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update 25/11/2016

Junk Berserker

Junk Berserker
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeSynchro / Effect
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect / Trigger Effect
Supports ArchetypesJunk
Related to ArchetypesSynchron


"Junk Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monstersYou can banish 1 "Junk" monster from your Graveyard, then target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; that target loses ATK equal to the banished monster's ATK. At the start of the Damage Step, if this card attacks a Defense Position monster: Destroy that monster.









How to Get

Under construction.


Banished categoriesBanishes from your Graveyard / Banishes from Graveyard for cost
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys your opponent's Monster Cards / Destroys Defense Position Monster Cards
Stat changesYour opponent's monsters lose ATK

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Ashley5 11days ago
Anyone able to unlock this from fighting yusei? I seem to be having bad luck getting it.
<< Anonymous
Ashley5 11days ago Reply
Thanks I will keep trying then must be bad luck.
<< Anonymous
Ashley5 11days ago Reply
I got it :)
<< Anonymous(Ashley5)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
I use around 2000 keys to get it
<< Anonymous(Ashley5)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
I just noticed that training your kuriboh has it as a reward too lol.
Anonymous 17days ago
I like it. It's a great card that can give a lot of power to decks that need and close games. Just run Yusei's skill and every deck has access to it.

Not sure why people are complaining about its role in the anime, that has no bearing on how good of a card it is. Fact is, right now, it's probably our best Synchro.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
It's our best synchro? Maybe because we hardly have ANY synchros rn
Anonymous 31days ago
are these cards supposed to be ritual monster or fusion monsters???? how do they work??? are we suppose to draw 3 monsters to summon this card??? thats a -2 card advantage. why is everyone excited??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Why is everyone excited? Because it's a new mechanic added to the game. Finally something fresh. Is it that hard to understand?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
read the details about synchro first before you talk shit
<< Anonymous
Sean Masterz 19days ago Reply
its not
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
how are you not familiar with syncro monsters they also have really great effects genrally along with their ease of summoning. With them also comes alot of special summoning monsters. In case you are not familiar with the tcg's meta when they came out they dominated it for good reason.
Anonymous 27days ago
why cant we just be happy with what we get for once. its like all ya guys do is complain
<< Anonymous
DrillDude 27days ago Reply
I wonder why many people hates J Berserker. It's a decent card.

Atk reduction is stackable and permanent, can use multiple times per turn. Destroys def position monster.

I know other Junk synchros are probably better than this card. But I'm sure we'll get J Warrior from Yusei level up reward.

Archer, Gardna & Destroyer probably too good for DL standard yet.
<< Anonymous(DrillDude)
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
We don't hate it because the effect is bad, we hate it doesn't deserve the spotlight it gets.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
*oops, there should be a "because" between the second "it" and the "doesn't"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
true warrior 27days ago
kog rank up game, I realize my opponent has bad Internet, cause it kept on popping waiting for response a couple of times, but it would eventually fade so his Internet was still working but not very good.knowing this I ran to my basement with my phone, where the Internet was not that good and when waiting for response popped up again, I immediately covered my phone under my shirt to make connection a little more worse, then my act payed off, as my opponent lost due to connection loss.
<< Anonymous(true warrior)
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Is this considered spam?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
no, and you should learn how to do it so you can dc opponent
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Not only that is extremely situational (needing to get an opponent with bad connection), it is also possible you will lose instead, if your connection dropped first.
Of course the one Junk synchro they gave to us besides Junk Warrior, is this, the most hated Junk synchro in Yugioh community.

They really don't want 5Ds to be too relevant.
<< Anonymous(Simmer)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
I was talking about a real life set, not the drops in DL.

The cover card for Extreme Victory, the last 5Ds era set, was Junk Berserker, which is a useless card in its only duel, compared to the epic debut Life Stream Dragon has, which is coupled with Rua/Leo's final character development.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
It made quite a lot of people angry back then. After FOUR different "Junk" Synchro, the last thing we need is another one, but not only we got another one, it's also shown as a useless card in the anime.

Yet it became the cover card for EXVC, while Life Stream Dragon, which actually won Rua/Leo the duel against Aporia, is sidelined.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
Tldr, no one likes Junk Berserker
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
I'm disappointed

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Probably because they were losing to those cards too much.
the leaks probably won't come until after tonight's maintenance
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! konami took a colossal greasy dump all over fur fags :D
Good riddance, Fur Hire and Amazoness.
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