LP Boost α (skill)

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update 02/04/2017



Increases starting Life Points by 1000.


How to get

  • Joey reaches Lvl 3.
  • Pegasus reaches Lvl 4.
  • Legendary duelists drop sometimes when you have duels against them playing most of the duelists except Ishizu and Mako as of now.

Rating and Explanation

This skill has never found any competitive decks to fill in as of the moment. It is one of the basic and common skills available almost to all duelists. It might be useful against Vagabonds with "Start with 1000 LP" challenge.


F-Rate Duelist
Can be useful for Aromages, if you want that early lp lead for the effects.
Chazz can drop the skill too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Screenshot here :
Is it possible to get LP Boost α with
Ishizu Ishtar ??
<< Anonymous(david)
Anonymous Reply
nah, she can't learn this skill.
This skill works in a lot of Archfiend Emperor decks which runs Card of the Soul.
This skill is great when paired with Aromage deck, which requires having higher LP than opponent to get the most out of them.

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Good morning duel links friends. Hassleberry has summoning power. He has 26 cards to start. Ok ...
NOW they removed the gems AFTER you reset the box on the 4th time onwards (or they changed it wit...
Not necessarily. There are plenty S/T removal cards to get rid of Jurassic World
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