Current Description

You can view the top card of both players' Decks until the end of the 5th turn.



How to get

  • Ishizu reaches Lvl 20.

Rating and explanation

A very unique skill of Ishizu. However, triggering it's effect might be hard to maintain, making this skill not reliable in PVP and farming. Not recommended for new players.



If you normal draw a Fairy-Type monster card during the Draw Phase, the card is shown to the opponent and you recover 1000 Life Points.



How to get

  • Ishizu reaches Lvl 13.

Rating and explanation

This skill becomes more interesting after the release of Valkyrie's Rage allowing players to obtain more fairy monsters especially Sky Scourge Enrise. However, it is still not recommended for PVP and farming due to lack of success of Fairy type decks.


Peeking Goblin goes extremely well with this skill. The most obvious reason being that your conscriptions don't become a gamble after turn 5. Often times you'll see some game changing spell/trap on the top and you can push it to the bottom (e.g. mirror wall, econ, ritual cards). You can also get cards to match an order for an upcoming conscription.

The best use is depriving your enemy monster cards. Conscript things you want, Peeking Goblin others to the bottom. You can keep this up for several turns. Many games my opponents can't summon anything outside their starting hand which makes easy wins.

I've been using this to great success. Kaibaman, Senju, Sonic Bird, Supremacy Berries, etc all get put on the bottom. Give them econs when I have spell counters, traps if I have trap jammers. De-spell works better than it should when you see econ coming up and they set a card after they pull it. Also good for checking set cards from the starting hand. You end up knowing your opponents cards far better than with Mind Scan.

A little bit of wit and counter cards make this skill very powerful.
<< Anonymous
salish Reply
I agree this deck really fun for me but I use this to deckout deck with shallow grave , hiro shadow scout, prescription, and warm lava also peeking goblin is da bomb xD although it's not consistent to win still fun deck to play
Some guy
This skill is really good now that it's been improved. Works really well with conscription trap card to guarantee you'll snatch away their monster card before they can draw it.
(look at the top of your opponent's deck.. if you see a monster.. conscript it.. if not, then don't. duh. =P)

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