How to beat/farm Yusei Fudo Lvl 40

How to beat Yusei Fudo Lvl 40, Yusei Fudo's Deck, Decks to farm Yusei Fudo, Rewards.
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update 29/09/2018

Ra Farm

Example Deck

The Winged Dragon of RaGolden LadybugGolden LadybugGolden LadybugCreature SeizureDouble Summon
Anti-Magic ArrowsWorm BaitFloodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap HoleDefense Draw
Defense DrawDefense DrawDraining ShieldDraining ShieldWall of DisruptionWall of Disruption
Wall of Disruption----


  • Do not summon Golden Ladybug, instead keep it in your hand and heal every turn.
  • Defense Draw will allow you to draw into your deck quicker while you stall.
  • Floodgate Trap Hole puts Yusei's summoned monsters permanently face-down.
  • Wall of Disruption can debuff Yusei's monsters till they are no longer a threat. Use this when Yusei controls multiple monsters to maximize it's effect.
  • Massivemorph doubles monster's attack but makes it unable to attack directly.
  • Draining Shield negates an attack and heals your LP equal to the monster's attack.
  • During your final turn Summon Golden Ladybug and special summon 2 tokens with Worm Bait in attack position. Use Creature Seizure to give Yusei one of your tokens.
  • Use Double Summon and summon The Winged Dragon of Ra. Give The Winged Dragon of Ra all but 100 of your LP and attack into the attack position token.
  • During your final battle phase activate Anti-Magic Arrows to prevent Yusei from negating your attack with Scrap-Iron Scarecrow.


SkillNo Skill Neccessary / Restart
Essential cards
King of the SwampKing of the SwampOjama BlueOjama BlueOjama BlueGravekeeper's Vassal
Ojama BlackOjama BlackOjama YellowOjama YellowOjama GreenOjama Green
Anti-Magic ArrowsUnion AttackUnion AttackPolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerization
Ojama CountrySecret Pass to the Treasures-Ojama KingOjama KnightOjama Knight


  • Summon Ojama Knight or Ojama King as early as possible. If summoned early on, he can lock 2 or 3 of Yusei's monster zones making him unable to Synchro summon.
  • After that just keep stalling until you deck out. Ojama Blue helps you get Ojamas out of your deck, King of the Swamp helps you search Polymerization in your deck.
  • King of the Swamp can also be used as a substitute fusion material for Ojama King but not for Ojama Knight.
  • During your final turn, have 2 face-up attack position Ojama Knight/Ojama King then use Ojama Country. Normal Summon Gravekeeper's Vassal then use Secret Pass to the Treasures and 2 Union Attack on him. Direct attack for over 9999 damage assessment.
  • Remember to use Anti-Magic Arrows during your final battle phase to prevent Yusei from activating his Scrap-Iron Scarecrow.

Lvl 40 Yusei's deck

Yusei Fudo's Lvl 40 Drop Rewards


Hot New Top
How do you get yusei fudo to lvl 40?
<< Anonymous(alex)
Anonymous Reply
Defeat level 30 in gate and you should get level 40
Why did they make lv40 Yusei so ridiculously broken... it’s bizarre that I take down his turn 1 Berserker but then next turn he manages to summon Archer AND that other 2000 monster. It’s really ridiculous, what’s the point of playing an opponent that’s invincible unless he hard bricks. There should be an option to block lv40 LDs from appearing in the overworld.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dont let yusei slap ya around with his junk! Fight back!
<< Anonymous
CaptainCavities Reply
Two different deck to farm Yusei Fudo.
<< Anonymous
From The Future Reply
Meta deck = cancer
All u need is just lose..
<< Anonymous(Meta deck = cancer)
Anonymous Reply
Lol winning
best version:
<< Anonymous
Alex Reply
Agree. Thank u for sharing!
Since they add 3x multiplier, farm is no longer relevant
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, 3x multiplier also takes so many keys that I wouldn't be surprised if people still prefer to farm as usual, under the 1x multiplier instead of 2x or 3x.
Ojama is outright shit!
I cry.
There's no way to farm Yusei. Tsk..
<< Anonymous(I cry.)
Anonymous Reply
I'm doing well with Spirit Barrier + Astral Barrier farming deck.

I use Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird + Golden Ladybug to gain LP, Aromage Jasmine + Aroma Garden to draw cards and further gain more LP, and Aromage Rosemary to deal with possible threats by switching them into defense and destroy them in battle.

Then once I'm ready, I tribute my three monsters for Ra.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
As for Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, I usually either Rose Archer it, or Cosmic Cyclone it.
Chae Yeon
Yusei Lv.40 / Crow Lv.40 / Akiza Lv.40 / Leo Lv.40 / No Skill 100 % Farm deck.
Give it a try.
The world 's prettiest space top idol DiA Chae Yeon , Jung
I Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!
<< Anonymous(Chae Yeon)
Nephalès Reply
Very good deck but does not inflict effect damage... Bug ?!
<< Anonymous(Nephalès)
Nephalès Reply
<< Anonymous
rui Reply
maybe this...
<< Anonymous(rui)
rui Reply
sorry for the last post
Would a Yubel deck be good against him or like a Terror Incarnate and Sacred Phoenix work?
He's vulnerable to the Fisherman Farm.
Both these decks are fking terrible

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First midfielder = you can forget about it If you are f2p or softcore player, I suggest variet...
No, still works at 1000LP or less, it's such a broken ability with the cards that are out now.
Effect that applies to monsters on the field, disappear when that monster is removed from the field.
I dunno why these folks have to pay to get a decent deck. Can't they try to play something ...
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