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Ultimate Rising

Strengthened decks

The Ultimate Rising contains many cards that can play their role in any kinds of decks, such as Sphere Kuriboh and Wonder Balloons. If you plan to do reroll, I strongly recommend you to get a copy of Sphere Kuriboh from this expansion.

Age of Discovery

Strengthened decks
VersatilityRelatively low

If you want to use Water monsters represented by Levia-Dragon - Daedalus with a legendary duelists, Mako Tsunami, open this booster pack. It contains Water monsters and their supports and two versatile cards: Michizure and Stray Lambs.

Neo Impact

Strengthened decks

Neo-Impact is a booster for ritual decks. It contains ritual monsters with very powerful effects, like Garlandolf, King of Destruction and Divine Grace - Northwemko, and one of the ritual support monsters, Senju of the Thousand Hands. You may also need to get Sonic Bird from the 1st booster, The Ultimate Rising.

Flame of the Tyrant

Strengthened decks
  • Fire attribute
  • Deck destruction
  • Dragon
  • Insect
VersatilityRelatively Mid

The Flame of the Tyrant pack contains mostly monsters, putting more focus on some fire cards and creating more possibilities with insect monster combos.

The signature card the Tyrant Dragon, is a powerful dragon card that is good if you want to make a dragon deck, while The Golden Apples can be quite versatile that works in most decks, and also Warrior Dai Grepher for a strong level 4 normal card with high attack.

Valkyrie's Rage

Strengthened decks
  • Fairy
  • Spirit
  • Ritual
  • DARK-attribute
  • Machine
VersatilityRelatively high

This pack consists of Fairy, Spirit and Dark monsters, along with their support cards that can be used in combination with the other cards from the other packs, aside from the spirits.

The UR cards in this pack can be quite versatile and help turn the tides in a duel, but this pack also contains many useful SR and R cards:

Wonders of the Sky

Strengthened decks
  • Harpie
  • Winged Beast
  • Fiend
  • Banish

Wonders of the Sky is the third mini box released in the game. It includes new Winged Beast, Fiend monsters, and some banish support cards.

The Atmosphere is a powerful card that can turn the duel around by taking control of your opponent's monster. Birdface and Sonic Duck works well in a harpie deck, while Diskblade Rider and Summoned Skull are good in a Yami deck.

Other card sets

Available booster Packs
The Ultimate Rising
Age of Discovery
Flame of the Tyrant
Valkyrie's Rage
Wonders of the Sky


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