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This page notes Ishizu Ishtar's skill, cards, and decks in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links.
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update 09/04/2017
Ishizu Ishtar pages


Farm Lvl 40


Skill updates!

Ishizu's Prescience skill will be changed on May 23. The new skill description is below.

[Skill]Notable Changes
PrescienceYou can view the top card of both players' Decks until the end of the 5th turn.


Summon LIGHT monsters 200 times!

Once you summon a specific LIGHT-attribute monsters 200 times, she appears at the Gate and Ishizu unlock missions are available. For more details, check the link below.
→ Tips for unlocking Ishizu Ishtar

Leveling up Ishizu is not a priority

Many of Ishizu level up reward are Gravekeeper’s card set. Although currently, the field spell “Necrovalley” are not yet available in the card pool. This makes the Gravekeeper’s theme-deck become quite weak when compared to beatdown deck in general.

Defeat her if you want to use Gravekeeper's

Most of Ishizu’s duel reward cards are Gravekeeper’s card set. However, without “Necrovalley” field spell in the card pool, it is quite difficult to construct a powerful deck based on Gravekeeper’s theme. Other monster cards that player can receive from her such as “Agido” and “Keldo” is just cards that were used in her deck in anime/manga, and useless.

Ishizu's skills

Note: More skills are expected! Report Skill name and details by submitting comments or screenshot at the bottom of the page.

Exclusive skills

[Skill] descriptionHow to get
Draw Pass
In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, restores Life Points by 300. The skill can be used only three times per Duel.
Fairy's Smile
If you normal draw a Fairy-Type monster card during the Draw Phase, the card is shown to the opponent and you recover 1000 Life Points.
Can be used when your opponent's Life Points are more than twice your Life Points. You can see cards at the top of decks of both players.
Gravekeeper's lot
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1800. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random "Gravekeeper's" card.
No Mortal Can Resist
Can be used when your Life points are at least 1000 less than the opponent's. All monsters in the opponent's Graveyard changes to Skull Servants (Zombie / DARK / Level 1 / ATK: 300 / DEF: 200). This skill can only be used once per turn.
Sealed Tombs
Until the end of the opponent's next turn, neither player can banish cards from the Graveyard or Special Summon monsters from the Graveyard. This skill can only be used once per Duel.

Common skills

Level-up reward

What is level rewards?

Level reward is what you can obtain by leveling up characters, including gems, cards, skills, extra deck slots.

Rewards for leveling up Ishizu

2Gem x10
3Gravekeeper's VassalGravekeeper's Vassal
4Skill: Draw Pass
5Deck Slot (Ishizu)
6Gem x15
7The Eye of TruthThe Eye of Truth
8Deck Slot (Ishizu)
9Gem x25
10An Owl of LuckAn Owl of Luck
11Gravekeeper's CurseGravekeeper's Curse
12Gem x35
13Skill: Fairy's Smile
14Sebek's BlessingSebek's Blessing
15Gem x50
16The Eye of TruthThe Eye of Truth
17Gem x60
18A Cat of Ill OmenA Cat of Ill Omen
19Gem x75
20Skill: Prescience
21Gravekeeper's AssailantGravekeeper's Assailant
22Gem x100
23Gravekeeper's PriestessGravekeeper's Priestess
24Gem x120
25Gravekeeper's SteleGravekeeper's Stele
26Gem x150
27Deck Slot (Ishizu)
28Gem x200
29Gem x250
30Gem x300
31Gold x100,000
32Gem x200
33An Owl of LuckAn Owl of Luck
34Gem x250
35A Cat of Ill OmenA Cat of Ill Omen
36UR Jewel x1
37Gem x200
38Dragged Down into the GraveDragged Down into the Grave
39Gem x250
41Deck Slot (Ishizu)
42gems x100
43gems x200
44gems x250
45Gravekeeper's VisionaryGravekeeper's Visionary

Reward cards

What are reward cards?

Reward cards are card that You can get as reward for gaining a victory over legend duelists.

Level 40 Ishizu

The list of cards that you can obtain by winning a duel against level 40 Ishizu is below.

Card / [Rarity]Ishizu's level
ZolgaZolga [SR]30 or above
Blast Held by a TributeBlast Held by a Tribute [UR]30 or above
Gravekeeper's ChiefGravekeeper's Chief [SR]30 or above
Gravekeeper's SteleGravekeeper's Stele [SR]30 or above
Gravekeeper's PriestessGravekeeper's Priestess [SR]30 or above
Forbidden GraveyardForbidden Graveyard [SR]30 or above
Dark-Piercing LightDark-Piercing Light [R]All levels
Doma The Angel of SilenceDoma The Angel of Silence [N]All levels
Maiden of the MoonlightMaiden of the Moonlight [N]All levels
KeldoKeldo [R]All levels
AgidoAgido [R]All levels
Gravekeeper's CannonholderGravekeeper's Cannonholder [R]All levels
Hieroglyph LithographHieroglyph Lithograph [N]All levels
Hidden Temples of NecrovalleyHidden Temples of Necrovalley [R]All levels

Ishizu's starter deck

Blast Held by a TributeDryadDryadDryadSpirit of the BooksSpirit of the Books
Spirit of the BooksNemurikoNemurikoNemurikoArchfiend MirrorArchfiend Mirror
Archfiend MirrorHaniwaHaniwaMystical Capture ChainMystical Capture ChainMystical Capture Chain
Wings of Wicked FlameWings of Wicked Flame----


Description in the game

Ishizu Ishtar is a descendant of the Gravekeeper family who have safeguarded the Millennium Items. She is determined to rescue her younger brother Marik fromthe darkness that has overtaken him. The power of her Millennium Necklace allows her to see the future.


Hot New Top
Hello, here is my Fairy Deck, maybe someone also likes... fairies ;-)
<< Anonymous(光IshtarCorps)
Anonymous Reply
I have a cloudian deck with a field spell that makes it so I don’t take battle damage from battles involving fairy type monsters and all the cloudians are fairies that can’t be destroyed by battle plus I added healing card so if you wanted to turn it into a ra deck it wouldn’t be hard
<< Anonymous(光IshtarCorps)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Seto kaiba Reply
Lol ikr
<< Anonymous(光IshtarCorps)
Anonymous Reply
lol how old is this deck
How to complete the quest "Win a Duel against Ishizu Ishtar with at least 6000LP remaining" when u just have 4000LP?
<< Anonymous
matt Reply
How i tried it , but it doesn't work how to unlock her i manage to defeat her at lvl 30 but i cannot defeat her i have used joey for a dozen of time still dont manage to unlock her how?
<< Anonymous(matt)
Aarei Reply
I just unlocked her without any difficulty using thea and my life points 6900. Luckily she threw weaker monsters and didnt attack me. Maybe luck is on my side. I also used cards that give extra life points.
<< Anonymous
I Tazzy Boy I Reply
Gain LP and assure that you have 6000 LP remaining before you beat her.
<< Anonymous
Darkwolf Reply
Use joey wheeler life point boostA skill. Then use a spell or trap to increase even more like i did
Prefiro hentai
I kinda wish that they made it so you could get a mat that featured Blast Held by a Tribute's art without the Duel Links logo if you win against Kaiba using Blast Held by a Tribute as Ishizu... I'd be willing to bet it would look very nice. Also hoping we get more gravekeeper's support in the future with either her or normal Marik if he ever gets released. Not asking for too much, maybe Nobleman, Guard, or Rite of Spirit. Maybe Descendant or Heretic if they're generous. Not pushing it by asking for Necrovalley or Spy right off the bat, but I love the archetype and the lore behind them. It's such a shame that we can't really play a "pure" Gravekeeper deck in Duel links because there's not really enough muscle or advantage in the deck to push through, commonly having to use things like Soul Exchange or Baggy Sleeves to even cohesively function.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'd say there's a reasonable chance of Rite of Spirit and Gravekeeper's Shaman showing up in Duel Links. They were included in the TCG's Speed Duel decks. (Granted, so was Gravekeeper's Cannonholder, which I highly doubt would ever show up here.) I wonder if Supernaturalist would be a possibility. Without actual Necrovalley, its protection is fairly weak, so I could see it happening honestly.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Gravekeeper's Cannonholder is already farmable R card from Ishizu.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
o.o So it is. I was not aware of this, and am very surprised that is a thing. (And hasn't done anything.)
Wow man Sealed tombs is really powerful with Vampires !
why do konami release this character if her deck is way too useless?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
DM nostalgia bait
The hability No Mortal Can Resist is bug? it does not work as described
What's the point in giving us cards like cat of ill omen and spell cards that mention necrovalley in them if there is no necrovalley it's so annoying when they do stuff like that.
Some guy
With new skills coming out for other chars, you'd think Konami would have given her a necrovalley skill.
<< Anonymous(Some guy)
Otong Reply
I don't think so. It would be so OP, since Necrovalley negates effects that involve the graveyard.
<< Anonymous(Some guy)
Lifeless Reply
Yes, just like other characters, they'll give her a skill getting Necrovalley if your life points are 500 or below.
<< Anonymous(Otong)
Anonymous Reply
Hardly op when we have decks like Geargia, sylvan and sea attack practically running on auto.
<< Anonymous(Some guy)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, a Necrovalley skill won't be OP anymore in today era's DL metagame.
Not really great skills -- personally I think there are loads of other character skill WAY better than hers
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not to mention Ishizu herself almost never smile anyway.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And before anyone says it refers to her fairy cards.....none of them can smile to begin with

Mudora is the only one with a mouth, and even then it's only on his mask, which is not smiling and can't smile.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Perhaps it's a pun on fate "smiling" on people? Or they just wanted to give Ishizu a Fairy skill.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And now Jesse also has that skill. Maybe they should hang out together.
Is that possible to unlock this character when we used light card in gx nor old one?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Both worlds work

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