRAPS: (4)
1x Mirror Wall
1x Magician's Circle
1x Rope of Life
1x Windstorm of Etaqua

EXTRA: (0)

Any cards I need replacing to make it perform better?
<< Anonymous
Photon Jet 4days ago Reply
I'm sorry but I'm having trouble putting a screenshot from my mobile phone to the PC...
<< Anonymous(Photon Jet)
LDFarmer 4days ago Reply
I would remove 1 Man with Wdjat and add a Crow instead. Drop the Riryokus and add another wand and a twister or despell. Just for some backrow control. Drop the rope of life, it kills your hand. Throw in something defensive like curse of anubis or another Circle. Be aware that the latter can punish you if you play a mirror match.
<< Anonymous(LDFarmer)
Photon Jet 4days ago Reply
Okay. Thank you very much.
<< Anonymous(Photon Jet)
Anoymous 4days ago Reply
If youre gonna add more magician circle, try adding dark magician girl too and another tribute maybe...
Anoymous 4days ago
Anyone willing to help me with my REBD deck? I don't know on what cards to focus more and less. (PS. I haven't gotten my first Wyvern/ second CV yet)
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 3days ago Reply
Walking Zed 4days ago
This deck got me to Legend 1 pretty much.

Only thing Im thinking of changing would be swapping 2 cards for 2 Tornados.
Asides from that, maybe the Skill to Last Gamble. ;)

Deck "Rankings" says this deck is a 6.5, or the other versions to it are.. it's safe to say this is a 8-9/10

This deck is REALLY fun to play! Lots of combos and explosions. ;)
Enjoy climbing to Legend!
<< Anonymous(Walking Zed)
Anoymous 3days ago Reply
I could suggest a little more monsters and drop off 1 econ
Hot5hot 5days ago
Hey guys,

I've been trying to tweak a fiend deck to its best advantage but I'm stuck on this little idea.

I'm using a card which you don't see much but after testing it it's pretty cool.

As you can see "cloning" is the card, I've tested it if you can tribute it using enemy controller and steal your opponents monster and banish it and guess what it works!

Best part it's basically having 3 monsters on the field. As long as you don't destroy the opponents monster first.

His deck is all about stealing your opponents monsters to eventually swarm the field to OTK eventually.

I just need to take out 3 cards but not sure which ones?

I'm really hoping this deck becomes consistent.

I hope you guys have any opinions/thoughts? :)

P.s I don't have fiend farewell ATM
<< Anonymous(Hot5hot)
Anoymous 5days ago Reply
The issue with this deck is that cloning only uses its effect for normal/flip summons which is a horrible disadvantage :( I wonder if there is anything similar to this card?
<< Anonymous(Hot5hot)
Hot5hot 5days ago Reply
wish someone would actually help :/
<< Anonymous(Hot5hot)
Anoymous 3days ago Reply
U could take out one doomdog, one storm, and one demise
Andxyu 6days ago
Dark ritual deck yall. Any suggestions for better fit?
<< Anonymous(Andxyu)
Anoymous 3days ago Reply
U could use ritual raven bro. It will be more consistent than the blue eyes. If u want blue eyes, u could add soul resurrection trap so u could revive it. U could change those normal rarity monsters and adhesion hole
Mar 6days ago
Can I pull this deck off with only 2 red-eyes spirits or should i also add a soul resurrection ?
Plott 7days ago
My current best deck, is there a way to make it better?
<< Anonymous(Plott)
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
Could never go wrong switching out the lv 3 normal for a kiabaman
<< Anonymous(Plott)
Plott 4days ago Reply
Actually i don't need Kaibaman that much. I need another normal monster with decent Atk for dragon's rebirth + hieratic. its easy to get 3 blue eyes to grave with that combo+majestic with blue eyes.
<< Anonymous(Plott)
DeMuNLy 3days ago Reply
Woah you only need one blue eyes (maybe 2) add in 3 heiratics and 3 hunters and take out 2 b bewd. Take out dimension and use matter transporter instead (faster) take out 1 DR and use tyrant wing, can equip 2 nuit and with 2 atks you can clear a field quickly. Use otc as it is great with units effect, u can use nuit to summon a hunter then otc it killing their field. Put in 2 otc if u have them.
Anoymous 7days ago
Thoughts or any tips? Working on my 3rd gozuki atm
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
Should i take out vanguard drag and add a second exploder drag or add a second vanguard drag

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