Scud (DSOD)

This page notes Scud (DSOD)'s skills, level-up rewards, starter deck, and cards and skills you can get by winning a duel against Scud (DSOD).
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update 26/02/2020


How to Unlock

Once you Banish your opponent's card 300 time(s) with your Card Effect., Scud unlock missions appear. Complete all the missions to unlock Scud as a playable character!

Note: To view the Trigger Mission Decklist of Scud, please click the link below.

Scud (DSOD)'s Skills

Exclusive Skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
Attack Charge
One of the monsters that you control on the field gains the ATK of the current number of the turn x100. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Lvl 4
Extra Pain
When you deal battle damage to your opponent, deal an additional 50 damage. This Skill will not be activated if your opponent has 1000 or less Life Points.
Lvl 13
Life Charge
Increase your Life Points by the current turn count x200. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Lvl 20
Smile Bright!
At the beginning of your turn, your opponent takes 50 damage. This Skill will not be activated if your opponent has 1000 or less Life Points.
Can be used turn 5 and onward. Add all cards in your hand to your Deck and shuffle it. Then draw the same number of cards that you added to your Deck. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.

Common Skills

Level-Up Rewards

2Gem x10
3Baron of the Fiend SwordBaron of the Fiend Sword
4Skill: Attack Charge
5Deck Slot
6Gem x15
7Battle FootballerBattle Footballer
8Deck Slot
9Gem x25
10Mine GolemMine Golem
11Baron of the Fiend SwordBaron of the Fiend Sword
12Gem x35
13Skill: Extra Pain
14Battle FootballerBattle Footballer
15Gem x50
16Mine GolemMine Golem
17Gem x60
18Baron of the Fiend SwordBaron of the Fiend Sword
19Gem x75
20Skill: Life Charge
21Battle FootballerBattle Footballer
22Gem x100
23Tyrant's TemperTyrant's Temper
24Gem x100
25Mine GolemMine Golem
26Gem x150
27Deck Slot
28Gem x200
29Gem x250
30Tyrant's TemperTyrant's Temper
31Gold x100,000
32Gems x200
33Tyrant's TemperTyrant's Temper
34Gems x250
35Thestalos the Mega Monarch Thestalos the Mega Monarch

Duel Rewards

Tyrant's TantrumTyrant's Tantrum [UR]B
Soul TigerSoul Tiger [SR]C+
MinarMinar [SR]B-
D.D. TrainerD.D. Trainer[SR]C
Barrel RockBarrel Rock [R]C
TogexTogex [R]C
SpikebotSpikebot [R]C
Gate DeegGate Deeg [N]C
Turtle RaccoonTurtle Raccoon [N]C

Scud (DSOD)'s Starter Deck

Rhaimundos of the Red SwordRhaimundos of the Red SwordTerra the TerribleTerra the TerribleTerra the TerribleMountain Warrior
Mountain WarriorMountain WarriorDrooling LizardDrooling LizardDrooling LizardEmbryonic Beast
Embryonic BeastEmbryonic BeastDharma CannonDharma CannonDharma CannonMeotoko


Hot New Top
Hasn't unlock him yet, what's his ace monster?
<< Anonymous
Ray Narajati Reply
He has line for abaki, humpty grumpty and d-boyz. his ace card possibly d-boyz
<< Anonymous
From the future Reply
He has no ace monster, his starter deck is just a bunch of low level normal monsters.
His drop rewards are bad.
His skills are bad.
Hislv up reward are normal monsters, an monster that deals 500 dmg when detroyed and an trap that discard 1 card to make your cards BE affected by other traps...
<< Anonymous(From the future)
Konami Marketing Reply
Thanks for playing DuelLinks
<< Anonymous(Ray Narajati)
Koby Harvey Reply
He also has. Line with the spell card dark room of nightmare
do i need to banish at dsod ?? or can i banish in gx etc.??
<< Anonymous(noone)
someone Reply
I need to know this too!!!
<< Anonymous(someone)
Mark741 Reply
No, I just went to go for unlocking this guy and after 1 duel I unlocked him already. So all my progress outside DSOD already made me unlock him for 99%
<< Anonymous(noone)
Anonymous Reply
No, you can banish in other worlds too. That worked for me
Let's all make fun of the loser called RuHaCrescent.
This pathetic excuse of a duelist used a deck full of annoying traps to stall until the opponent loses because of deck out.
Unfortunately for this miserable kid, I outsmarted him with my koa'ki meiru deck by discarding and drawing endlessly my iron core from the graveyard, until, ironically, he was the one with no card left in the deck.
Of course the noob would lose, but can you imagine what a sore loser he was?
During his last turn, realising his pathetic weak deck couldn't win, he made me wait over five minutes before passing the turn.
How can a human stoop so low?
Do you have no friend in your sorry life?
What a trash person.
I already reported you for playing slowly.
Since this RuHaCrescent has no social life and probably spends his useless days on the internet let's all spread the message of how ridiculous he is until he finally sees this and realises no one likes him and people only think poorly of such losers.
Stay away from duel links!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This feels like Cyber Bullying. Classic Scud move.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wow he must be bad if he didn't even run 2 Pot of Averice for max stall potential
no need to hate this guy..he's not even strong..
No ace monster?! We could at least get something new for the trouble of unlocking him.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This char is Konami's troll. As if they said "here we give you a random unrelated char, with ridiculous requirement to unlock. No ace monster nor good drop rewards from him, but you will still unlock him because you need his level-up gems."
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I know. I really didn't want to unlock him and i wanted to be stuck at the stage that needed him unlocked in order to reach Stage30. His skills are even worthless. Only Life Charge skill is decent about him but we're talking like a 15+ turn for it to be remotely effective. I really wish he wasn't added
<< Anonymous
Ivan Reply
Sera has Life Charge as well. Scud is really useless.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Um Scud himself IS an ace.
Scud? More like STUD am I rite?
What are this guy’s personal cards? Since there’s nothing to take from the movie as he never played there, I’m lost... I read in global chat that he uses Hushy Grumpty and D Boyz.. any other voiced cards?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wow, just 4 cards... this is extremely disappointing. They could at least make him say something for those silly normal monsters he drops. He only has 4 cards ffs... of that, only half is available for players and of the remaining half, half of that is a spell card that players will never get... sigh.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well what do you expect? Konami even made up a Burn theme for him when he doesn't even duel in the movie.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That he had more cards related to this made up theme. Like, he uses Black Pendant and Mining Golem here, yet just calls them “equip spell” and “monster effect activates”.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, I find it weird that he has no line for Mine Golem.
What kind of deck could we even use with this character?
<< Anonymous(Cire)
Anonymous Reply
None that revolves around his skills but i seen people create random decks with him from street replays.
<< Anonymous(Cire)
Anonymous Reply
Inzektors, MOJA, King of the Beasts.
Reinforced Human Psychic Borg, Humpty Grumpty or... Aleister the Invoker?

Ancient Gears? Aliens?

Inzektors, Aleister, Aliens seem to be competitive enough.
I can banish 13-15 cards in 1 duel, but its SO BORING!! 23-24 duels to unlock that duelist.. hm, no thanks >_< Screenshot:
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There are many other ways to complete the mission dude.
<< Anonymous
Ash Reply
Thanks, bro ...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol not that difficult
<< Anonymous
You don't Reply
have to be in the world to do his unlock missions or unlock them you just need to do it to complete them.
God his face suddenly pop out in tag duel tournament disgust me
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
best. challenger. ever.
Y'know. I've posted mean stuff about AI, but I guess I was wrong, the problem is not really in what they are, but in the things they do.

SCUD gives all AI a terrible reputation.
<< Anonymous(keolin)
Anonymous Reply
well, that's sad but true.
<< Anonymous(keolin)
Anonymous Reply
at least Tristan Taylor was a good fella lol, he fought bakura.
What kind of deck goes well with Humpty Dandy and D-Boyz? I’m finding that all of their support other than generic dark monster support don’t mesh well together.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I still remember Konami hyping up D-Boyz in TCG, then......nobody ever used them
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Konami often hype up useless cards. Remember that Fusion Tuner card? (It was so useless in the end I don't even remember the name lmao)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
D_boyz look useful
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That Fusion Tuner monster is called Sea Monster of Theseus. And yeah, it ends up doing next to nothing competitive-wise, and eventually just fades into obscurity despite all the hype Konami made.

Mainly because it was hyped in the same year Konami revealed Master Rule 4 lmao

It is a good card, but definitely wasn't as good as Konami hyped it up as, especially under Master Rule 4.

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