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update 02/12/2016


Monster TypeFairy
Card typeUnion
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect / Continuous Effect / Condition


Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control this card on the field, you can equip it to your "Aitsu" as an Equip Card, OR unequip the Union equipment and Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position. While equipped to a monster by this card's effect, increase the ATK of the equipped monster by 3000 points. When it attacks with an ATK that is higher than the DEF of a Defense Position monster, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points. (1 monster can only be equipped with 1 Union Monster at a time. If the equipped monster is destroyed as a result of battle, destroy this card instead.)









How to Get

Under construction.


ActionsEquips self from field
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesRedirects destruction / Destroys itself
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons itself from your Spell & Trap Card Zone
Stat changesEquipped gains ATK
Attack categoriesPiercing

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Anonymous 6days ago
x3 Koitsu
x3 Aitsu
x3 Celestial Transformation

Koitsu's high level also allows him to be easy ritual fodder for Fairy decks.
Anonymous 16days ago
you.. need 2 tributes to summon this card? please explain how this hommie work.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Special summoning an union monster is not that hard.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Anonymous 23days ago
Use with Celestial Transformation (Card Trader) and equip it to Aitsu to prevent destruction.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
What 3sd?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
Or masoleum or ancient rules
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
no man, this is not a normal monster
<< Anonymous
Novox 16days ago Reply
Thats broken
Anonymous 17days ago
A 200atk 100def monster that inflicts piercing for only 2 tributes this card must went under the radar when konami was updating the ban/limited list
Anonymous 20days ago
Is this deck kog worthy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
Yes this is the best equip monster even better than cocoon of evolution i remember beating everyone in my locals back when i played the tcg
Gunzblasing 22days ago
Spicy itsu deck coming up
NMS 23days ago
Uhh... lv10? O.O
<< Anonymous(NMS)
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
Yeah, it's so strong for current meta!
<< Anonymous
Tatsunootoshigo 22days ago Reply
This game is becoming more p2w everyday?
Larvae moth 22days ago
Is my deck still gonna be viable?

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