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update 22/09/2016

Divine Grace - Northwemko

Divine Grace - Northwemko
Monster TypeSpellcaster
Card typeRitual / Effect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Trigger Effect / Continuous Effect
Related to ArchetypesDjinn of Rituals


This card can only be Ritual Summoned with the Ritual Spell Card, "Ritual of Grace". When this card is Ritual Summoned, select a number of face-up cards on the field (except this card), up to the number of monsters you used for the Ritual Summon. While any of the selected cards are face-up on the field, this card cannot be destroyed by card effects.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
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How to GetRarity
Pack: Neo-ImpactUR


(The degree to which you should get this card)
  • The effect of this monster is defensive, and that is unusual among the effects of ritual monsters.
  • Even while the effect of this monster works, it can be can banished and returned and to its owner's hand


Useful skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
[Master of Rites]
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1800. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random Ritual monster or spell card.


  • This monster remains on the field when this monster and cards that the effect of this monster targets are destroyed simultaneously.
  • The effect of this monster continues targeting cards while this monster remains face-up on the field.


Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesCannot be destroyed by card effects

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why cant i target it for Relinquished effect?
wtf she got destroyed by super rush headlong!
<< Anonymous(ren)
Anonyboy Reply
Only reason I can think of is effect negated, the card(s) you targeted with Northwenko's effect were gone, or you summoned her with Fullfillment of the Contract or Ritual Foregone so Northwenko couldn't activate her effect.
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
Ren Reply
I see
any suggestions
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Anonymous Reply
Vylon Charger in place of Zolga?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Anonymous Reply
replace a freya with a rai-mei
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Anonymous Reply
also you need way more drawing power than that use skelengel or something
Blackwing God
i have 2x ritual of grace and 1x divine grace. My favorite ritual by far, go try and pack this it is great.
any suggestions?
This card is somewhat effective against the new Bakura lv 40. He does not have a priority to use Book of Moon to cancel her effect, as long as you attack with other monsters first.
<< Anonymous
Aku Reply
Explain and share deck please
Is this Card currently bugged? I cant summon it, doesnt matter, how i try it and my Deck are a lot of ritual monster, so losing one will crash this deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How are you trying to summon it? If you use Sprite's Blessing rather than Ritual of Grace, remember that you must offer EXACTLY the amount of levels: Sprite's Blessing doesn't allow you to go over, unlike most ritual cards such as Ritual of Grace.
<< Anonymous
Typhon Reply
It always worked for me well. I guess you don't offer enough tributes (their stars are important). Either way currently the only useful ritual monster is Relinquished...
I understand the effects can't destroy her, but they still affect her? For example can one turn her to defense position with "stop attack" or a Sphere Kuriboh, and then just destroy her? And how would an "interdimensional matter transporter" work with her? Can she select cards again, or the selection remains?
<< Anonymous(Typhon)
kxr Reply
InterMatterTrans and SKuriboh work, as those effects don't involve destruction. The card selection happens once, when she's summoned.
Can someone explain what her effect does exactly....i used her today targeted 2 cards but didnt know what that did
<< Anonymous
KuribohBro Reply
ANY EFFECTS (i.e. Spell Cards, Trap Cards, and Monsters) can't destroy her with effects as long as those cards you chose are on the field.

Therefore the only way she can be destroyed while those chosen cards are on the field is by being overpowered in combat. I say good luck beating her with those stats.

Her protection with huge stats is a huge asset in duel links.
Does anyone know if Northwemko's effect targets a face up Umi, and your opponent proceeds to destroy Umi to activate Daedalus Dragon's effect, if she will live?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It should not, as its a cont eff
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Destroying Umi is a cost, costs of cards happen BEFORE the actual effect, and happen even if the effect is negated somehow.
Deadalus declares effect -> pays cost (destroy umi) -> you can then chain something to his effect -> he then destroys the field.
Im 99% that the interaction above is correct, u can test it with a friend ingame too tho.
<< Anonymous
Typhon Reply
The first ruling is related to your question: "This monster remains on the field when this monster and cards that the effect of this monster targets are destroyed simultaneously."

So Northwemko will stay on the field after the Daedalus affect.
<< Anonymous
ash Reply
it does not but if you have targeted any other card on the field since umi is destroyed as a cost for the effect it will live so if you targeted any other card monster spell or trap it will live.

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