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How to get drop skills

What drop skills are

Some skills are obtainable as drops from Legendary Duelists from the gate or the ones that appear in Duel World, the skills that you can get are random from character exclusive skills, such as "Destiny Draw" of Yami Yugi and "Harpie's Hunting Ground" of Mai, to common skill drops, such as "LP Boost" skills and "Draw Sense" skills, that all characters can get.

Which duelists to farm

Lvl 40 Rex is the best!

You can fight any Legendary Duelists (LD) to get a chance to drop skills, the easiest ones being Tea Gardner, Weevil Underwood, Rex Raptor or Odion. Additionally it's better to duel against the lvl 40s since the chance of getting better cards, gems and skills are higher compared to the lower lvls.

LDs you may avoid

Some Legendary Duelists like Kaiba, Joey, Bandit Keith or Ishizu are known to be difficult to farm, especially if you are using standard farming deck using cerberus.

Be careful on spending Gate Keys

Keep in mind that the colored gate keys, other than white, are used by 2 characters. If you plan on choosing one then make sure that you check the other character to see if you want to get a specific card from them, so that you don't end up using all of that colored key.
→ Details of Gate Key

Character featured events are chances!

There have been multiple event featured in the game, and during those event periods, players can challenge them without spending Gate Keys! The GameA website also shows decks to farm those LDs for a limited time with no set skill.

Decks to farm skills

The whole idea is to get the score as high as you can, with 8000 giving 8 cards which is the maximum number of drops that you can get from a single duel, and cerberus is often used due to how easy it is to get attack more than 9999 damage which gives 3000 pts.
→ How to get a high score

High Score Scorpion

I strongly recommend you to use this deck for the following three points:

  • No card from booster packs needed.
  • Can get around 6,000 score against Rex stably.
  • No skill is required that means you can use any character with this deck.

Deck recipe is currently in progress. Stay tuned!

High Score Cerberus

Basically your Yami Yugi, Weevil Underwood, and a character who has already acquired drop "Draw Sense: Light" skill, can handle a deck with cerberus and put 19 spell cards which includes stop defense works. Their "Sorcery Conduit" skill and "Draw Sense: Low-Level" skill allows you to get the monster to your hand. This is known to be an easy way to achieve a high score.
→ High Score Cerberus: deck recipe

Other useful cards

If you don't have cerberus or scorpion then you can use any cards that can increase your attack points endlessly like Mystical Beast of Serket, Guardian Baou or Piercing Moray + Jam Breeding Machine. This will need to be used in a different deck using fusion summon, ritual summon and other ways to get a higher score.

Skills to aim for

While the character exclusive skills aren't a necessary thing to have, some skills are really good depending on your deck and some are fun to use.

Popular Drop Skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
[Destiny Draw]
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw the card of your choice.
[Luck on Your Side]
If your Life Points drop below 1000, your coin tosses always land on heads.
→ Luck on Your Side: deck recipe
[Roll 'n' Boost]
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. Show 1 monster card in your hand to the opponent and roll the die once. The Level of the monster shown becomes that of the die number untile the end of the turn.
→ Roll 'n' Boost: deck recipe
[Duel, standby!]
Gives 1 more card in each player's starting hand.
→ Burn OTK
[Harpie's Hunting Ground]
Begin Duel with the Field Spell "Harpies' Hunting Ground" at the top of your deck.
→ Harpy Beatdown: deck recipe
[Titan Showdown]
Whichever player has doulbe or more LP than the other takes double battle damage.
[Menace from the Deep]
Can be used if "Umi" is on the field, and you have a Water-attribute normal monster on your field. That monster can attack your opponent directly this turn. At the end of the Battle Phase, that monster is sent to the Graveyard. This skill can only be used once per turn.
→ Menace from the Deep: deck recipe
[It's a Toon World]
Begin Duel with the Continuous Spell "Toon World" activated.
→ Toon: deck recipe
[Fiend Farewell]
Can be used when one of your monsters is destroyed by battle. 1 random Fiend-Type monster from your Deck is sent to the graveyard.
→ Fiend Farewell: deck recipe

Yami Bakura
[Labyrinth Builder]
Shuffle 2 cards from your hand into the Deck to create "Labyrinth Wall" on your side of the field. This skill can only be used once per Duel.

Paradox Brothers
[Shadow Game]
At the end of their respective turn, each player will lose LP equal to "100" times the number of cards in their own graveyard.

Yami Marik
→ Check skill database for more drop skills


How can I set/switch Skill?

In the deck edit mode, tap the skills at the top and it will show you a list of skills that you have unlocked that can be used.

What will happen if I get replicated skill?

Getting duplicate skills will automatically be converted to gems while duplicate unnecessary rare cards can be converted to gold or SR/UR orbs.


Hot New Top
Gift of the martry how do you get it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Chaotic Compliance I believe.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Chaotic compliance booster pack
Getting skills is the single worst part of this game. I hate farming for these skills. The game is determined to make sure you never get skills, and if you get a skill at all, the game makes sure you get either a pathetic skill like draw fire or a duplicate skill. The worst part: the odds of getting skills feel like less than 1/1000%!!!!! I mean I'm all for having a challenge at getting the best skills, BUT HOLY S**T DID KONAMI GO WAYYY TOOO FAR WITH THIS!! I've only gotten 2 exclusive skill drops, and some characters I can't get skill drops for at all. It doesn't even matter if I'm using a farming deck. The game just says LOL NO SKILLS FOR YOU, and then I've gotta do the key collectithon all over again, which by the way, THE GAME MAY NOT DECIDE TO GIVE YOU ANY KEYS!!!!!N t
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
not realy. thats life sometimes your lucky.. sometimes youre not
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and by the way i just got 3sd and im farming for labyrinth builder now ahahaha
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
no?? many games don't have these drop rates, so it's not life it's duel links
<< Anonymous
Justin 11days ago Reply
Just build Hammer Shark, relax, and watch the wins pour in without an actual character skill lmao.
Anonymous 16days ago
Now I can't get any drop skills anymore, even with high scores.
WHAT THE F**K KONAMI!!!!!!!!!!
JSilver 21days ago
does the DL must be at max lvl to get the skill?
<< Anonymous(JSilver)
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
no, you can strart farming skills even with a lv 1 character
<< Anonymous(JSilver)
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
but you can get higher drop rate if you proceed on the phase, I mean, a player at phase 50 have higher chance to get a good drop than a lv 5
Ray Yagami 23days ago
I have ishisu ishtar 5 skills, 2 skills i get from drop.
Anonymous 24days ago
I think they should rename this to " how to hope and pray that the RNG gods favor you" because F**K THIS GAME'S STUPIDLY LOW DROP RATES!!!!!!!
emopro 28days ago
Is the skill drop rate for LV10 same as LV40?

Would really like to avoid LV40 coz I dont have the cards for 40.
<< Anonymous(emopro)
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
Higher level LD have higher chances of dropping Skills. Not exactly sure how big the difference is, but getting a skill drop from a low level LD should be very low
Can you get drop skills from pvp duels or just duel world only?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
LD duelists only
Can I Farm skill with lv10 LD?
<< Anonymous(Jorn)
Raijin Reply
You can, but you're a lot less likely to get it than if you dueled a Lv30+ LD.
KC Gamer
not much
Back to back.

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